Surah al-Hij’r (Surah 15: Revelation Order 54)

 Oath of God

  • Alif.Laam.Raa. That is of signs of the scripture and a clarifying Quran (15:1).
  • Note: By taking oath referring to a set of Quranic initials: Alif.Laam.Rah, God has confirmed that this set is one of the signs of a scripture and a clarifying Quran to have no doubt about it in the hearts of the believers while we know that the Quranic initials have multiple roles. Thus, this set of Initials is found prefixed to 5 surahs and their total count in the Arabic text of 5 surahs is a multiple of 19 => 9481 (19x499) as shown in the table below:

    Note: The occurrence of these three Arabic letters is maintained at frequency of 499 in the Arabic text of five surahs, which is a lower level factual that the Quran is from God and a divine guard to exist the pure Quran against an attempt of any distortion as guidance to be the straight path for the believers until the end of the world.

Those who have disbelieved wish that they have been submitters

  • It may be that whoever wishes of those who have disbelieved, if they have been submitters (15:2). Let them eat, and enjoy, and distract them in the hope; then they will know (15:3).
  • Note: The disbelievers wish that they are submitters while they enjoy and hope being distracted from the truth, but they will know what they have done and would not be able to escape the punishment of their Lord.

God does not destroy any town except its appointed time

  • And we have not destroyed any town except for it has been a prescribed time (15:4). Not a community can advance its term nor can it delay (15:5).They said, “O you whom the reminder has been sent down to him; indeed, you are surely a mad (15:6). “Why do you not bring us of the angels, if you have been of the truthful ones?” (15:7). We do not send down the angels except with the truth, and they have not done then any respite (15:8).
  • Note: God has not destroyed any town to punish its wicked people except when the punishment is due while He had not destroyed any town without sending His messenger with the reminder giving it an opportunity to repent and reform. Even the messenger is sent with the truth but the wicked people denied the messenger with an excuse instead of following the reminder sent to the messenger.

Divine promise to protect the Quran from any distortion

  • Indeed, we have sent down the reminder; and indeed, we are surely protectors of it (15:9).
  • Note: The divine promise to protect the Quran from any distortions is directly connected to the mathematical coding of Quran that we know now while there is a myth around the traditional Muslim arena that the invisible force will come down to protect it when any extraneous materials are attempted to inject into it.

The disbelievers makes it a business to deny a messenger from the past

  • And certainly, we have sent before yourself to groups of the former people (15:10). And no messenger comes to them, except that they have done to mock with him (15:11). Thus that we causes it to enter in hearts of the criminals (15:12). They do not believe in him, and certainly, has passed a system of the former people (15:13). Even if we had opened for them a gate into the sky that they would have continued to ascend (15:14); they would have surely said, “Has only been dazzled our eyes. Nay, we are a bewitched people.” (15:15).
  • Note: God has sent many messengers before Muhammad but every time a messenger came to them, they had mocked with him, thus entering it into hearts of the criminals becoming a system.

Gathering before God Who controls all matters

  • And certainly, we have made constellation in the sky, and have decorated it for the observers (15:16). And we have protected it from every rejected devil (15:17), that whoever sneaks the hearing, then pursues him a clear burning flame (15:18). And the earth, we have spread it, and have cast in it mountains, and have caused to grow in it everything in balance (15:19). And we have made in it means of living for you, and for whoever you have not been of providers for it (15:20). There is not a thing except its treasures (provisions) are with us, and we send down it with an exact measure (15:21). And we have sent the winds for pollinations, then we have sent down water from the sky that we have given it to you for drink; while you are not of retainers of it (15:22). And indeed we, surely we give life and cause death, and we are the inheritors (15:23). And certainly, we know the preceding ones about you and certainly, we know the later ones (15:24). And indeed, your Lord will gather them. Indeed, He is Wise, Knower (15:25).
  • Note: God has made the earth as a means of our living and has provided what we need here giving us life and death while He will gather us all to be answerable to Him what we done here.

The Satan is a great enemy of human being

  • And certainly, we have created the human being from a hardened clay of altered black mud (15:26). And the jinn, we have created it before from the blazing fire (15:27). And when your Lord said to the angels, “I am creating a human being from hardened clay of an altered black mud (15:28). Then when I have designed him and have breathed into him from My spirit that you shall fall down to him as prostrators.” (15:29). Then had prostrated the angels, all of them (15:30), except Iblis. He had refused that he would be with the prostrators (15:31). He said, “O Iblis, what is for you that you would not be with the prostrators?” (15:32). He said, “I am not that I will prostrate to a human being, whom You have created from hardened clay of an altered black mud.” (15:33). He said, “Then you shall get out from here; as indeed, you are expelled (15:34). And indeed upon you the curse until a Day of the Judgment.” (15:35). He said, “My Lord, then give me a respite until a day they are raised.” (15:36). He said, “Then indeed, you are with the respited ones (15:37), until a day of the appointed Time.” (15:38). He said, “My Lord, since You have misled me; surely, I will make fair-seeming (their deed) for them in the earth and surely, I will mislead them all (15:39), except Your servants those who are the sincere from them.” (15:40).
  • Note: God has created the human from clay and the jinn from fire while the fallen angel, Iblis also known as the Satan has been included with the jinn being made from fire as well. The Satan who has been given a respite until a day of the Resurrection, will make fair seeming our evil deeds in the earth misguiding us to make most of us losers except the sincere servants of God.

Compensation for the misguided and the guided ones

  • He said, “This is a straight path upon Me (15:41); indeed, My servants – it has not been any authority for you over them, except whoever has followed you among the strayers (15:42). And indeed, Hell is their promised place for all (15:43). There are seven gates to it that each gate is assigned a portion from them.” (15:44). Indeed, the righteous will be in gardens and springs (15:45). Enter it in peace, secure (15:46). And we will remove whatever of hatred in their breasts as brother on coaches facing each other (15:47). No fatigue will touch them in it, nor will they be removed from it (15:48).
  • Note: Those who follow the path of Satan will enter Hell, which has seven gates to share their portion of wickedness while the guided ones staying in the God’s path will enter gardens with springs to enjoy peace.

God is merciful but also severe in enforcing retribution

  • Inform My servants that I am the Forgiving, the Merciful (15:49). And that My punishment, it is the painful punishment (15:50).
  • Note: There is no doubt that God is forgiving and merciful but we must also remember that He is severe in enforcing punishment. Thus, the reminder sent by Him to humanity for its guidance includes both good news for the believers and warning for the disbelievers.

Angels visited to Abraham with a good news of a son

  • And you shall inform them about guests of Abraham (15:51). When they had entered to him, they said, “Peace.” He said, “Indeed, we are afraid of you.” (15:52). They said, “You do not fear; we bring good news to you of a knowledgeable son.” (15:53). He said, “Do you give me good news even that the old age has touched me? Then with that do you give good news?” (15:54). They said, “We have given you good news with the truth; so, you would not be with the despaired ones.” (15:55). He said, “And who despairs of his Lord’s mercy, except the strayers.” (15:56). He said, “What is your mission, O the sent ones?” (15:57). They said, “Indeed, we have been sent to a guilty people (15:58). Except a family of Lot; indeed, we will surely be saving them all (15:59), except his wife; we have destined that she is surely with those who remain behind.” (15:60).
  • Note: The angels visited to Abraham with a good news of a knowledgeable son and a bad news of punishing the guilty people of Lot except his family but not his wife being in his family, while Abraham had a son at his old age, which has been a mercy from his Lord being pleased with him.

The angels visited to Lot with a bad news of destruction of the guilty

  • Then when there had come the sent ones to a family of Lut (15:61). He said, “Indeed, you are a unknown people.” (15:62). They said, “Nay, we have come to you with what they have done in it to dispute (15:63). And we have come to you with the truth, and indeed, we are surely truthful (15:64). So you shall travel with your family in a part of the night, and shall follow their backs, and anyone among you does not look back, and shall go on as you are commanded.” (15:65). And we conveyed to him of that the command that the root of these people would be cut off in the morning (15:66). And there had come the people of the city rejoicing (15:67). He said, “Indeed, these are my guests; so you do not embarrass me (15:68). And you shall fear God, and you do not disgrace me.” (15:69). They said, “Did we not forbid you from the other people?” (15:70). He said, “These are my daughters, if you would have been doers.” (15:71). By your life; indeed, they were in their intoxication, wandering (15:72). So, had seized them the disaster at sunrise (15:73). Then we have made its upside to its down and have rained upon them stones of a baked clay (15:74). Indeed, in that there are signs for those who perceive (15:75). And indeed, it has been in an established way (15:76). Indeed, in that there is a sign for the believers (15:77). And had been surely wrongdoers of people of the wood (15:78). So, we had taken retribution from them, and indeed, they both were open on a highway (15:79.
  • Note: The angels extended their visit to Lut with the news of destruction of his wicked people who practiced homosexually except his family excluding his wife from his family. The disaster of hail storm seized them at sunrise, being an established system of God to punish the wicked, which is a lesson for the believers as well.

Destruction of a people of Al-Hij’r

  • And certainly, had denied the sent ones a people of Al-Hij’r (15:80). And we had given them our revelations, then they would have been averse from them (15:81). And they had done to curve houses of the mountains in secure (15:82). Then had seized them the disaster at sunrise (15:83), while had not helped of them what they have done to earn (15:84).
  • Note: The people of Al-Hij’r who had denied those who have been sent to them, God destroyed them even they had made them secure making houses curving in the mountains.

Seven pairs in the Quran to know when the world will come to an end

  • And we have not created the heavens and the earth, and whatever is between them except with the truth. And indeed, the Hour is surely coming, so you shall overlook the excessive achievement (15:85). Indeed your Lord, He is the Creator, the Knower (15:86). And certainly, we have given you seven of the pairs and the great Quran (15:87).
  • Note: God has given us a hint that a prediction can be made when the Hour (the end of the world) will come to an end from 7 pairs referring to 14 sets of Quranic initials being their total occurrences 30 prefixed to 29 surahs in the great Quran, which is consistent as stated in (20:15) that He will almost remain hidden it, and also as stated in (47:18) that do they wait except for the Hour that it should come to them suddenly? While we know that there is a prediction around us unveiled by God’s messenger of the covenant authorized by Him being His system to unveil the future (72:27) that the world will come to an end in 2280 A.D. or 1710 A.H. but the traditional Muslims believe that the time of the end of world is only known to God and will remain hidden from the people until a day of the occurrence, while their interpretation of the verse, 15:87 does not make any sense for translating the Arabic word, al-mathaanee to “the oft-repeated” in the verse being the misinterpretation.

Punishment for the dividers while prophet has been a clarifying warner

  • You do not extend your eyes to what we have bestowed with it pleasure of them, and you do not grieve over them. And you shall lower your wing for the believers (15:88). And say, “Indeed, I am a clarifying warner.” (15:89). Like that we have sent down (punishment) upon the dividers (15:90). Those who have made the Quran in parts (15:91). So, by your Lord, we will surely question them all (15:92), about what they have done to accomplish (15:93).
  • Note: Prophet has been a clarifying warner, which means he recites to the people what God has revealed to him, while God will punish those who for what they have done to accomplish disregarding the message given to him accepting some of it and rejecting some of it.

Direction for the prophet to succeed

  • So, you shall proclaim of what you are ordered, and shall turn away from the idolaters (15:94). Indeed, we have sufficed you against the mockers (15:95). Those who make with God another god, then they will come to know (15:96). And certainly, we know that you may straiten in your breast of what they say (15:97). So, you shall glorify with praise of your Lord, and shall be with the prostrators (15:98). And you shall worship your Lord, until comes to you the certainty (15:99).
  • Note: God reminded the prophet to do what he has been commanded to do and informed him about the consequence of taking another god with Him. He asked him to glorify and praise Him until death to become successful in the Hereafter staying away from the idolaters.

Surah Al Hij’r (The Rocky Valley) may be reviewed reflecting that: (1) the surah is very special for the sum of surah number and the total number of verses in the surah being 114 (15 + 99), which equals the total number of surah (114) in the Quran, (2) alif.laam.reh, a set of Quranic initials is a sign of a scripture and a clarifying Quran that plays multiple roles in the guidance, (3) the disbelievers wish that they are submitters but cannot escape the punishment when they meet their Lord, (4) God has promised to be Protector of the reminder referring to the Quran which He has revealed while He has given us a way in the Quran to maintain a pure Quran until the end of the world, (5) the angels visited to Abraham with a good news and Lot with a bad good news, (6) denying a messenger becomes a business of the disbelievers from the past, (7) the Satan being a great enemy of human being makes his utmost efforts to make most of them losers in the Hereafter, (8) God has given 7 pairs referring to 14 sets of Quranic initials being their total occurrences 30 prefixed to 29 surahs in the Quran to predict when the world will come to an end, (9) there are people who accept certain verses of Quran while disregard many of its crucial verses, (10) prophet has been a clear warner and he has no concern who were guided or misguided, (11) and (12) direction to the prophet to be successful in the Hereafter being aware the consequence of taking another god with God and staying away from the idolaters.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (06/18/2021).