Surah al-`Alaq (Surah 96: Revelation Order 1)

Muhammad was commanded to read in the name of his Lord

  • Read (Muhammad) in your Lord’s name, Who has created (96:1). He has created the human from an embryo (96:2). Read, and your Lord is the Exalted (96:3), who has taught by the pen (96:4). He has taught the human what he does not know (96:5).
  • Note: These five verses of the Quran are the first revelation to Muhammad is a commandment for him to read in the name of his Lord who has created the human from embryo and has taught him by the pen confirming that our knowledge of reading and writing is from Him to be grateful to Him.

Our return to our Lord has been confirmed

  • Nay (no doubt), indeed, the human surely transgresses (96:6). That he has seen him he has sufficed (96:7). Indeed, to your Lord is the return (96:8).
  • Note: But the human has transgressed when he has seen that he has what he needs forgetting his return to his Lord.

Forbidding or advocating righteous deeds

  • Have you seen the one who forbids (96:9), a worshiper when he has prayed? (96:10). Have you seen that who has been on the guidance (96:11), or has enjoined of the righteousness? (96:12).
  • Note: There are those who prevent worshipers from doing the righteous deeds while there are also those who are on the guidance and advocate others for doing the righteous deeds. 

To Hell is the return for those who have denied and turned away from God

  • Have you seen that who has denied and has turned away? (96:13). Does he not know of that God sees? (96:14). Nay, surely, if he does not refrain, surely, we will drag him by the forelock (96:15). A forelock is a lie, a sin (96:16). So let him call on his associates (96:17). We will call the guardians of Hell (96:18). Nay, you shall not obey him; and you shall fall prostrate and draw nearer (to God) (96:19)
  • Note:God has warned us that those who have denied and have turned away from Him will be dragged by the guardians of Hell to the Hell for their lie and sin, and they will have no helpers. So, He wants that the human shall prostrate Him to get nearer to Him, which is the way to prevent him from dragging to the Hell for his lying and committing sin.

Surah al-`alaq (Surah 96: The Embryo) is the first revelation and a short surah consisting of 19 short verses addressing God is our Lord being Creator and Teacher of the human but it is unfortunate that he is transgressing. So, He wants him to be on the guidance and to prostrate Him to get nearer to Him to be prevented from dragging to the Hell by the guardians of Hell. This surah is not only significant for the first revelation but also to have direct evidences for mathematical coding of the Quran unveiled in 1974 being the surah as a whole composed of 19 verses and 304 (19x16) letters.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (09/02/2022).