Surah Ibraahim (Surah 14: Revelation Order 72)

A scripture is a means to bring people from darkness to light

  • Alif.Laam.Rah. A scripture we have revealed it to you (Muhammad) that you may bring out the people from the darkness into the light with permission of their Lord to a path of the Almighty, the Praiseworthy (14:1).
  • Note: By taking oath referring to a set of Quranic initials: Alif.Laam.Rah, God has confirmed that a scripture given to Muhammad is a means for him as well as for the believers to bring people out of the darkness into light to His path while we know that the Quranic initials have multiple roles. Thus, this set of Initials is found prefixed to 5 suras and their presence in the Arabic text in 5 suras and total count is a multiple of 19 => 9481 (19x499) as shown in the table below, which is a factual to support that the Quran is from God.

A warning of a terrible punishment for the disbelievers

  • God is the One to Him belong what is in the heavens and what is in the earth. Woe for the disbelievers of a terrible punishment (14:2). Those who love the life of the world over the Hereafter, and hinder from God’s path, and seek in it (earth) crookedness, those are in far astray (14:3). And we have not sent any messenger except with a language of his people that he may make clear for them. Then God lets go astray whomever He wills and guides whomever He wills, and He is the Almighty, the Wise (14:4).
  • Note: God has sent His messenger with the language of the people to which he has been sent that the messenger can make clear His revelations to them, but He will not fail to punish those who have disbelieved in His revelations, and have loved the life of the world over the Hereafter, and hindered from His path.

Moses sent with God’s revelations to make his people thankful

  • And certainly, we have sent Moses with our revelations that you shall bring your people out of the darkness into the light and shall remind them of God’s days. Indeed, in that surely, there are signs for every patient and thankful (14:5). And when Moses said to his people, “Remember God’s favor upon you, when He has saved you from Pharaoh’s people, they inflict you the worst torment, while they slaughter your sons and spare your women. And in that there was a difficult test from your Lord.” (14:6). And your Lord has proclaimed: “If you have been thankful, surely, I will increase for you, and if you have been unthankful, indeed, My punishment surely, will be severe (14:7). And Moses said, “If you disbelieve, you and whoever – all is in the earth, then indeed, God has surely sufficiency, a Praiseworthy.” (14:8).
  • Note: God sent Moses with His revelations to bring his people out of darkness into light while Moses reminded them God’s favor for saving them from the oppression of Pharaoh’s people to make them thankful to Him with a warning that those who were unthankful to Him will suffer a severe punishment.

News of the disbelieving people before Abraham

  • Does not come to you a news of those who were before yourselves – the people of Noah, and Aad, and Thamud, and those who were after of them? None knows them except God. There had come to them their messengers with the clear proofs, then they had turned back having their hands in their mouth and said, “Indeed, we have disbelieved in what you have been sent with it, and indeed, we are surely in doubt about what you invite us to it being distrustful.” (14:9). Their messengers said, “Is there any doubt in God as Creator of the heavens and the earth? He invites you that He may forgive for you of your sins, and may give you respite to an appointed time.” They said, “You are not except a human like ourselves wish to hinder us from what had done our forefathers to worship. So come to us with a clear authority.” (14:10).
  • Note: The people of Noah, Ad and Thamud had denied their messengers when they came to them with the clear proofs being doubtful about what they had invited them to as well as saying to them that you are not but human beings like ourselves hindering us from what our forefathers had done and bring to us a clear authority.

Messengers are chosen to make them dwell in the land

  • It has said to them their messengers, “We are not except human being like yourselves, but God bestows His grace upon whomever He wills of His servants. And it has not been for us that we come to with an authority except by God’s permission. And upon God should put trust the believers (14:11). What is for us except that we should put trust upon God, while certainly, He has guided us our ways? And surely, we will have patience on what you have made harm to us. And upon God should put trust those who put trust (14:12). And it has said those who had disbelieved to their messengers, “Surely, we will drive you out of our land, or surely, you must return in our religion.” So, their Lord has inspired to them: “Surely, we will destroy the wrongdoers (14:13). And surely, we will make you dwell in the land after them. That is for whoever has feared My station and has feared My warning.” (14:14). And they have sought victory and every stubborn tyrant has disappointed (14:15).
  • Note: There are no doubt that messengers are human beings but they are chosen by God and the believers should trust upon Him while He will make them to dwell in the land, even the disbelievers wished to drive them out of the land and He will make every stubborn tyrant disappointed.

Disbelievers’ deeds like ashes that wind blows in a day of storm

  • Of his behind is Hell, and he will drink boiling water (14:16). He will sip it, but cannot make near to swallow it. And the death will come to him from every side, but he will not be dead, while of his behind there is a terrible punishment (14:17). An example of those who have disbelieved in their Lord, their deeds are like ashes the wind blows with it in a day of storm. They do not have of what they have earned on anything. That – it is the farthest straying (14:18).
  • Note: Those who have been disbelievers of messengers and arrogant will be in Hell wherein they will suffer a terrible punishment. They will have putrid water but they cannot swallow it. Death will come to them from every direction but they cannot die. All such painful suffering they deserve for earning nothing as their deeds were like ashes that the wind blows in a storming day. Thus, any work that we do we must do it for God according to His Word to be rewarded by Him.

There is no place to escape for the arrogant and their followers

  • Do you not see that God has created the heavens and the earth with the truth? If He wills, He could remove you and replace with a new creation (14:19). And that is not of a big deal for God (14:20). And they have come to God all together, the common people have said to those who have been arrogant, “Indeed, we have been followers for you. So can you be the preventers from us God’s punishment of anything?” They have said, “If God had guided us, we would have guided you. It is same upon us whether we have been impatient or have been patient, there is no place of escaping for us.” (14:21).
  • Note: It is the truth that God has created the earth and the heavens, and we all have returned to Him including the arrogant and their followers. The arrogant have realized that they have not been guided and when their followers asked them for help, then the arrogant said to them it is same for us whether we are patient or impatient we do not have any place to escape from God.

God’s promise has been truth while Satan’s promise has been lie

  • And the Satan has said when the matter has been decided, “Indeed, God has promised you a promise of the truth, and I had promised you that I have betrayed you. And it has not been that I had any power over you except that I had invited you, then you responded to me. So, you do not blame me, and you shall blame yourselves. Neither I can be of your helper, nor can you be of my helper. Indeed, I had disbelieved in what you have associated me (with God) before. Indeed, the wrongdoers – for them there is a painful punishment.” (14:22). And it has been admitted those who have believed and have done the righteous deeds into gardens flowing the rivers of their underneath, abiding therein forever by permission of their Lord; their greeting therein is: “Peace.” (14:23).
  • Note: When the judgment is declared, the Satan has acknowledged that whatever God has promised is the truth and whatever he has promised is a lie and those who have put trust upon his promise are wrongdoers as they have associated him with God. Thus, those who had trust upon God’s promise and have done the righteous deeds are admitted into gardens being greeted while those who had trust upon Satan’s promise and have followed him will have a painful punishment.

God has set examples with good and bad to stay with His words

  • Do you not see how God has cited an example of a good word like a good tree – its root is firm, and its branches are in the sky? (14:24). It gives its fruit every season by permission of its Lord. And God cites the examples for the people that they may take heed (14:25). And an example of a bad word like a bad tree uprooted from the surface of the earth, not for it there is any firmness (14:26). God strengthens those who have believed with the firm word in the life of the world and in the Hereafter. And God sends astray the wrongdoers, and God does what He wills (14:27).
  • Note: God has set examples with good and bad. Those who can reflect these, He will strengthen them with the firm word in the life of the world and in the Hereafter while He sends astray the wrongdoers.

Destination is Hell for the disbelievers of God’s favor

  • Do you not see of those who have changed God’s favor by disbelief, and they have led their people to an abode of the destruction? (14:28). Hell, they will burn in it, and it has been miserable the resting place (14:29). And they have made equals to God that they mislead from His path. Say, “Enjoy, then indeed, your destination to the Fire.” (14:30). Say to My servants of those who have believed to establish the salat prayer, and to spend in secret and public from what we have provided them before that a day comes – there is no trade in it, nor is there any friendship (14:31).
  • Note: Those who have disbelieved in God’s favor and have made equals to Him to mislead from His path, their destination is Hell, a miserable resting place while those have believed should establish Salat prayer and spend from what they have been provided reflecting that there is no trade or friendship.

God’s favor is countless

  • God is the One who has created the heavens and the earth, and has sent down water from the sky, then has produced from it of the fruits as provision for you, and He has committed the ships for you that they may sail in the sea with His command and has committed for you the rivers (14:32). And He has committed for you the sun and the moon in pursuing their courses, and has committed for you the night and the day (14:33). And He has given you of all what you have asked Him, and if you count God’s flavor, you cannot count them. Indeed, the human being is surely, unjust, ungrateful (14:34).
  • Note: God is our Creator and He has provided us countless favor that we can reflect to be thankful to Him but it is unfortunate that most of us are unjust and ungrateful to Him.

Payers of Abraham that we can reflect to succeed in the Hereafter

  • And when Abraham said, “My Lord, make this, the city of secure, and keep me away and my children that we worship the idols (14:35). My Lord, they (idols) have led astray many from mankind. So, whoever has followed me, then indeed, he is from of me, and whoever has disobeyed me, then indeed, You are Forgiving, Merciful (14:36). Our Lord, indeed, I have settled part of my offspring in a valley not suitable for cultivation near Your House, the Sacred House. Our Lord, that they may establish the salat prayer. So make hearts of the people to incline towards them, and provide them with the fruits that they may appreciate (14:37). Our Lord, You know what we conceal and what we declare, while none can hide anything from God in the earth, nor in the heaven (14:38). All praise to God, the One who has granted to me in the old age Ismail and Isaac; indeed, my Lord is surely Hearer of the prayer (14:39). My Lord, make me an observer of the salat prayer, and of my offspring. Our Lord, and accept my prayer (14:40). Our Lord, forgive for me and for my parents, and for the believers on a day the reckoning will take place.” (14:41).
  • Note: Many of us look for what they should ask God to be successful in the life of the world and in the Hereafter. Abraham’s prayers may be a model for us. In addition to prayers of Abraham in 2:126129, here are his prayers that we can reflect to understand what we and our children should pray for to be grateful to God and to be sincere in our practices giving priority to our Salat prayer that we can be saved on a day of the reckoning. In his prayers there is also indication that all religious practices were given to him, which are detailed out in 16:120-124 that we do not have any doubt about it.

The wrongdoers will ask God for another chance

  • And you do not think that God is unaware of what the wrongdoers do. He only respites them till a day the eyes will stare in it (14:42). Racing ahead raising up their heads not turning towards them their gaze, and their hearts are empty (14:43). And you shall warn the people of a day, the punishment will come to them, then will say those who have done wrong, “Our Lord, give us a respite for a short time, we will respond to Your call and will follow the messengers.” Did you not do that you have sworn before not for you any end? (14:44).
  • Note: God has given us a respite until a day our eyes will stare and there is no respite on a day we will be gathered to Him when  the punishment will come to the wrongdoers.

The wrongdoers cannot succeed against the messengers

  • And you have dwelt in dwellings of those who have wronged themselves, and it has made clear for you how we have dealt with them and we have set forth the examples for you (14:45). Indeed, they have schemed their scheme, while with God is their scheme, even if their scheme was that it would move the mountains from it (14:46). So, you do not think that God is failing to keep His promise to His messengers. Indeed, God is Almighty, Possessor of retribution (14:47).
  • Note: God knows those who schemed against His messengers, even if their scheme is like a replacement of mountain as He will keep His promise of saving His messengers from the wrongdoers, who will not escape His retribution.

The guilty will be punished on a day they come to God

  • A day the earth will be replaced with the other earth and the heavens, and they will come to God, the One, the Supreme (14:48). And you will see the guilty on that day are bound together in the shackles (14:49). Their garments are of tar and the Fire will cover their faces (14:50). That God will reward each soul whatever it has earned. Indeed, God is swift in the reckoning (14:51).
  • Note: A day the earth and the heavens will be replaced with new earth and heavens, and God will reward each soul whatever it has earned. The guilty will be punished binding them together in the chains while they will wear garments of tar and the Fire will cover their faces.

God is indeed One god

  • This is a message for the people, and that they may be warned with it, and that they may know that indeed, He is One god, and that it may remind possessors of the understanding (14:52).
  • Note: This (Quran) is a message and a reminder for the people of understanding that God is One god (Deity) what we need to establish in our hearts, which many of us have failed to do to avoid a painful punishment on a day He will replace the earth and the heavens with the new earth and the heavens.

In brief, by taking oath God has confirmed the scripture given to Muhammad being a means for the believers to bring people out of the darkness into the light, a day will come when the earth and the heavens will be replaced with new earth and heavens to compensate every soul what it has earned, and there is a hint to derive milestones in humanity: Adam to Noah, Noah to Abraham, Abraham to Moses, Moses to Muhammad as we know Mary is mentioned belonging to a family of Imran, and Muhammad to the end of the world being a best community with a complete scripture if we can reflect.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (1/22/2021).