Abortion is murder

Creation of a new Human

A human egg moves down during the process of fertilization followed by acrosome reaction to turn into a hanging embryo (attaching to women’s womb) and the duration is about 6 days.

[Quran 22:5] O people, if you have any doubt about resurrection, (remember that) we created you from dust, and subsequently from a tiny drop, which turns into a hanging (embryo), then it becomes a fetus that is given life or deemed lifeless. We thus clarify things for you. We settle in the wombs whatever we will for a predetermined period. We then bring you out as infants, then you reach maturity. While some of you die young, others live to the worst age, only to find out that no more knowledge can be attained beyond a certain limit. Also, you look at a land that is dead, then as soon as we shower it with water, it vibrates with life and grows all kinds of beautiful plants.

[Quran 23:14] Then we developed the drop into a hanging (embryo), then developed the hanging (embryo) into a bite-size (fetus), then created the bite-size (fetus) into bones , then covered the bones with flesh. We thus produce a new creature. Most blessed is God, the best Creator.

[Quran 96:2] He created man from an embryo.

Killing is Condemned

Killing any person is strongly condemned in the Quran. God has made life sacred. Killing the children is specifically condemned as they are the helpless victims in every society:

[Quran 17:33] You shall not kill any person – for God has made life sacred – except in the course of justice. If one is killed unjustly, then we give his heir authority to enforce justice. Thus, he shall not exceed the limits in avenging the murder, he will be helped.

[Quran 17:31] You shall not kill your children due to fear of poverty. We provide for them, as well as for you. Killing them is a gross offense.

[Quran 6:151] Say, “Come let me tell you what your Lord has really prohibited for you: You shall not set up idols besides Him. You shall honor your parents. You shall not kill your children from fear of poverty – we provide for you and for them. You shall not commit gross sins, obvious or hidden. You shall not kill – God has made life sacred – except in the course of justice. These are His commandments to you, that you may understand.”

The Exception

As we all know, every rule has an exception including the religious laws. After all attempts are made to save both the mother and the unborn child, and under unusual situations, abortion may be allowed to save the mother’s life. Under these circumstances, this is permitted at any time during the pregnancy from the hanging embryo stage to the full grown unborn baby. It is noted that the fertilization process after acrosome reaction lasts for 6 days when the egg turns into a hanging embryo and the life starts from this stage as God created man from an embryo (96:2) and has also taught us that whatever He settles in the wombs for a predetermined period according to His will (22:5). It is interesting to note that the verses that enact the rule have also the exception (6:151, 17:31).

Killing the soul or the body!!

Some argued, on no basis but fabricated hadiths, that the fetus in the first four months do not have a soul yet and therefore it is permissible to kill him/her. They do not realize that the soul has nothing to do with abortion. In abortion, you are dealing with the physical body and itslife; you are destroying the physical body of the fetus not the soul. We cannot kill the soul even if we try. Whether the soul entered the fetus body in the first minute of life or after four months of pregnancy is irrelevant to the abortion issue.


Quran condemns the killing of born and unborn children irrespective of pregnancy period (6:151, 17:31, 6:140, 60:12), i.e. abortion is murder while it is allowed under unusual situations if it is unintentional as well as not from fear of poverty (6:151, 17:31), and God is the Most Merciful and He always leaves room for us so we can obey Him and follow His laws. However, in abortion, we are only destroying the physical body of the fetus not the soul, even if we wish, we will not able to do that. Moreover, any attempt to avoid possible pregnancy within 6 days period during the process of fertilization (conception) may not be considered murder per 22:5 as whatever is settled in the wombs for the predetermined period, and according to Langman’s Medical Embryology, T. W. Sadler, Page 88, 1985 the length of pregnancy for a full term fetus is 266 (19×14) days or 38 weeks (19×2).

May God bless us to interpret His laws correctly.