Surah al-Infitaar (Surah 82: Revelation Order 82)

The events on a day the world will come to an end

  • When has shattered the sky (82:1). And when has scattered the stars (82:2). And when has been made the seas to gush forth (82:3). And when has been opened the graves (82:4). A soul will know what it has brought forth and has left behind (82:5).
    Note: This is a later revelation where God has specified the events that will happen on a day the world will come to an end, and these events should serve as explicit proofs for us from God that every soul will know on that day what it has brought forth and what it has left behind.

Human being is ungrateful to His Lord

  • O you the human being, what has deceived you to your Lord, the Honorable (82:6), Who has created you, then has designed you, then has made you righteous? (82:7). In whatever design that He has willed (82:8). Nay, surely, you have denied in the religion (82:9).
    Note: God has created us and has given us a good shape but we are ungrateful to Him in denying His religion given us that we can improve us.

Honest recorders are recording whatever we are doing

  • Indeed, there are surely guardians over you (82:10). They are honest recorders (82:11). They know whatever you do (82:12). Indeed, the righteous will surely be in bliss (82:13). And indeed, the wicked will surely be in the Hellfire (82:14). They will burn in it on a Day of the Judgment (82:15). And they will not be of the disappeared ones from it (82:16).
    Note: God has appointed guardians over us from the angels who are recoding what we are doing. Those who have done evil deeds will be punished and those who have done good deeds will rewarded. Thus, the righteous will be in bliss and the wicked will be in the Hellfire and will burn in it on a day of the Judgment.

No intercession on a day of the Judgment  

  • And what has made you know what a day of the Judgment is? (82:17). Then what has made you know what a day of the Judgment is? (82:18). A day no soul will have power for another soul in anything, and all decision on that day belongs to God (82:19).
    Note: Here is a confirmation from God that all decision on a day of the Judgment belongs to Him. Thus, the concept of intercession around us is not only a myth but a satanic trick to make us losers on that day.

Surah al-Infitaar (Surah 82: The Splitting) is a short surah composed of 19 simple verses and the central theme of this surah is a Day of the Judgment including the events preceding it like the Surah al-takweer (Surah 81: The Overthrowing), and what has been confirmed in the surah that there is no intercession on that day, while the human beings are ungrateful to their Lord, who has created them.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (06/10/2022).