Review of instances of dhik’ra and math confirmation


There are 99 instances from the root word “dhik’r” in the Quran in 2 distinct morphological and grammatical forms: (1) “dhik’ra” in the masculine noun and (2) “dhik’raa” in the feminine noun, both of them typically mean reminder. While 76 instances in the first group in the masculine noun mean reminder referring to the Quran and scripture including remembering God, message, warning, mention, and 23 instances in the second group in the feminine noun mean reminder but referring to a particular piece of information in the Quran or the scripture. But the gender difference between these two groups of words play a significant role to interpret an appropriate message in particular contexts that many of us overlook from it, while God has made it a means for all of us to find the truth.

Details of instances of dhik’ra

76 instances of dhik’ra in the masculine form found in 71 verses across 36 surahs are detailed below to confirm their meanings to understand and reflect appropriate message in particular context:

[2:200] Then when you have completed your practices, then you shall remember God like your remembering (ka-dhik’rikum)  of your parents, or a greater remembrance (dhik’ran). While from the people whoever says, “Our Lord, give us in the world,” and for him there is no share in the Hereafter.

[3:58] That we recite it to you (Muhammad) from the revelations and the wise reminder (al-dhik’ri).

[5:91] The Satan only intends that he will cause the animosity and hatred between you through the intoxicants and the gambling, and will prevent you from remembering (dhik’ri) God and from the salat prayer. Will you then be abstainers?

[7:63] Have you wondered that a reminder (dhik’run) has come to you from your Lord to a man (Muhammad) from among you that he may warn you, and that you may fear (your Lord), and that you may be given mercy?

[7:69] Have you wondered that a reminder (dhik’run) has come to you from your Lord to a man (Muhammad) from among you that he may warn you, and that you may fear (your Lord), and that you may be given mercy? And you shall remember when He has made you successors after a people of Noah and has increased you in a great number of the creation. So you shall remember God’s blessings that you may succeed.

[12:42] And he (Yusuf) said to the one whom (prison mate) he had thought that he would be a saved one from both of them, “Mention me at your lord (king).” But the Satan had made him forget mentioning (dhik’ra) to his lord, so he remained in the prison for several years.

[12:104] And you (Muhammad) do not ask them for it (Quran) any reward. It is not but a reminder (dhik’run) for the people of the world.

[13:28] Those who have believed and their hearts find satisfaction in remembering (bi-dhik’ri) God. No doubt, in remembering (bi-dhik’ri) God the hearts find satisfaction.

[15:6] And they said, “O you, whom has been sent down to him the reminder (al-dhik’ru); indeed, you are surely is a mad.

[15:9] Indeed, we have sent down the reminder (bi-dhik’ra), and indeed, we are surely protectors of it.

[16:43] And we have not sent before yourself (Muhammad) except men, we inspire to them. So, you shall ask a people of the reminder (al-dhik’ri), if you have not done to know.

[16:44] With the clear proofs and the Psalms. And we have sent down to you (Muhammad) the reminder (al-dhik’ra) that you can make clear for the people what has been sent down to them, and that they may reflect.

[18:28] And you (Muhammad) shall be patient for yourself with those who call their Lord in the morning and the evening, desiring His pleasure. And let not turn your eyes from them desiring an adornment of the life of the world, and you do not obey whomever we have made heedless his heart from our remembrance (al-dhik’rinaa), and has followed his desire, and has been excess in his affair.

[18:70] He (teacher of Moses) said, “So if you (Moses) have followed me, then you do not ask me about anything until I make a mention (dhik’ran) of it to you.”

[18:83] And they ask you about Dhee al-Qarnain. Say, “I will recite to you mentioning (dhik’ran) of him.”

[18:101] Those who had been made their eyes within a cover from My reminder (dhik’ri-i), while they would not have been able to hear.

[19:2] A mention (dhik’ru) of your (Muhammad) Lord’s mercy to His servant Zachariah.

[20:14] Indeed Me, I am God; there is no god except I. So you (Moses) shall worship Me and shall observe the salat prayer for remembering Me (lil-dhik’ri-i).

[20:42] You shall go with your brother with My signs, and you do not slacken in My remembrance (dhik’ri-i).

[20:99] Thus that we narrate to you (Muhammad) a news of what has certainly preceded. Certainly, we have given you a reminder (dhik’ran) from us.

[20:113] And thus that we have sent it down an Arabic Quran, and we have explained in it of the warning that they may fear (God), or it may serve for them a reminder (dhik’ran).

[20:124] And whoever has turned away from My reminder (dhik’ri-i), then indeed, for him is a straitened life, and we will resurrect him blind on a Day of the Resurrection.

[21:2] Not a reminder (dhik’rin)  comes to them from their Lord, is new, except they listen to it, while they are playing (heedless to it).

[21:7] And we have not sent before yourself (Muhammad) except men, we inspire to them. So you shall ask a people of the reminder ((al-dhik’ri), if you have not done to know.

[21:10] Indeed, we have sent down to you all a scripture, in it is your remembrance (dhik’rikum). Do you not then understand?

[21:24] Or have they taken gods other than Him? Say, “You shall bring your proof. This is a reminder (dhik’ru) of whoever is with me (Muhammad), and a reminder (wa-dhik’ru) of whoever before myself.” Yes, most of them do not know the truth; so they are averse.

[21:36] And when they have seen you (Muhammad) those who have disbelieved, they do not accept  you except a ridicule. “Is this one who mentions your gods?” And they by mention (bi-dhik’ri) of the Gracious, they are  disbelievers.

[21:42] Say, “Who can protect you in the night and in the day from the Gracious?” Yes, they are averse from remembering (dhik’ri) their Lord.

[21:48] And certainly, we have given Moses and Aaron the statute book, and a light, and a reminder wa-dhik’ran) for the righteous.

[21:50] This is a blessed reminder (dhik’run) we have revealed it. Are you then deniers of it?

[21:105] And certainly, we have mentioned in the Psalms after the warning (al-dhik’ri) that the earth – will inherit it My servants of the righteous.

[23:71] And if the truth had followed their desires, surely, it would have corrupted the heavens and the earth, and whoever is in it. Yes, we have given them of their reminder (bi-dhik’rihim), while they are averse from their reminder (dhik’rihim).

[23:110] So you have taken them in mockery until they have made you forget My remembrance (dhik’ri-i), and you have done to laugh at them.

[24:37] There are people, neither business nor trade distracts them from remembering (dhik’ri) God, and observing the salat prayer, and giving the zakah – they fear a day the hearts and the sight will overturn in it.

[25:18] They (those who have misled) said, “Glory to Yours, it has not been appropriate for us that we take any protectors other than You. But You have given them comforts and their parents until they have forgotten the reminder (al-dhik’ra) and have been a ruined people.”

[25:29] Certainly, he (Satan) has misled me (the wrongdoer) from the reminder (al-dhik’ra) after when it had come to me. And the Satan has been a deserter for the human being.

[26:5] And not a reminder (al-dhik’rin) comes to them from the Gracious, is new, except they have been averse from it.

[29:45] You shall recite what has been revealed to you (Muhammad) of the scripture, and shall establish the salat prayer. Indeed, the salat prayer prevents from the evil behavior and the wicked deed, while surely, remembering (wa-la’dhik’ru) God is the greatest. And God knows what you all do.

[33:41] O you who have believed, you shall remember God a frequent remembering (dhik’ran).

[36:11] You can only warn whoever has followed the reminder (al-dhik’ra), and has feared the  Gracious in the unseen. So you shall give him a good news of forgiveness and an honorable reward.

[36:69] And we have not taught him the poetry, nor is it befitting for him. This is not but a reminder (dhik’run) and a clarifying Quran.

[37:3] And the angels who recite a message (dhik’ran).

[37:168] If that with us there were a reminder (dhik’ran) from the previous people.

[38:1] (By) Saad and the Quran having the warning (al-dhik’ri).

[38:8] Has the warning (al-dhik’ru) been revealed to him from among us? Yes, they are in doubt about My warning (dhik’ri-i). Yes, they have not yet tasted My punishment.

[38:32] The he (Solomon) said, “Indeed me, I have preferred love the good (of material) over remembering (dhik’ri) my Lord, until it has hidden with the darkness.”

[38:49] This is a reminder (dhik’run); and indeed, there is surely a good place of return for the righteous.

[38:87] It is not but a reminder (dhik’run) for the people of the world.

[39:22] Is he then whomever God has expanded his heart to Submission that he is upon a light from his Lord? So, woe to the hardened for their hearts from remembering (dhik’ri) God. Those are in a clear astray.

[39:23] God has revealed a scripture of the best Hadith, being consistent to each other. The skins of those who fear their Lord shiver from it,  then their skins and their hearts soften up to God’s message (dhik’ri). That is God’s guidance; He guides with it whomever He wills; and whomever God lets go astray, then there is no guide for him.

[41:41] Indeed, those who have disbelieved in the reminder (bil-dhik’ri) when it has come to them, and indeed, it is surely a powerful book.

[43:5] Do we then take away the reminder (al-dhik’ra) from you disregarding that you have been a transgressing people?

[43:36] And whoever turns away from remembering (dhik’ri) the Gracious, we appoint a devil for him, then he is a companion for him.

[43:44] And indeed, it is surely a reminder (ladhik’run) for you and your people, and you all will be questioned.

[53:29] So you shall turn away from whoever has turned away from our reminder (dhik’rinaa), and he does not desire except the life of the world.

[54:17] And certainly, we have made the Quran easy for the warning (lil’dhik’ri). So, is there any who will have admonition?

[54:22] And certainly, we have made the Quran easy for the warning (lil’dhik’ri). So, is there any who will have admonition?

[54:25] Has the reminder (al-dhik’ru) been sent to him from among us? Yes, he is an evil liar.

[54:32] And certainly, we have made the Quran easy for the warning (lil’dhik’ri). So, is there any who will have admonition?

[54:40] And certainly, we have made the Quran easy for the warning (lil’dhik’ri). So, is there any who will have admonition?

[57:16] Does it not come time for those who have believed that their hearts to become humble for remembering (li’dhik’ri) God, and what has come of the truth? And they would not be like those who have been given the scripture before, as has prolonged the time for them, so has hardened their hearts, and many of them are disobedient.

[58:19] The Satan has overcome upon them, so he has made them forget remembering (dhik’ra) God. Those  are a party of the Satan. No doubt, indeed, a party of the Satan – they are the losers.

[62:9] O you who have believed, when has been called for the salat payer on a day of the Friday, then you shall hasten towards remembering (dhik’ri) God, and shall leave the business. That is better for you, if you have done to know.

[63:9] O you who have believed, do not let you divert your wealth and your children from remembering (dhik’ri) God. And whoever does that, then those – they are the losers.

[65:10] God has prepared a severe punishment for them (rebels against God’s command). So you shall fear God, O possessors of understanding – those who have believed. Indeed, God has sent down to you all a message (dhik’ran).

[68:51] And indeed, those who have disbelieved would almost surely make you (Muhammad) fall with their look when they hear the message (al-dhik’ra), and they say, “Indeed, he is surely a mad!”

[68:52] It is not but a reminder (dhik’run) for the people of the world.

[72:17] That we would test them in it and whoever turns away from remembering (dhik’ri) his Lord, He will make him enter a severe punishment.

[77:5] And (the angels) those who bring down a reminder (dhik’ran).

[81:27] It is not but a reminder (dhik’run) for the people of the world.

[94:4] And we have increased for you your remembering (dhik’raka).

Mathematical confirmation

This review indicates that out of 76 instances of dhik’ra in masculine verbal noun – 35 instances mean “reminder”, 24 instances “remembering God”, 8 instances “warning”, 5 instances “mentioning”, and 4 instances “message” in different contexts. While 35 instances of dhik’ra  in 33 verses across 21 surahs that mean reminder for the people referring to the Quran and the scripture including the previous scripture can be mathematically confirmed, if the relevant surah and verse numbers are added, the sum is a multiple of 19 => 2413 (19 x 127) as detailed in the table below:


Note: This mathematical confirmation is a factual evidence not to have any doubt in our hearts that the scripture has always been a means for the believers to have appropriate beliefs and practices to see their success in the Hereafter being acceptable to God.


There are crucial messages in the verses having instances of dhik’ra that we may reflect, while the mathematical confirmation with a set of verses meaning reminder referring to the scripture may be an opportunity for us to reflect that the Quran and its mathematical coding are two messages destined to deliver by two different messengers. Prophet Muhammad had delivered the Quran in the early 7th century, while Dr. Rashad, a messenger of the covenant had delivered its mathematical coding in the late 20th century upon fulfillment of a major covenant of God with prophets to send a messenger after delivery of all scripture given to prophets making it a fact being the Quran given to prophet Muhammad is a messenger of God and the final edition of the scripture (33:40) leaving no room to have any doubt.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (01/28/2022).