Surah Hud (Surah 11: Revelation Order 52)

 Oath of God

  • Alif.Laam.Reh. A scripture has been perfected its verses, then has been explained in detail from One who is Wise, Cognizant (11:1).
  • Note: Alif.Laam.Rah, and a perfect scripture having details from Wise, Cognizant is an oath of God while we know that the Quranic initials have multiple roles. Thus, this set of Initials is found prefixed to 5 suras and their total count in the Arabic text of 5 suras is a multiple of 19 => 9481 (19x499) as shown in the table below, which is a lower level factual that the Quran is from God:

    Note: The occurrence of these three Arabic letters is maintained at frequency of 499 in the Arabic   text of five surahs, which is a divine guard to exist the pure Quran against an attempt of any distortion as guidance to be the straight path for the believers until the end of the world.

 Quran is a warner and good news

  • That you do not worship except God. Indeed, I am to you from Him a warner and a bearer of good news (11:2). And that you shall ask forgiveness of your Lord, then shall turn to Him; He will let you enjoy for a specified term and will give His grace to every possessor of grace. And if you turn away, then indeed, I fear for you a punishment of a great day.” (11:3). To God is your return, and He has power over everything (11:4).
  • Note: By taking oath referring to Alif.Laam.Rah, and a perfect scripture having details from Wise, Cognizant, God affirms that you all shall worship Him as you all will return to Him while the Quran has come to you as a warner for the disbelievers and good news for the believers.

 None can hide anything from God

  • No doubt, they fold their breasts that they may hide from Him. No doubt, when they cover with their clothes, He knows what they conceal and what they reveal. Indeed, He is Knower of what is in the breasts (11:5).And there is no creature in the earth except its provision is upon God. And He knows its dwelling place and its place of storage. All is in a clear record (11:6).
  • Note: The disbelievers do their best to hide their evil behavior and deeds in their hearts but will not be able to do that as all is in a record.

 God has created the heavens and the earth to test us

  • And He is the One who has created the heavens and the earth in six days, and His Throne was upon the water that He may test you which of you has better deed. And if you had said, “Indeed, you are the resurrected after the death,” surely, those who have disbelieved would say, “This is not but a clear magic.” (11:7). And if we had delayed the punishment for a specified term, they would surely say, “What does it detain?” No doubt, a day it comes to them has not been a averted from them, and has surrounded with them what they had done to mock with it (11:8). And if we have given the human being a taste of mercy from us, then we have withdrawn it from him; indeed, he is despairing ungrateful (11:9). And if we have given him a taste of favor after adversity had touched him, he will surely say, “Has gone the evils from me.” Indeed, he is exultant, boastful (11:10). Except those who have been patient and have done the righteous deeds – those for them there is forgiveness and a great reward (11:11).
  • Note: God has made the earth a temporary abode for us to test us giving us mercy as well as withdrawing it from us. He has let us know about a day of Resurrection after the death. But the disbelievers mock it being ungrateful to Him while the believers are patient and for them there is forgiveness and a great reward.

 Quran is revealed with God’s knowledge

  • So you (Muhammad) may wish to ignore a part of what has been revealed to you, and your breast is straitened by it that they say: “Why not a treasure has been sent down with him, nor has come an angel with him?” You are only a warner, and God is an Advocate over everything (11:12). Or they say, “He has fabricated it.” Say, “Then bring of ten fabricated surahs like it, and call whoever you can other than God, if you have been truthful.” (11:13). Then if they cannot respond to you, then know that it has been revealed with God’s knowledge, and that there is no god except He. Are you then Submitters? (11:14).
  • Note: Quran has been revealed with God’s knowledge reminding the people that there is no god except He and none can produce even any part of it while the prophet has been just a warner.

 The Hereafter is better than the life of the world

  • Whoever has done to desire the life of the world and its adornments, we will pay to them for their deeds and they will not be lessened in it (11:15). Those are the ones – there has been nothing for them in the Hereafter except the Fire, and has become worthless what they had done in it and was falsehood they had done to accomplish (11:16).
  • Note: No share in the Hereafter for those who have done for the life of the world.

 Scripture has always been a guide and mercy for the believers

  • Has then he whoever been on a clear proof from his Lord and recites it a witness from Him, and of it’s before Moses’ scripture a guide and mercy? Those believe in it; and whoever disbelieves in it of the parties, then the Fire is his promised place. So you would not be in doubt about it. Indeed, it is the truth from your Lord but most of the people do not believe (11:17).
  • Note: The scripture being the truth from God is a guide and mercy for the believers while the promised place of the disbelievers is the Fire.

 Wickedness in religious leaders

  • And who is more wicked than whoever has invented a lie about God? Those will be before their Lord, and will say the witnesses, “These are those who have lied about their Lord. No doubt, God’s curse is upon the wrongdoers.” (11:18). Those who hinder from God’s path and seek it crookedness, and they are disbelievers in the Hereafter (11:19). These would not be escape in the earth nor has there been any protectors for them other than God. And the punishment will be doubled for them. They have not done to able the hearing, nor have they done to see (11:20). These are the ones who have lost their souls, and has lost from them what they had done to invent (11:21). There is no doubt that they will be the worst losers in the Hereafter (11:22).
  • Note: The religious leaders will be the worst losers in the Hereafter as they have attributed lies to God disregarding and misinterpreting God’s message while their followers cannot escape their punishment as well.

 The believers are neither deaf nor blind

  • Indeed, those who have believed and have done the righteous deeds and have been humble to their Lord, those are dwellers of the Paradise; they will abide in it forever (11:23). An example of the two groups is like the blind and the deaf, and the seer and the hearer. Do they equal an example? Will you not then take heed? (11:24).
  • Note: The believers in God and His scripture who have done the righteous deeds and have been humble to their Lord are the dwellers of the Paradise wherein they will abide forever.

 Noah has been sent as a clear warner to his people

  • And certainly, we have sent Noah to his people, “Indeed, I am to you a clear warner (11:25). That you do not worship except God. Indeed, I fear for you a punishment of a painful day.” (11:26). Then said the leaders of those who had disbelieved from his people, “We do not see you except a human being like us, nor do we see you has followed you except those who are lowest among us having weak opinion, nor do we see in you any advantage over us. Nay, we think you liars.” (11:27). He said, “O my people, have you seen if I have been with the clear proof from my Lord, and He has given me mercy from Himself, even it has been made obscure from you? Should we compel you it while you are averse to it? (11:28). And O my people, I do not ask you any wage for it; my reward is not except from God. I am not with those who drive away those who have believed. Indeed, they will be meeting their Lord, but I see you are an ignorant people (11:29). And O my people, who would help me against God, if I have driven them away? Would you not then take heed? (11:30). And I do not say to you God’s treasures with me, nor do I know the unseen, nor do I say that I am an angel, nor do I say to those whom look down upon your eyes, God will not give them any good. God is best Knower of what is in their souls. Indeed, I am then surely with the wrongdoers.” (11:31). They said, “O Noah, you have certainly disputed with us that you have been frequent in our dispute. So bring us with what you threaten us, if you have been of the truthful ones.” (11:32). He said, “God can only bring to you with it, if He wills; while you are not of those who can escape (11:33). And my advice will not benefit you if I have wished that I advise for you if it has been God to wish that you go astray. He is your Lord, and to Him you will be returned.” (11:34). Or they say, “He has invented it.” Say, “If I have invented it, then on me is my crime, while I am innocent of what crime you commit.” (11:35). And it has been inspired to Noah that none will believe from your people except whoever has certainly believed. And you do not be distress with what they have done to accomplish (11:36).
  • Note: Noah has been sent to his people with a clear proof but the wicked people denied him and refused to worship God.

  • You shall build the ark on our watch and our inspiration, and you do not address Me about those who have wronged; indeed, they are those who will be drowned (11:37). While he builds the ark, and every time had passed by him leaders of his people, they would have made fun of him. He said, “Even you make fun of us, then we may make fun of you as you make fun (11:38). Then you will know to whom will come him a punishment to disgrace him and will descend upon him a lasting punishment.” (11:39). Until when had come our command, and had overflowed the earth, we said, “You shall load in it a pair of two for each kind, and your family except whoever has preceded the word against him, and whoever has believed.” and had not believed with him (Noah) except a few (11:40).He said, “Embark in it; in the name of God is its sailing and its anchoring. Indeed, My Lord is surely Forgiving, Merciful.” (11:41). And it sailed with them in waves like the mountains, and Noah called his son, while he had been in apart: “O my son, embark with us, and you would not be with the disbelievers.” (11:42). He said, “I will take refuge to a mountain to protect me from the water.” He said, “There is no protector today from God’s command, except whom He has given mercy.” And had separated the waves between them, so he has been with the drowned ones (11:43). And it had been said: “O earth, swallow your water,” and “O sky, cease.” The water has been receded and the command has been fulfilled. And it has rested on the Judea, while it has been said: “Away are the wrongdoers of the people.” (11:44).
  • Note: Noah was inspired to build the ark to save them. A few people believed who had embarked in the ark but the wicked were drowned including a son of Noah. When the command has been fulfilled, the ark rested on the Judea. Thus, the wrongdoers of the people were away.

  • And Noah had called his Lord: “O my Lord, indeed, my son is a member of my family, and indeed, Your promise is the truth, and You are most just of the judges.” (11:45). He said, “O Noah, he has not been of your family; indeed, he has deed other than as a righteous; so you do not ask Me what has not been for you any knowledge of it. Indeed, I admonish you, lest you would be with the ignorant.” (11:46). He said, “My Lord, I seek refuge in You that I ask You what has not been for me any knowledge of it, while unless You forgive me and have mercy on me, I will be with the losers.” (11:47). It has been said: “O Noah, descend in peace and blessings upon you, and upon nations from whoever with yourself. And nations we will grant them enjoyment, then will touch them a painful punishment.” (11:48).That is of the unseen news we reveal it to you (Muhammad). You have not been to know it – neither you nor your people before this. So, you shall be patient; indeed, the end is for the righteous (11:49).
  • Note: Noah asked forgiveness of God for his mistake for calling his son to be a member of his family while the prophet was informed of the wicked people of Noah and was asked to be patient.

 Hud has been sent to Aad

  • To Aad their brother Hud. He said, “O my people, you shall worship God; there is no god for you other than He. You are not but inventors (11:50). O my people, I do not ask you any wage for it; my wage is not except from the One who has created me. Will you not then think of ? (11:51). And O my people, you shall ask forgiveness of your Lord, then shall repent to Him. He will send for you from the sky in abundance and will add you strength to your strength. And you do not turn away being criminals.” (11:52). They said, “O Hud, you have not come to us with clear proofs, and we will not be of abandoning our gods from your saying, nor will we be with believers for you (11:53). We do not say except that some of our gods have seized you with evil.” He said, “Indeed, I call God to witness; and you shall bear witness that I am free of what you associate (11:54), other than Him. So has been plotted against me, then you do not give me respite (11:55). Indeed, I have put trust upon God, my Lord and your Lord. There is not a creature except He is seizing of its forelock. Indeed, my Lord is on a straight path (11:56). So if you turn away, then certainly, I have conveyed to you what I have been sent with it to you. And my Lord will bring a people other than you, and you cannot harm Him in anything. Indeed, my Lord is Guardian over all things.” (11:57). And when our command had come, we saved Hud and those who had believed with him by a mercy from us, and we saved them from a severe punishment (11:58). And that was Aad. They had rejected of their Lord’s revelations, and had disobeyed His messengers and had followed a command of every stubborn tyrant (11:59). And they have been made to follow a curse in this world, and on a Day of the Resurrection. No doubt; indeed, Aad had disbelieved their Lord; No doubt; away is Aad, a people of Hud (11:60).
  • Note: Hud conveyed the message to his people but they denied it. God saved him and those who believed with him when a severe punishment had come to them eliminating the wicked people.

 Hud has been sent to Aad

  • To Thamud their brother Saleh. He said, “O my people, you shall worship God; there is no god for you other than He. He has produced you from the earth, and has settled you in it. So, you shall ask Him forgiveness, then shall repent to Him. Indeed, My Lord is near, responsive.” (11:61). They said, “O Saleh, you have been one of the hopeful among us before this. Do you forbid us that we worship what our forefathers worshiped? And indeed, we surely are in doubt being suspicious about what you call us to it.” (11:62). He said, “O my people, have you seen if I have been on a clear proof from my Lord, and He has given a mercy from Him, then whoever can support me against God, if I have disobeyed Him? Then you would not increase me other than loss (11:63). O my people, this is a God’s camel as a sign for you. So you shall let her to eat in the earth of God’, and you do not touch her with harm that a near punishment will seize you.” (11:64). Then they had slaughtered her. So he said, “You shall enjoy in your home for three days. That is a promise not to be belied.” (11:65). So when had come our command, we saved Saleh and those who had believed with him by mercy from us and from a disgrace of that day. Indeed. your Lord – He is the Powerful, the Almighty (11:66). And the thunder blast seized those who had wronged, then they had fallen dead in their homes (11:67). As if they do not live therein. No doubt; indeed, Thamud had disbelieved their Lord, so away is Thamud (11:68).
  • Note: Saleh came to Thamud with a clear sign but his people denied him and slaughtered God’s camel. God saved him and those who believed with him when the thunder blast seized them eliminating the wicked people.

 Angels visited to Abraham with a good news of a son

  • And certainly, had come our (angel) messengers to Abraham with the good news, they said, “Peace.” He said, “Peace,” then he had not delayed that he brought a roasted calf (11:69). Then when he saw is not reaching their hands to it, he had become confused and had a fear from them. They said, “You do not fear; indeed, we have been sent to a people of Lot.” (11:70). His wife was standing, so she laughed while we had given her a good news of Isaac, and Jacob after Isaac (11:71). She said, “Woe to me, how should I bear a child, while I am an old woman and this is my husband, an old man? This would surely be a strange thing (11:72). They said, “Do you amaze of God’s command? God’s mercy and His blessings upon you, O people of the House. Indeed, He is Praiseworthy, Glorious.” (11:73). Then when had gone away the fright from Abraham, and had reached him the good news, he is arguing with us about a people of Lot (11:74). Indeed, Abraham was forbearing, imploring and turning (11:75). “O Abraham, you shall turn away from this. Indeed, it has certainly come of your Lord’s command and indeed, is coming to them a punishment cannot be a prevented one.” (11:76).
  • Note: The angels went to Abraham with a good news of a son even when Abraham has been old and his wife has reached beyond the child bearing. They let them know that it is a God’s gift to them as people of the House. They also let him know that they have come with a bad news of destroying a wicked people of Lot. When He was about to argue about it, they warned him that God’s command must be carried on and the punishment of a wicked people of Lot cannot be prevented while Abraham forbearing, imploring and turning to God.

 Angels visited to Lot with a bad news of destroying the wicked people

  • And when had come our (angel) messengers to Lot, and he has been grieved for them and has felt discomfort for them, and said, “This is a distressful  ” (11:77). And had come to him his people rushing to him; even before they had been to do the evil deeds. He said, “O my people, these are my daughters, they are purer for you. So you shall fear God, and you do not shame me in presence of my guests. Have there not been a right-mined man among you?” (11:78). They said, “Certainly, you have known that your daughters are not right for us; and indeed, you surely know what we want.” (11:79. He said, “If that for me power over you, or that I could take a strong support to refuge (11:80). They (angels) said, “O Lut, we are messengers of your Lord, they cannot reach you. So you shall travel with your family in a part of the night, and let not anyone of you look back, except your wife; indeed, it will an affliction for her what has struck them. Indeed, their appointed time is the morning. Has not it been the morning of near?” (11:81). So when had come our command, we made its upside to its downside, and we had showered upon it layers of stones from hard clay (11:82). It is a marked from your Lord, while it was not far from the wrongdoers (11:83).
  • Note: The angels went to Lot with a bad news of destroying of his wicked people for practicing homosexuality and they were destroyed by the hail storm before the morning, even his wicked people had shamed him in the presence of the angels. God had saved Lot and his family except his wife.

 Destruction of the wicked people Madyan

  • And to Madyan their brother Shuaib. He said, “O my people, you shall worship God; there is no god for you other than Him, and you do not make less of the measure and the scale. Indeed, I see you in prosperity, and indeed, I fear upon you a punishment of day of surrounding (11:84). And O my people, you shall give full of the measure and the scale with the justice. And you do not deprive the people of their things, nor do you act wickedly in the earth in spreading corruption (11:85). Remains with God is best for you, if you have believers, while I am not a guardian over you.” (11:86). They said, “O Shuaib, does your salat prayer command you that we leave what our forefathers worship, or that we do about our wealth what we will? Indeed you, surely you are the forbearing, the right-minded one.” (11:87). He said, “O my people, have you seen if I have been on a clear proof from my Lord, and He has provided me a good provision from Him? And I do not intend that I differ from you to what I forbid you from it, nor do I intend except the reformation what I have been able, nor my success except with God. Upon Him I have put trust and to Him I turn (11:88). And O my people, let not my dissension incite you to commit sin that it befalls you like what had befallen a people of Noah, or a people of Hud, or a people of Saleh, nor a people of Lot, is far off from you (11:89). And you shall ask forgiveness of your Lord, then shall repent to Him. Indeed, my Lord is Merciful, Loving.” (11:90). They said, “O Shuaib, we do not understand much of what you say, and indeed, we surely see you weak among us. And if not (to have) your tribe, we would have stoned you, while you are not mighty against us.” (11:91). He said, “O my people, is my tribe upon you mightier than God? And you have taken Him of your behind. Indeed, my Lord is Surrounding of what you do (11:92). And O my people, you shall do on your place, indeed I am doing. Soon you will know on whom a punishment comes to disgrace him and whoever – he is a liar. And you shall watch and I am a watcher with you.” (11:93). When had come our command we saved Shuaib and those who had believed with him by mercy from us. And the thunder blast seized those who had wronged, then they had been fallen dead in their homes (11:94). As if they had not existed therein. So away was of Madyan like had taken away Thamud (11:95).
  • Note: God sent Shuaib to Madyan and he warned his people not to worship other than God and not to cheat people giving less in measure that not to befall a disaster like what had befallen to a wicked people of Noah, Hud, or Lot, who are away as the disaster seized them while the thunder blast seized a wicked people of Shuaib as well but God saved Shuaib and those who had believed with him.

 Punishment of Pharaoh and his people in the Hereafter

  • And certainly, we had sent Moses with our signs and a clear authority (11:96). To Pharaoh and his leaders, while they had followed Pharaoh’s command, even Pharaoh’s command was not right (11:97). He will be ahead of his people on a Day of the Resurrection, so he would have led them to the Fire; and it has been a miserable place they are led to (11:98). They have been followed by curse in this, and on a Day of the Resurrection has been miserable the gift will be given (11:99).
  • Note: The miserable gift will be given to Pharaoh and his people on a day of the Resurrection leading them to the Fire.

 History of punishing the wicked people mentioned in the Quran

  • That is from a news of the cities we narrate to you; of them, there is standing and there is away (11:100). And we have not wronged them but they had wronged themselves. So, their gods had not helped them in anything, whom they call other than God when your Lord’s command had come, while they had not increased them other than loss (11:101). And thus that your Lord’s seizure when He had seized the cities while they are doing wrong. Indeed, His seizure is severe painful (11:102).
  • Note: The people who had worshipped other than God has been destroyed. Thus, there is both people of standing and away, which is also a sign for those who fear a painful punishment in the Hereafter.

 Requital for the unfortunate and reward for the fortunate on a day of Gathering

  • Indeed, in that there is surely a sign for whoever has feared a punishment of the Hereafter. That is a day on it to be gathered the people and that is a day to be witnessed (11:103). And we will not delay it except an appointed time (11:104). A day it comes, no soul will speak except by His permission. Then of them will be unfortunate and fortunate (11:105). As for those who have been unfortunate, then they will be in the Fire. For them therein is sigh and wail (11:106). They will be abiding therein as long as has existed the heavens and the earth, except what your Lord wills. Indeed, Your Lord is an Accomplisher of whatever He intends (11:107). And as for those who have been made fortunate, they will be in the Paradise, are abiding therein as long as has existed the heavens and the earth except whatever your Lord wills – an honor not being interrupted (11:108). So you would not be in doubt to what these people worship; they do not worship except as what their forefathers worship. And indeed, we will surely pay them their share without being diminished (11:109).
  • Note: A day of Gathering is coming at an appointed time. The unfortunate will be in the Fire and the fortunate will be in the Paradise as long as the heavens and the earth does exist according to God’s will while what these people worship would not be in doubt that they do not worship except what their  forefathers worshipped.

 God has commanded us to do according to His scripture

  • And certainly, we have given Moses the scripture, has been disputed in it, and if it had preceded a word from your Lord, surely, it would have been judged between them. And indeed, they are surely in doubt about this, being doubtful (11:110). And indeed, to each when your Lord will surely pay for their deeds. Indeed, He is Cognizant of what they do (11:111). So you shall be straight as you have been commanded and whoever turn with you, and you do not transgress. Indeed, He is Seer of what you do (11:112). And you do not incline towards those who have done wrong, lest the Fire touches you, and there are no protectors for you other than God, then you will not be helped (11:113).
  • Note: It has been God’s system that when a scripture comes to guide humanity, in which there should not be any doubt in it to do the good deeds while those who have inclined towards the wrong doing will be in the Fire.

 Salat prayer as a reminder to remove the evil deeds

  • And you shall observe the Contact Prayer (al-salata)at both ends of the day (Noon prayer), and a first part of the night (Sunset and Night prayer). Indeed, the good deeds removes the evil deeds. That is a reminder for those who take heed (11:114). And you shall be steadfast that indeed, God does not let go waste a reward for the good-doers (11:115).
  • Note: Out of 5 times daily prayers, here is mention of 3 times salat prayers: Noon, Sunset and Night, while salat prayer is a reminder to remove evil deeds. Thus, those who are steadfast God would not waste their good deeds.

 God has destroyed the people in the past for their wrong doing

  • So why had not been possessors of intelligence forbid from the corruption in the earth from the generations before yourselves except a few of whoever we had saved them? And has followed those who had done wrong with what luxury had been given in it and they had been criminals (11:116). And your Lord has not done to destroy the cities with unjust, while their people are reformers (11:117). If your Lord had willed, surely He would have made the people one community, and they would not cease to differ (11:118); except on whom your Lord has bestowed mercy, and for that He has created them, and has fulfilled a word of your Lord: “Surely I will fill Hell with jinns and humans together (11:119).
  • Note: If the people of the previous generations had worshiped God according to a scripture given to them for which they have been created, instead of following their forefathers blindly, He would not have destroyed them, while He has promised those of the humans and the Jinns who had disregarded His command will be in Hell.

 History of the messengers sent in the past

  • And each, we narrate to you of a news of the messengers that we may make firm of your heart with it, and has come to you the truth in this, and an admonition, and a reminder for the believers (11:120). And say to those who do not believe, “Do on your side, and indeed, we are doing (11:121). And wait; indeed, we are waiting.” (11:122). And to God belongs an unseen of the heavens and the earth, and to Him will be returned all matters of it. So you shall worship Him and shall put trust upon Him. And your Lord is not unaware of what you do (11:123) .
  • Note: God has narrated the history of the messengers sent of the past in the Quran to strengthen the hearts of the believers being informed that we all will return to Him, and we shall worship Him and shall put trust upon Him.

Surah Hud (Surah 11) can be reviewed reflecting that God has given a perfect and detailed scripture, Quran is a warner and good news, scripture has always been a guide and mercy, wickedness of religious leaders for inventing a lie about God and God has eliminated the wicked people from time to time to inhabit the earth with the believing people but it is corrupted with many disbelieving people, the angels visited to Abraham with a good news and to Lot with a bad news, there is sign in the mention of destruction of the wicked people in the past if we can reflect,  requital of the unfortunate is the Fire and reward of the fortunate is the Paradise on a day of Gathering, which will exist as long as God wills, it has been God’s system to send down scripture as a means to distinguish between our good deeds and evil deeds, God has instituted salat prayer to remove evils from us, He has destroyed people for their wrong doing, messengers are sent with the truth, and an admonition, and a reminder for the believers to strengthen their hearts. So, if we follow the words of God, we can expect we would be with the fortunate in the Hereafter.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (07/16/2021).