Surah al-Insaan (Surah 76: Revelation Order 98)

God has created the human to test him

  • Has there come upon the human a period of time he would not be a thing to be mentioned? (76:1). Indeed, we have created the human from a drop of mixture that we can test him. So we have made for him hearing and sight (76:2). Indeed, we have guided him to the path of either be a grateful one, or be an ungrateful one (76:3).
    Note: God has brought the human into existence from nothing, and He has created him from a drop of mixture in the earth to test him and has given him hearing and sight that he can be either a grateful one or can be an ungrateful one, and has given us a choice to select one of the two paths.

Requital for the disbelievers is a blazing Hell

  • Indeed, we have prepared for the disbelievers chains, and shackles, and a blazing Hell (76:4).
    Note: God has promised Hell for the disbelievers and they will be dragged into it by chains and shackles being a place of painful punishment and misery.

Abundance of tasteful drink for the righteous 

  • Indeed, the righteous will drink from a cup has made its mixture with nectar (76:5). There is spring – God’s servants will drink from it causing it to gush out in abundance (76:6).
    Note: God has promised the tasteful drink for the righteous and they will drink from a spring made to gush out in abundance.

Who are the righteous among the human

  • They fulfill of the vows, and fear a day, has made its evil widespread (76:7). And they feed the food with its love to the poor, and the orphan, and the captive (76:8). (Saying to them) “We only feed you for God’s pleasure; we do not expect any reward from you, nor any gratefulness (76:9). Indeed, we fear a miserable and distressful day of our Lord.” (76:10).
    Note: The righteous are those who fulfill their vows to God and feed the poor, the orphan and the captive with love for His pleasure, and fear a miserable and distressful day of their Lord.

Paradise is a reward for the righteous for their efforts being patient

  • So God will protect them from an evil of that on the day, and will grant them joy and happiness (76:11), and will reward them Paradise and silk because they have been patient (76:12). They will be reclining therein on the coaches. They will see neither sun, nor cold (76:13). And its shades will be near above them, and its cluster of fruits will hang dangling low (76:14), and will be circulated among them with vessels of silver and has made cups of crystals (76:15). Crystals of silver. They will have determined it in measure (76:16). And they will be given to drink therein cup has made its mixture of ginger (76:17). A spring therein is named Salsabil (76:18). And will circulate among them young boys made immortal. When you had seen them, you would have thought them to be scattered pearls (76:19). When you had looked, then you have seen blessing and a great kingdom (76:20). Their covering will be garments of fine green silk and heavy brocade. And they will be adorned with bracelets of silver and their Lord will give them to drink a pure drink (76:21). Indeed, this has been for you a reward and has been your efforts is appreciated (76:22).
    Note: God protects the righteous from evil on a Judgment day and grants them joy and happiness and rewards them Paradise having on them garments of green silk adorning with bracelets of silver providing them with a pure drink is an appreciation from Him as they have been patient.

A gradual revelation of Quran to prophet to follow God’s command

  • Indeed, we have sent down to you (Muhammad) the Quran a gradual sending down (76:23). So you shall be patient for decision of your Lord, and do not obey any sinner from them or a disbeliever (76:24). And you shall remember your Lord’s name morning and evening (76:25). And of the night that you shall prostrate to Him, and shall glorify Him a long night (76:26).
    Note: God has revealed the Quran gradually to His prophet that he can be steadfast to his Lord’s command and can disregard the disbelievers, while he has been commanded to remember his Lord morning and evening as well as of the night to glorify Him being devoted to Him.

God has created and strengthened human to take his Lord’s path

  • These people love the fleeting life, while they leave behind them a heavy day (76:27). We have created them, and we have strengthened their forms, and when we had willed, we have changed their likenesses a change (76:28). This is a reminder, so whoever has willed, he has taken a path to his Lord (76:29).
    Note: God has created human and has given qualities that he can take Lord’s path if he wills ignoring luxury of the fleeting life expecting the eternal life of the Hereafter making his priority.

Whoever does whatever God wills admits into His mercy

  • And you do not will except that God wills. Indeed, God has been Knower, Wise (76:30). He admits whomever He wills into His mercy, while the wrongdoers for them He has prepared a painful punishment (76:31).
    Note: Those who do whatever God wills, He will admit them into His mercy but those who are wrongdoers, for them there is a painful punishment. Thus, not the human but God determines what the human will do, and if they obey Him, they will be leaving this world being His allies.

Surah al-insaan (Surah 76: The Human) is a short surah and what God has taught us in it is very simple knowing how we are created in the earth. He has created the human from a drop of mixture to test and has given hearing and sight that we can be either a grateful one to our Creator or we can be an ungrateful one to Him. Those who are ungrateful to their Lord will be in blazing Fire but those who are grateful to their Lord will be in Paradise to enjoy joy and happiness in it, and God has revealed a gradual revelation of Quran to His prophet that he can be steadfast to his Lord’s command and can remember His Lord morning and evening and at night he will glorify Him being devoted to Him, and so do we. He has created humans with qualities to take a straight path to his Lord, and the righteous fulfill what pleases their Lord. Thus, being God’s servants we must obey His command, and if we do what He wills, He will admit us into His mercy, but if we do not, He has prepared for us a painful punishment.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (03/04/2022).