Surah al-Qaari`ah (Surah 101: Revelation order 30)

What will happen on a day of the Shocker

  • The Shocker (101:1). What is the Shocker (101:2)? What have you made know what is the Shocker (101:3)? A day the people would be the scattered like the butterfly (101:4). The mountains would be like the fluffy wool (101:5).
  • Note: God has defined the Shocker, an event of a day when the people will be scattered like the butterfly and the mountains will be like the fluffy wool.

Compensation based on weight

  • Then as for whoever his scales are heavy (101:6). Then he will be in a pleasant life (101:7). And as for whoever his scales are light (101:8). Then his abode is lowest (101:9). And what has made you know what it is (101:10)? A blazing Fire (101:11).
  • Note: Judgment will take place followed by the Shocker. Whose weight is heavy will be in a pleasant life but whose weight is light will be in a miserable life.

Surah al-Qaari`ah (The Shocker) is a short surah consisting of 11 verses, which is very straightforward to reflect that a terrible day is approaching for those who have failed to contribute to their souls through appropriate belief and practice, while there is a hint in the surah that we all will be returning to our Lord for our final compensation in the eternal followed by the end of the world, and our compensation will be either a pleasant life or a miserable life being determined based on quantitative analysis of our contribution to our souls.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (6/16/2023).