Role of Quranic initials and their mathematical confirmation

29 suras out of 114 in the Quran are prefixed with a set of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Arabic letter(s) known as Quranic initials and their total number is 30. The suras that possess these initials are called initialed suras and the suras that do not possess any initials are called non-initialed suras. Thus, there are 29 initialed and 85 non-initialed suras in the Quran. However, let us thoroughly review these initials to derive important information from the Quran with regard to their significance and role rather than overlooking their presence in the Quran considering them mysterious or their meaning is only known to God keeping in mind that there is no nonsense in the Quran.

Details of initials including sura and verse numbers and sura names

  • Alif Lam Meem (2:1- Al-Baqarah)
  • Alif Lam Meem (3:1- Ali Imran)
  • Alif Lam Meem Saad (7:1- Al-A’araf)
  • Alif Lam Rah. These are proofs of the scripture of wisdom (10:1- Younus)
  • Alif Lam Rah. This is a scripture whose verses have been perfected, then elucidated. It comes from a Most Wise, Most Cognizant (11:1-Hud).
  • Alif Lam Rah. These are proofs of the enlightening scripture (12:1-Yousuf).
  • Alif Lam Meem Rah. These are proofs of this scripture. What is revealed to you (Muhammad) from your Lord is the truth, but most people do not believe (13:1-Al-Raad).
  • Alif Lam Rah. A scripture that we revealed to you (Muhammad), in order to lead the people out of darkness into the light – in accordance with the will of their Lord – to the path of the Almighty, the Praiseworthy (14:1-Ibrahim).
  • Alif Lam Rah. These are proofs of the scripture and an enlightening Quran (15:1-Al-Hjr).
  • Kãf Hã Yã `Ayn Sãd (19:1-Maryam).
  • Ta Ha (20:1-Ta Ha).
  • Ta Seen Meem (26:1-Al-Shoo’ara).
  • Ta Seen. These are proofs of the Quran and an enlightening scripture (27:1-Al-Naml).
  • Ta Seen Meem (28:1-Al-Qasas).
  • Alif Lam Meem (29:1-Al-Ankaboot).
  • Alif Lam Meem (30:1-Al-Room).
  • Alif Lam Meem (31:1-Luqman).
  • Alif Lam Meem (32:1-Al-Sajdah).
  • Yaa Seen (36:1-Yaa Seen).
  • Saad and the Quran that contains the proof (38:1-Saad).
  • Ha Meem (40:1-Gaafer).
  • Ha Meem (41:1-Fussilat).
  • Ha Meem (42:1-Al-Shooraa). Ayn Seen Qaf (42:2-Al-Shooraa).
  • Ha Meem (43:1-Al-Zukhruf).
  • Ha Meem (44:1-Al-Dukhan).
  • Ha Meem (45:1-Al-Jatheyah).
  • Ha Meem (46:1-Al-Ahqaf).
  • Qaf and the glorious Quran (50:1-Qaf)).
  • Nun and the pen and what they write (68:1-Al-Qalam).

List of 30 Quranic initials prefixed to the initialed suras with their numbers and names

SL No Quranic Initials # of letters in each set of Initial Sura No Sura name with its English equivalent
1 Alif Lam Meem 3 2 Al-Baqarah (The Heifer)
2 Alif Lam Meem 3 3 Ali Imraan (The Family of Amran)
3 Alif Lam Meem Saad 4 7 Al-A’araf (The Purgatory)
4 Alif Lam Rah 3 10 Younus (Jonah)
5 Alif Lam Rah 3 11 Hud (Hud)
6 Alif Lam Rah 3 12 Yousuf (Joseph)
7 Alif Lam Meem Rah 4 13 Al-Ra’ad (Thunder)
8 Alif Lam Rah 3 14 Ibrahim (Abraham)
9 Alif Lam Rah 3 15 Al-Hijr (The Hijr Valley)
10 Kaf Ha Yaa Ayn Saad 5 19 Kaf Ha Yaa Ayn Saad
11 Ta Ha 2 20 Taa Haa (T.H)
12 Ta Seen Meem 3 26 Ta Seen Meem
13 Ta Seen 2 27 Al-Naml (The Ant)
14 Ta Seen Meem 3 28 Al-Qasas (History)
15 Alif Lam Meem 3 29 Alif Lam Meem
16 Alif Lam Meem 3 30 Al-Room (Romans)
17 Alif Lam Meem 3 31 Luqmaan (Luqman)
18 Alif Lam Meem 3 32 Al-Sajdah (Prostration)
19 Yaa Seen 2 36 Yaa Seen (Y. ‘S)
20 Saad 1 38 Saad (S)
21 Ha Meem 2 40 Ghaafer (Forgiver)
22 Ha Meem 2 41 Fussilat (Detailed)
23 Ha Meem 2 42 Al-Shooraa (Consultation)
24 Ayn Seen Qaf 3 42 Al-Shooraa (Consultation)
25 Ha Meem 2 43 Al-Zukhruf (Ornaments)
26 Ha Meem 2 44 Al-Dukhan (Smoke)
27 Ha Meem 2 45 Al-Jatheyah (Kneeling)
28 Ha Meem 2 46 Al-Ahqaf (The Dunes)
29 Qaf 1 50 Qaf (Q)
30 NoonwawNoon 2 68 Al-Qalam (The Pen)

Note: Noon prefixed to sura Al-Qalam is spelled out to represent two Noons

Certain properties of Quranic Intials

  • 14 sets of initials consisting of 14 Arabic letters in the 30 initials prefixed to the 29 initialed suras.
    # of Set Quranic Initials Total # of Initials Letters # of Letters 14 letters in the 14 Sets
    1 Alif Lam Meem 6 Alif Lam Meem 3 Alif, Ta, Haa. Ha, Rah, Seen, Saad, Ayn, Kaf, Qaf, Lam, Meem, Nun, Yaa.
    2 Alif Lam Meem Saad 1 Saad 1
    3 Alif Lam Rah 5 Rah 1
    4 Alif Lam Meem Rah 1
    5 Kaf Ha Yaa Ayn Saad 1 Kaf Ha Yaa Ayn 4
    6 Ta Ha 1 Ta Ha 2
    7 Ta Seen Meem 2 Seen 1
    8 Ta Seen 1
    9 Yaa Seen 1
    10 Saad 1
    11 Haa Meem 1
    12 Ayn Seen Qaf 1 Qaf 1
    13 Qaf 1
    14 Nun 1 Nun 1

    Note: 14 Arabic letters in 30 initials make 14 sets, most of them have single instance while some have multiple instances. There are 13 letters but “Ha” has 2 forms (closed & open) that make 14

  • The initialed suras are prefixed with a set of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 initial(s) and sura 42 is prefixed with 2 sets of initials consisting of 5 Arabic letters.
  • At the very beginning of the revelation, initials are single-lettered but the number of letters in the initials are increased in the later revelations.
  • The position of the 30 Quranic Initials at the beginning of the 29 initialed suras.
  • The first position of one set at the 2nd sura (Al-Baqarah), which is between Sura 1: Al-Fatehah and Sura 2: Al-Baqarah while Sura 2 (Al-Baqarah) is the 87th revelation and Sura 1 (Al-Fatehah) is the 5th revelation.
  • The last position of one set as spelled out to two Noons prefixed to the 68th sura, which is the first initialed sura according to the order of revelation.
  • Ha has 2 forms – open and closed having two different gematrical values in certain initials.
  • Nun has been spelled out to represent the two Nuns.

Major role of Quranic Initials

  • The initial, Alif Lam Meem is a gateway between the specific words given by God to us for our prayers being children of Adam (7:23, 2:37) and the words of God for our guidance, which are to be followed to become righteous (2:2).
  • The 30 initials at the beginning of the 29 initialed suras and 76 statements of God in the 23 non initialed suras serve as oaths of God to give us a guarantee of truth on His certain teachings.
  • Since they occur at certain frequencies in the Arabic text of the relevant suras and the groups of suras of the Quran, they serve as a letter level guard to continue to have a pure Arabic Quran upon discovery until the end of the world in the event of any human errors or any distortions.
  • The initialed suras deal with the unusual events or represent the information in unusual ways that certain assurance required from God to reflect as well as to accept the truth from Him.
  • The initialed suras prefixed with a set of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 letter(s) and the increase in the letter number in the initials has occurred according to God’s plan to deal with the events of our difficulty level to understand.
  • The statements that immediately follow the initials code certain crucial messages that need our special attention to reflect.

Mathematical Confirmation

a. If the initialed sura numbers and the verse numbers where initials are found is added, and then the sum is added with the initialed sura #, which is 29, and the initial #, which is 30, the total is a multiple of 19 => 853 + 29 + 30 = 912 = 19x48. The detail is in the table below:


Note: The parameters, the particular set of verses associated with initials, the initialed sura # and the initial # including double initials prefixed to sura 42:Al-Shooraa are confirmed.

b. If the initialed sura numbers and the number of letters in the initials prefixed to the relevant initialed sura is added, and then the sum is added with the total of the initialed verses, which is 30, the total is a multiple of 19 => 901 + 30 = 931 = 19×49. The detail is in the table below:


Note: The parameters, letter # in the initial and # of verses of initials are confirmed. Verse numbers are replaced with letter numbers in the initials in the confirmation (b) while both verse and initial # are same, which is 30.

Here are two pieces of mathematical confirmation from Quranic initials that authenticate the following:

  • 30 Quranic initials prefixed to 29 initialed suras including double initials prefixed to sura 42:Al-Shooraa
  • The placement of the initialed suras in the composition of the Quran (Mus’haf) in addition to the physical proof obtained from placing each sura # next to each revelation order #, the long number being a multiple of 19.
  • The verse numbers associated with the instances of initials (30) of the initialed sura numbers (a) and the number of letters in the initials associated with the initialed sura verse number (b).
  • The double initials prefixed to the sura 42 and 2 Nuns as spelled out to represent the prefixed to the sura 68: Al-Qalam.
  • The 2 major divisions of Quran: (a) words of God given as our prayer (sura 1:Al-Fatehah) (b) words of God given as our guidance (sura 2:Al-Baqarah to sura 114: Al-Naas). Not only the position of the sura Al-Fatehah but also its Arabic wording and the properties given to it makes it quite different from the words of God given in the rest of the Quran as our teaching and laws.
  • It is required to observe Salat prayer by recitation of sura 1 (Al-Fatehah) without combination of any other suras or a portion from the God’s words for our guidance in each unit (Rak’ah) in addition to the two physical proofs from the sura 1: Al-Fatehah itself being the number of words in its 7 verses equal to the sum of the digits of 7 verse numbers, both of which are 28, and the sura number which is 1 and the digits of its seven verses are placed next to each other, the number is 1 1234567, which is a multiple of 19 => 11234567 = 19x591293. However, those who perform Salat by recitation of some words making certain moves without knowing its objective would be difficult for them to reflect and accept this fact, though this practice is the prime source to nourish our soul (29:45) through only remembering God (20:14). 


God has designed His last scripture which we may also call it the last version of His scripture and has assigned numerous attributes to it to serve as a guidance for all the people of the world from the time of prophet Muhammad until the end of the world. The Quran is efficiently designed and it has all to serve as the last scripture. The initials as the physical proofs of Quran hidden from us 1400 years, which has been unveiled in 1974 by God’s leave serve as incontrovertible proofs that the Quran is God’s message to the world and as a letter level guard to continue to have a pure Arabic Quran until the end of the world in the event of any human errors, variations or distortions with possibility of a single version of the Quran for all.

The Quran has divinely been divided into suras and verses, composition and revelation, numbered and unnumbered verses, and presence and absence of opening verse known as Basmala, and all of these divisions subject to extract appropriate message from it in particular context. God has also assigned numerous attributes to it for us to apply the principle of ‘divide and conquer’ for our best use of it such as initialed and uninitialed suras, God’s words for our prayer and God’s words as our guidance, Meccan and Medinan suras which is because of immigration of prophet from Mecca to Medina, and early and later revelations, isolation and association of certain sets of verses with certain events, processes and practices to better understand to avoid any misconceptions or to remove any distortions and innovations while the division of the whole Quran into 30 ‘paras’ facilitates memorization of the Quran for many but of course, not to read the whole Quran in the Tarawih prayer during the month of Ramadan as this practice is not a commandment from God.

The true believers trust in God, and depend on His words to understand what to do and how to do being reverent to Him as it has details for everything while some instructions are direct, some are indirect and some are to be derived from it. The Quranic initials being attributes of Quran play a significant role to help us to have clear understanding in practicing certain things in a right way and their two-fold mathematical proof provides us certainty to accept them. It is true that 14 sets consisting of 14 Arabic letters in 30 Quranic initials to be the physical proofs of the Quran from God and their total gematrical value, 1709 to pinpoint the survival and end of the world in the year 1710 A.H were hidden from us for 14 centuries being prophetic sign but the significance other than that was not hidden from the true believers of God and Quran. So the Quran has always been and would be fully detailed, complete and perfect being the guidance from the time of its revelation to the end of the world same as the Quran would continue to be a pure Quran for all the people of the world.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (12/30/2016).