Surah al-Shams (Surah 91: Revelation Order 26)

Oath of God

  • By the sun and its brightness (91:1). And the moon when it has followed it (91:2). And the day when it has revealed it (91:3). And the night when it covers it (91:4). And the sky and Who has built it (91:5). And the earth and Who has extended it (91:6). And a soul and Who has designed it (91:7).
  • Note: This is an oath of God consisting of 7 statements referring to what He has created: (1) the sun, (2) the moon, (3) the day, (4) the night, (5) the sky, (6) the earth, and (7) the soul that the believers should not take it lightly.

Our success or failure in the Hereafter depends on ourselves

  • That He has inspired its evilness and righteousness (91:8). Indeed, he has succeeded whoever has purified it (91:9). And certainly, he has failed whoever has corrupted it (91:10).
  • Note: By taking oath God has affirmed that He controls our souls but our contribution to our souls determines our fates. If we purify our souls, we will see our success, but if we contaminate our souls, we will see our failure in the Hereafter.

Consequence of the people of Thamud for their transgression

  • Had denied Thamud of its transgression (91:11). When has sent forth its wickedness (91:12). Then God’s messenger said to them about God’s she-camel and her drink (91:13). But they had denied him (Saleh) and had slaughtered her. Then their Lord had destroyed them for their sin and had leveled them (91:14). While He did not care for its consequence (91:15).
  • Note: When Thamud had transgressed and had sent forth its wickedness God had sent a messenger with a she-camel and her drink as a sign but they denied the messenger and committed sin to slaughter the camel. So God had destroyed them and He did not care for their consequence.

Surah al-shams (Surah 91: The Sun) is an earlier revelation and a short surah consisting of 15 short verses starting with an oath of God referring to seven items from His creation addressing our fates that depend on ourselves what we contribute to our souls, and if we contribute righteousness to our souls, we will succeed in the Hereafter, but if we contaminate our souls contributing evilness to them, God will enforce a painful punishment and there is no way no escape from that. God has cited an example from the past with Thamud who denied their transgression that they had sent forth, and He had destroyed them, which may be a lesson for us that we do not deny His messenger when He has sent to us.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (09/30/22).