Surah al-Ghaashiyah (Surah 88: Revelation Order 68)

A day of Judgment is both bad news and good news

  • Has there come to you a news of the Overwhelming? (88:1).
  • Note: God has confirmed that a day is coming which will be extremely difficult for some while it will be extremely joyful for some through that which has been revealed to prophet Muhammad.

A humiliating punishment for the disbelievers

  • That day faces are humiliated ones (88:2), laboring being exhausted (88:3), to burn in a blazing Fire (88:4), to be given drink from a flaming spring (88:5). It has not been for them except food from a bitter plant (88:6). It will neither nourish, nor will it help from hunger (88:7).
  • Note: There is severe punishment for the disbelievers. They will burn in Hell, and their drink will not remove their thirst and their food will not prevent them from hunger. However, the description of Hell is allegorical.

A happiness for the believers

  • That day faces are joyful ones (88:8), being satisfied for their effort (88:9), will be in high Garden (88:10), not to hear any vain talk In it (88:11). In it, there will be flowing a spring (88:12). In it, couches will be raised high (88:13). And cups will be in place (88:14). And cushions will be lined up (88:15). And carpets will be spread out (88:16).
  • Note: There is happiness for the believers. They will enjoy Paradise for their hard work. They will have comfortable life in it and will enjoy best food and drink therein. However, the description of Paradise is allegorical.

We can be believers reflecting upon God’s creations around us

  • Do they not then look towards the camels and how they have been created? (88:17). And towards the sky and how it has been raised? (88:18). And towards the mountains how they have made fixed? (88:19). And towards the earth how it has been spread out? (88:20).
  • Note: God has informed us that He has made it easy to reflect upon His creations so that we can be believers in Him and can follow His guidance to be successful on a day which is coming when we all will return to Him.

Prophet’s duty was to convey a reminder being a reminder  

  • So you shall remind, you are only a reminder (88:21). You have not been a controller over them (88:22). That whoever turns away and disbelieves (88:23), then God will punish him the greatest punishment (88:24). Indeed, to us is their return (88:25). Then upon us is their reckoning (88:26).
  • Note: Prophet was a reminder and he had delivered a reminder as guidance for the people. He had no control over the people whether they will be believers or disbelievers, while God will punish those who turn away and disbelieve in a reminder when they return to Him.

Surah al-Ghaashiyah (Surah 88: The Overwhelming) is a later revelation and a short surah consisting of 26 shorter verses addressing a day of the Judgment. The day will be extremely difficult for the disbelievers to be in Hell while it will be extremely joyful for the believers to be in Paradise. Prophet had no control over the people except to deliver a reminder being he himself as a reminder while God will punish those who turn away and disbelieve in a reminder when they return to Him.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (07/22/2022).