Surah Nuuh (Surah 71: Revelation Order 71)

Noah was sent to his people to warn them

  • Indeed, we had sent Noah to his people that you shall warn your people before that a painful punishment comes to them.” (71:1). He said, “O my people, indeed, I am a clarifying warner to you (71:2). That you shall worship God and shall fear Him, and shall obey me (71:3). He will forgive for you of your sins and will respite you for a specified term. Indeed, God’s term when it has come is not delayed if you would have done to know.” (71:4).
  • Note: God sent Noah to his people to warn them while he said to them that he is a clarifying warner, and if they worship God and obey him, He will forgive them for their sins and will respite for a specified term.

The wicked people of Noah disregarded him

  • He said, “My Lord, indeed, I have invited my people night and day (71:5). But my invitation does not increase them except escape (71:6). And indeed me, every time I have invited them that You may forgive them, they have placed their fingers in their ears, and have covered with their garments, and have persisted, and have been arrogant being proud of” (71:7).
  • Note: Noah invited them day and night to worship God but they had ignored his invitation even placing their fingers into their ears as well as veiling them, and had been arrogant being proud of what they were worshiping.

He had given his people good news for asking of God’s forgiveness

  • Then indeed, I have invited them publicly (71:8). Then indeed, I have proclaimed to them, and I have spoken to them privately (71:9). Then I said, “You shall ask forgiveness of your Lord. Indeed, He has been Forgiving (71:10). He will send down from the sky in abundance (71:11). And will provide you with wealth and children, and will make for you gardens and will make for you rivers.” (71:12).
  • Note: Noah made his utmost efforts by inviting them publicly and privately that God is Forgiving and He will forgive them if they ask His forgiveness, and will give them abundance from the sky and the earth and will provide them with wealth and children.

He advised them to be grateful to God for what He had made for them

  • What is for you that you do not attribute greatness of God? (71:13). And indeed, He has created you in stages (71:14). Do you not see how God has created seven heavens in layers (71:15), and has made the moon therein a light and has made the sun a lamp? (71:16). And God has caused you to produce a plant from the earth (71:17). Then He will return you into it and will bring you forth bringing forth (71:18). And God has made the earth a space for you (71:19). That you may have wide paths from it (71:20).
  • Note: Noah advised his people to be grateful to God reflecting on what He has given them: He has created them in stages and has created seven heavens in layers. He has made the moon as light and the sun as a lamp. He has caused to produce plant from the earth and has made it spacious for them and will return them in it. Thus, we can reflect on Him as Creator to have consistency in His creations

Drowning and entering Hell of the wicked people of Noah

  • Noah said, “My Lord, they have disobeyed me and have followed whoever does not increase him wealth and children except loss (71:21). And they have plotted a terrible plot (71:22). And they said, “You do not abandon your gods, nor do you abandon Wadd, nor Suwa`a, nor Yaghuth, and Ya`uq, and Nasr (71:23). And certainly, they have misled many, and let not increase the wicked except error.” (71:24). Because of their sins they have been drowned, then have been made to enter the Fire, when they do not find any helpers for them other than God (71:25).
  • Note: Noah’s people had disobeyed him and had plotted not to leave their false deities: Wadd, Suwa`a, Yaghuth, Ya`uq and Nasr who cannot increase their wealth and children. Because of their sins they were drowned and destined to enter Hell making them history and lesson for the people of the subsequent generations.

Noah prayed for forgiveness of God for the believing men and women

  • And Noah said, “My Lord, do not leave any disbelievers as an inhabitant on the earth (71:26). Indeed You, if You leave them, they will mislead your servants and will not give birth except a disbelieving wicked (71:27). My Lord, forgive for me and my parents and whoever enters my home as a believer, and for the believing men and the believing women, while do not increase the wrongdoers except destruction.” (71:28).
  • Note: Noah prayed for forgiveness of God for himself, his parents, the believing men and the believing women and whoever had entered his house as a believer, while God had drowned all the disbelievers not leaving a single disbeliever on the earth as Noah prayed for.

Surah Nuuh (Surah 71: Noah) is a later revelation and a short surah consisting of 28 shorter verses addressing the wicked people of Noah who were committed to worshiping of false deities disobeying the invitation of Noah to worship God instead of false deities, while God had drowned all the disbelievers leaving not a single disbeliever on the earth.

However, it is unfortunate to mention that even after that the earth has been populated with the disbelievers, and today most people of the world who claim them believers and religious scholars inviting people to accept laws other than God’s laws are disbelievers for accepting the false deities, even accepting those as deities in the disguise of intercession, who are sent by God to invite people for worshiping Him, and the review of this surah may be a wakeup call to help them to get rid of such deities to be worshipers of God not nullifying their deeds to see their success in the Hereafter.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (07/29/2022).