Surah al-`Aadiyaat (Surah 100: Revelation order 14)

Statements of God’s oath

  • By the panting racers (100:1). And the producers of striking sparks (100:2). And the invaders at dawn (100:3).
  • Note: This is an oath of God consisting of 3 statements referring to the racers who produce sparks being invaders at dawn.

Penetrating into center of their territory

  • That they have raised dust with it (100:4). That they have penetrated into center of it together (100:5).
  • Note: By taking oath God affirms the attack of the disbelieving people penetrating to the center of their territory.

The human being is ungrateful to his Lord

  • Indeed, the human being is surely ungrateful to his Lord (100:6). And indeed, he is surely a witness on that (100:7). And indeed, he is surely in strong love of the wealth (100:8).
  • Note: The human being is ungrateful to his Lord because of his strong desire for material things, even knowing that he will be his own witness on a day of the Judgment.

A day the human being will be exposed what is his heart

  • Then does he not know when has been scattered what is in the graves (100:9)? And has been made apparent what is in the breasts (100:10)? Indeed, their Lord is surely Cognizant of them that day (100:11).
  • Note: The human being is aware that his Lord will expose what is in his heart on a day raising him from the graves.

Surah al-`Aadiyaat (The Racers) is a short surah consisting of 11 verses beginning with multiple statements of God’s oath, which can be reviewed reflecting that God has created us and He has informed us that we are ungrateful to Him, even we will witness what we have done because of our strong desire for wealth, while He is Cognizant of what will happen to us on a day we will be raised from the graves, and we will not be able to hide anything what was in our hearts on that day.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (6/16/2023).