Surah al-Talaaq (Surah 65: Revelation order 99)

Divorce must be given based on waiting period

  • O you prophet, when whoever you have divorced the women, then you shall divorce them based on their waiting period and shall count the waiting period and shall fear God, your Lord. You do not evict them from their homes, nor do they leave except that they commit of a proven adultery. And that is of God’s limits, and whoever transgresses God’s limits, then he has wronged for himself. You never know that God may bring about a matter after that (65:1). So when they have reached their term, then you shall retain them with fairness or you shall release them with fairness. You shall have witness of two just men among you and shall establish the testimony for God. That is directed with it for whoever has committed to believe in God and the Last Day, and whoever fears God, He will make an exit for him (65:2). And He will provide for him from where he does not think. And whoever puts trust upon God, then He has sufficiency for him. Indeed, God is Accomplisher of His purpose. Indeed, God has specified a measure for everything (65:3). And those who have concerned from the menstruation among your women, if you have doubt, then their waiting period is three months, and those who do not menstruate. And those who are pregnant, their waiting period is until to deliver their burdens. And whoever fears God, He will make ease of his affair for him (65:4). That is God’s command He has sent down to you; and whoever fears God, He will remove his evil deeds from him and will make great a reward for him (65:5).
  • Note: When the women have reached the term, then they may be released with fairness being witnessed by the two just men, while they cannot be evicted from their homes. If there is any doubt from the menstruation or those who do not menstruate, their waiting period is three months. Those who are pregnant, their waiting period is until the child birth.

Supporting during waiting period and payment for suckling

  • You shall give them house from where you have lived according to your means, while not being harmed them to distress upon them. And if they have been those who are pregnant, then you shall spend on them until they deliver their burden. Then if they have suckled for you, then you shall give them their payment, and shall consult between yourselves with fairness, and if you have disagreed, then she will suckle for him another (woman) (65:6). Let him spend possessor of abundance from his abundance, and whoever has been restricted his provision on him, then let him spend from what God has given him. God does not burden any soul except what He gives it. God will bring about ease after hardship (65:7).
  • Note:  The husbands shall spend on them for giving them houses during waiting period and shall pay them for their suckling after delivery according to their ability or shall consult them for suckling by another woman.

God had punished many communities in the past for disobeying His command

  • And there were many of a community had rebelled against its Lord’s command and His messengers. So, we have taken it to account a severe account and have punished it a terrible punishment (65:8).Then it has tasted a consequence of its affair and has been in loss as end of its affair (65:9).
  • Note: God has given terrible punishment to many communities in the past for their evil behavior, while their end was in loss for their affair.

God has sent down a messenger to bring out believers from darkness into light

  • God has prepared a severe punishment for them. So, you shall fear God, O you possessors of the understanding those who have believed. Certainly, God has sent down to you a message  (65:10), a messenger to recite to you clear verses of God that it may bring out those who have believed and have done the righteous deeds from the darknesses into the light. And whoever believes in God and does as righteous, He will admit him into gardens flowing the rivers of their underneath as dwellers therein forever. Certainly, God has been good for him as provision (65:11).
  • Note: God has sent down a message to be a messenger to recite so that the believers can bring them out from the darkness into the light believing in Him and doing the righteous deeds to avoid a severe punishment from Him.

God has created seven heavens and equal number of earth

  • God is Who has created seven heavens and of the earth like of them. The command descends between of them to let you know that God has power over all things and that God certainly has encompassed everything with knowledge (65:12).
  • Note: God has created seven heavens and the same number of earth, and His command descends between them, and the believers should not have any doubt about it as He is powerful over everything.

Surah al-Talaaq (The Divorce) is a short surah consisting of 12 verses dealing with divorce, punishment of communities in the past for disobeying His command, sending down of a message as a messenger to recite to bring out the believers from darkness to light, and creation of seven heavens and equal number of earth highlighting that the believers are allowed to divorce their wives based on His established laws and being fair to them, while those who believe in God will prepare them doing the righteous deeds following what He has sent down to them to avoid punishment in the life of the world as well as in the Hereafter.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (10/27/2023).