What prophet told us about himself through words of God

There are many myths and misconceptions among us around the prophet through whom we received the Quran, a guidance for mankind (2:185). God as its author and teacher has confirmed that there is no error in it (2:2) and it is detailed (7:52, 41:3 and 41:44) with every word (18:109 and 31:27) that we need to be righteous as well as to do the righteous deeds establishing obligatory duties being certain in the Hereafter (31:2-4). Thus, if we study the Quran carefully, it should not be a subject of debate to avoid these myths and misconceptions around the prophet to be straight to our Lord for asking His forgiveness.

However, the following verses that the prophet recited in the first person singular form as revealed to him can be examined to eliminate any doubt from our hearts to prepare our return journey without being lost for staying with the majority considering them a proof to us to be in a better place with God:

[3:15] Say: “Shall I (prophet) inform you of better than that? For those who have feared with their Lord, are gardens flowing the rivers of their underneath, are abiding therein forever, and are pure spouses and pleasure from God. And God is Seer of the servants.”

[3:20] So if they have argued with you, then say: “I (prophet) have submitted myself to God and who has followed me.” And say to those who have been given the scripture and those who have no knowledge of the scripture, “Have you submitted yourselves?” So if they have submitted, then surely, they have guided, but if they have turned back, then only for you is the conveyance while God is Seer of all the servants.

[6:14] Say, “Is there other than God I should take as protector, Initiator of the heavens and the earth, while He feeds and is not fed?” Say, “Indeed, I have been commanded that I be a first who has submitted, and you do not be with the idolaters.”

[6:15] Say: “Indeed me, I (prophet) fear if I had disobeyed my Lord, retribution of a great day!”

[6:50] Say: “I (prophet) do not say to you that I have God’s treasures nor do I know the unseen nor do I say to you that I am an angel. I do not follow except what is revealed to me.” Say, “Are the blind and the seer the same? Then do you not think?”

[6:56] Say: “Indeed me, I (prophet) have been forbidden from worshiping those whom you call on other than God.” Say, “I am not to follow your desire, I would go astray and I would not be of the guided ones.”

[6:57] Say: “Indeed me, I (prophet) have clear proof from my Lord, while you have denied in it. It is not with me what you seek to hasten of it. The decision is not except for God. He narrates the truth, and He is the best Judge.”

[6:58] Say: “If that were with me what you seek to hasten of it, the matter would surely have been decided between me and you, and God is Knower of the wicked.”

[6:66] Your people have denied in it while it is the truth. Say: “I (prophet) am not of guardian over you.”

[6:90] Those (prophets mentioned by name in the previous verses) are the ones whom God has guided; so you shall follow of their guidance. Say, “I (prophet) do not ask any reward for it. It is not but a reminder for the people of world.”

[6:104] Enlightenment has come to you from your Lord. Then, whoever has seen so does for his soul, while whoever has turned blind so does against it. And I (prophet) am not of guardian over you.

[6:161] Say: “My (prophet) Lord has guided me to a straight path – perfect religion, a religion of Abraham – monotheism, and he has not been among the idolaters.”

[6:162] Say: “Indeed, My (prophet) contact prayer, my practices of rites, my life and my death, are for God, Lord of the worlds.

[6:163] There is no partner for Him, and with that I (prophet) have been commanded, and I am first of the Submitters.”

[6:164] Say: “Should I (prophet) seek other than God as Lord while He is Lord of everything?” And every soul does not earn except for itself, nor does it bear any burden of another. Then to your Lord is your return when He will inform you of what you had disputed in it.”

[7:158] Say: “O people, I (prophet) am God’s messenger to you all. To Him belongs the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth. There is no god except He. He gives life and causes death.” So, you shall believe in God and His messenger, the gentile prophet, who believes in God and His words, and you shall follow him that you may guide.

[7:188] Say: “I (prophet) have no power of benefit or harm to myself, except what God wills. And if I would know the unseen, surely, I could have increased of the good, and the evil could not have touched me. I am not but a warner and a bearer of good news for a people who believe.”

[7:203] And when you cannot show them of a sign, they say: “Why have you not brought it.” Say: “I (prophet) only follow what is inspired to me from my Lord. This is enlightenment from your Lord, and a guidance and mercy for a people who believe.”

[10:15] And when our clear revelations are recited to them, those who do not expect for our meeting said: “Come up with a Quran other than it, or change it!” Say, “I (prophet) cannot change it of my own. I do not follow except what is revealed to me. Indeed, I fear retribution of a great day, if I had disobeyed my Lord.”

[10:16] Say: “Unless God willed, I (prophet) would not have recited it to you, nor He made known to you of it, even though I have stayed among you a lifetime of it’s before. Then do you not understand?”

[10:20] They say: “Why not a sign is sent down from his Lord?” So say: “The unseen only belongs to God; so wait, and indeed, I (prophet) am with you among those who wait.”

[10:41] And if they deny you, then say: “I (prophet) have my works and you have your works. You are innocent of what I do, and I am innocent of what you do.”

[10:49] Say: “I (prophet) do not possess any power for myself for any harm nor for any benefit except what God wills. For every community there is a term. When their term comes, then they cannot remain an hour nor can they advance.”

[10:102] So do they not wait like the days of those who passed away of their before? Say, “Then wait, and indeed, I (prophet) am with you among those who wait.”

[10:104] Say: “O people, if you have been in doubt of my religion, then I (prophet) do not worship those whom you worship other than God, rather I worship God, the One who causes death to you, and I have been commanded that I can be with the believers.”

[10:108] Say: “O people, the truth has certainly come to you from your Lord. So whoever has gone straight, then he goes straight for his soul; and whoever has gone astray, then he only goes astray against it, and I (prophet) am not of a guardian over you.”

[11:2] That you should not worship except God. Indeed, I (prophet) am to you from Him a warner and a bearer of good news.

[12:108] Say: “This is my path; I (prophet) invite to God having clear knowledge – I and whoever followed me. And glory be to God and I am not among the idolaters.”

[13:36] Those whom we have given them the scripture rejoice of what has been revealed to you, while there are parties among them that deny it’s part. Say: “I (prophet) have only been commanded that I worship God and I do not associate partners with Him. To Him I invite and to Him is my return.”

[15:89] And say: “Indeed me, I (prophet) am a clear warner.”

[18:110] Say: “I (prophet) am just a human being like you. It has been revealed to me that your god is One god. So whoever is expecting of meeting his Lord then let him do righteous works while he would not associate anyone in worship of his Lord.”

[21:45] Say, “I (prophet) just warn you with the revelation.” But the deaf would not hear the call, when what they are warned with.

[21:108] Say: “It has just been revealed to me (prophet) that your god is One god. So will you be submitters (to Him)?”

[21:109] But if they have turned away, then say: “I (prophet) have announced to you about that, and I do not know is it near or far what has been promised to you?

[22:49] Say: “O people, I (prophet) am just a warner to you.”

[27:91] I (prophet) have just been commanded that I would worship Lord of this town, the One who has made it sacred and to Him belongs everything. And I have been commanded that I can be among the submitters.

[27:92] And that I (prophet) recite the Quran. So whoever has accepted guidance, he has only accepted guidance for himself, but whoever has gone astray, then say: “I am just one of the warners.”

[29:50] And they said: “Why signs not are sent down to him from his Lord?” Say: “The signs are only with God, while I (prophet) am just a clear warner.”

[34:46] Say: “I (prophet) ask you for one thing that you stand for God in pairs and individuals, when you should reflect. There is no madness in your friend; he is not but a warner for you before a severe retribution.”

[34:47] Say, “I (prophet) do not ask you for a reward that it is for you, my reward is not except on God. And He is a Witness over all things.”

[34:50] Say, “If I (prophet) go astray, I go astray against myself. And if I go straight, then it is of what my Lord inspires to me. Indeed, He is Hearer, Near.”

[38:65] Say: “I (prophet) am just a warner; and there is no other god except God, the One, the Supreme.”

[38:69] “I (prophet) had no knowledge of the High Society when there was feud.

[38:70] “It has not been revealed to me except that I (prophet) am just a warner.”

[38:86] Say: “I (prophet) do not ask you any reward for it, and I am not with the pretenders.”

[39:11] Say, “Indeed me, I (prophet) have been commanded that I should worship God being sincere in the religion for Him.

[39:12] “And I (prophet) have been commanded to that I can be first of the submitters.”

[39:13] Say, “Indeed me, I (prophet) fear retribution of a great day if I had disobeyed my Lord.”

[39:14] Say, “I (prophet) worship God being sincere in my religion for Him.

[40:66] Say: “Indeed me (Muhammad), I have been forbidden that I worship those whom (statues) you call other than God, when has come to me the clear proofs from my Lord. And I have been commanded that I submit to Lord of the worlds.”

[41:6] Say, “I (prophet) am only a human being like yourselves; it is inspired to me that your god is One god. So you shall be straight to Him and shall ask His forgiveness.” And woe to the idolaters

[41:13] Thus, if they turned away, then say, “I (prophet) have warned you disaster like a disaster of Ad and Thamud.”

[46:9] Say: “I (prophet) am not an exception from the messengers and I do not know what will be done with me or with you. I only follow what is revealed to me and I am not but a clear warner.”

[51:50] You shall escape to God. I (prophet) am a clear warner to you from Him.

[51:51] And you should do not make another god with God. Indeed me, I (prophet) am to you from Him a clear warner.

[67:26] Say, “The knowledge is only with God, and I (prophet) am just a clear warner.”

[92:14] So I (prophet) have warned you of the blazing Fire.


  • Prophet has informed us that who are fearful of their Lord enter gardens will have pure spouses.
  • He submitted himself to God and those who have followed him while it was his only responsibility to convey the message given to him.
  • When he was blessed with the scripture he was commanded to be the first to submit to God and he should not be among the idolaters.
  • He said to his counterparts that he did not possess God’s treasures and did not know the future while he followed what has been revealed to him.
  • He has been forbidden from worshipping those whom were being invoked by his counterparts not to go astray being deprived of guidance.
  • When he has been confirmed that the clear proof has come to him but his counterparts denied it asking for hastening the punishment in which he had no knowledge of it.
  • He stated himself to be a clear warner, bearer of good news but not to be a guardian of people.
  • He informed that every soul is accountable for its own good and evil, and no soul will bear the burden of another soul.
  • As a God’s messenger he believed in God and His words, and asked his counterparts to do the same while he had no knowledge when the world will come to an end but it may be near.
  • He had no power to benefit or harm himself except what God wills otherwise he could increase his properties and no harm would touch him.
  • No miracle has been given to him except what is revealed to him, is enlightenment from God, which is guidance and mercy for those who believe.
  • He worshipped God who gives life and causes death and invited to Him having clear knowledge, and those who followed him.
  • He has been a human being like us, and what has been inspired to him is to worship One God while he has been commanded to worship Him being sincere in the religion.
  • He was not different from the other messengers and did not know what will happen to him or to the people but he followed what is revealed to him being a clear warner.
  • He warned his contemporaries not to make another god with God as well as for the blazing Fire while he did not ask for any reward from them as his reward was on God.
  • He feared the punishment of a great day if he had disobeyed God, and what he did had done based on the clear knowledge from God.

In conclusion, if we could follow prophet without being blind, i.e., what he left for us to perfect our beliefs and practices as he used it for himself and also asked who followed him may help us to avoid punishment of a great day and interim punishment between our death and a day of the final judgment.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (10/25/2019).