Review of a set of verses from Quran with transliteration–II


Quran’s mathematical coding, a message given to the messenger of covenant is a gift for humanity like any other messages sent before through any other messengers including the Quran to continue the religion of Islam decreed for us avoiding misguidance, deviation and disgrace including unauthorized practices found around us. Thus, Quran’s mathematical coding is a blessing from God for humanity leaving no choice for us except for its acceptance to be guided to His path using His gift being our means and pleasing Him for attaining His nearness.

  • The prevailing condition when the Quran was revealed in 609 matches it when its mathematical coding was unveiled in 1974 that their forefathers were not warned, which is confirmed by taking oath referring to 2 items – (1) a set of quranic initials consisting of two Arabic letters: Yaa. Seen, and (2) the wise Quran:

[36:1] (I swear by) Yaa Seen.
yaa seen
[36:2] And the Quran, the Wise.
wal-qur’aani al-hakeemi.
[36:3] Indeed, you are certainly of those who have been sent.
innaka la-mina al-mur’saleena.
[36:4] On a straight path.
`alaa siratin mus’taqeemin
[36:5] A revelation of the Almighty, the Most Merciful.
tanzeela al-azeezi al-raheemi
[36:6] That you can warn a people, has not been warned of their parents, so they are the heedless.
li-tundhira qawman maa undheera abauuhum fa-hum ghaafiluuna.
Note: God has used the Arabic word, mur’saleen meaning those who have been sent in the passive participle form to refer both His prophet and His messenger of covenant instead of specifying either nabiy (prophet) or rasuul (messenger), which may be the first-hand indication for us to understand the same prevailing condition, i.e., misguidance, disgrace and deviation before sending any reminder for humanity.

Mathematical confirmation

The piece of information as stated in the above verses can also be mathematically confirmed if the relevant sura and verse numbers are added, the total is a multiple of 19 => 57 = 19×3 as detailed in the table below:

Note: This mathematical confirmation is an explicit proof that the above verses have references for both the prophet and the prophesied messenger, especially indicating the prevailing conditions to send the prophet and the messenger is misguidance, deviation and disgrace.

  • God has revealed the Quran as guidance for humanity being aware that attempt is to be made to distort it down its transmission, and has provided mechanism in its Arabic text to protect it from any distortions. He is also aware that at certain time down the generations those who would claim them believers will completely desert it as their guidance for the sake of other sources. Thus, He has made certain prophesies in it including a covenant with the prophets of sending a messenger upon the delivery of all the scripture supported by a great sign and a creature from the earth to be used as a tool to provide verifiable evidences to bring people back to His guidance:

[15:9] Indeed, we have revealed the reminder (Quran) and indeed, we will certainly be protectors of it.
innaa nahnu nazzalnaa al-dhik’ra wa-innaa la-hu la-haafizuuna.
Note: God has provided mechanism within the Quran to protect it from any distortions and obviously, not by sending the angels as misinterpreted by many ignorant scholars.

[27:82] And when has fulfilled the punishment upon them, we have brought forth for them a creature from the earth, speaks to them that the people have been with our revelations do not ascertain.
wa-idhaa waqa`a al-qawlu `alayhim akhrajnaa la-hum daabbatan mina al-ardi tukallimuhum anna al-naasa kaanuu bi-aayaatinaa laa-yuuqinuuna.
Note: At the beginning phrase with a hint about the end of the world, which is not too far from now as predicted in 2280 from the Quran, and a creature has been prophesied in the Quran, which will provide verifying evidences to bring people back to Quran when it is built from the earth, while there should not be any doubt that emerging of an animal consisting of 12 parts from different animals from Mecca or anywhere of the earth according to the false doctrine is a myth.

[3:81] And when God has taken a covenant of the prophets: “Certainly, whatever I have given you of scripture and wisdom, then has come to you a messenger confirming that which is with yourselves. You must believe in him and you must support him.” He said: “Have you affirmed and taken My covenant on that?” They said: “We have affirmed.” He said: “Then you shall bear witness, and I am with you among the witnesses.”
wa-idh akhadha allahu meethaaqa al-nabiyeena la-maa aataytukum min kitaabin wa-hik’matin thumma jaa’akum rasuulan musaddiqun limaa ma`akum. la-tu’minunna bihi wa-la-tansurunnahu. qaala a-aq’rar’tum wa-akhadhtum `alaa dhaalikum is’ree? qaaluu aq’rar’naa. qaala fa-ish’haduu wa-anaa ma`akum mina al-shaahideena.
Note: A covenant of God with the prophets has been fulfilled in 1974 by sending the prophesied messenger about 1365 years after the revelation of Quran revealed in 609 (13 B.H).

[33:7] And when we have taken their covenant from the prophets, and from you (Muhammad), and from Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, son of Mary. And we have taken a solemn covenant from them.
wa-idh akhadha mina al-nabiyeena meethaaqahum wa-minka wa-min nuuhin wa-ib’raa’heema wa-muusaa wa-`eesaa ib’ni mar’yama. wa-akhadhnaa minhum meethaaqan ghazeelan.
Note: It is a confirmation that the covenant with the prophets has been made including Muhammad as prophet to eliminate any doubt of him to be the prophesied messenger, and a confirmation from the sura that has covered many aspects of prophet’s lifetime activities with his contemporaries.

[74:30] Over it is nineteen (19).
`alayhaa tis’`ata `ashara.
Note: The prophesy of sending a messenger has been fulfilled and the sign given to him is the number 19, which is embedded in the message given to him being appropriately befitting to the generation we are living now and the generations to come.

Mathematical confirmation

The related prophesies as stated in the above verses can also be mathematically confirmed if the relevant sura and verse numbers are added, the total is a multiple of 19 => 361 = 19×19 as detailed in the table below:

Note: The messenger of covenant has been sent supported by a great sign of 19 embedded in the message given to him (74:30-37), which is as same as the prophet’s message (Quran) what was given to him was a sign of his prophethood.

  • There is clear indication at the very beginning of the revelation of the Quran that the Author Himself has kept something hidden in the revelation that would expose what could be added down its transmission in order to purify and to uphold the purified message to commemorate God. Thus, purification would take place using what is guarding the verses of Quran mentioned as our garments against any distortion according to His leave and His system, which is not unknown now to those who can reflect and accept the truth:

[74:1] O you the hidden one.
yaa’ayyuhaa al-mudath’thiru.
[74:2] You shall stand up that you shall warn.
qum fa-andhir.
[74:3] And your Lord that you shall glorify.
wa-rabbaka fa-kabbir.
[74:4] And your garments that you shall purify.
wa-thiyaabaka fa-tahhir.
[74:5] And the uncleanliness (extraneous) that you shall clean.
wal-ruj’za fa-uh’jur.
[74:6] And you should not expect to get beyond.
wa-laa-tamun tastakthiru.

Mathematical confirmation

The verses that talk about the purification of our garments referring to the verses of Quran can also be mathematically confirmed if the relevant sura and verse numbers are added, the sum is a multiple of 19=> 95 (19×5) as detailed out in the table below:

Note: This mathematical confirmation is an explicit proof of a reference of established purification process according to God’s plan while the interpretation referring to the covering of prophet with his clothing and removing uncleanliness from his clothing is a misinterpretation.

  • When God chooses someone is chosen him to perform a specific task and supports him making task easy for him while He does not shy to mention the mistakes made by His chosen one and we do not see any exception in this matter as we know from the Quran about the mistakes made by the prophet as well. Hence, the accomplishments of the messenger including initiatives and planning, his mistakes and even, intellectual punishment or a situation referring to “saqar” as consequences are described that we can reflect for the sake of truth:

[74:11] Leave Me and the one whom I created.
dhamee wa-man khalaqtu waheedan.
[74:12] And I granted for him abundant wealth.
wa-ja`altu la-hu maalan mamduudan.
[74:13] And children as witnesses.
wa-baneena shuhuudan.
[74:14] I made easy for him.
wa-mahhadttu lahu tamheedan.
[74:15] Still he expects that I give more.
thumma yatma`u an azeeda.
[74:16] No, he has been stubborn to our revelations.
kalla innahu kaana li-aayaatina `aneedan.
[74:17] I will punish him.
sa-ur’hiquhu sa`uudan.
[74:18] Indeed, he thought and planned.
innahu fakkara wa-qaddara.
[74:19] So woe to him how he planned?
fa-qutila kayfa qaddara.
[74:20] So woe to him how he planned.
thumma qutila kayfa qaddara.
[74:21] Then he looked.
thumma nazara.
[74:22] Then he frowned and scowled.
thumma `abasa wa-basara.
[74:23] Then he turned back and became arrogant.
thumma adbara wa-is’takbara.
[74:24] So he said, “This is nothing but a made up magic!
fa-qaala in haadhaa illaa sih’run yu’tharu.
[74:25] This is nothing but word of a human.”
in haadhaa illaa qawlu al-basari.
[74:26] I will cast him into Saqar.
sa-us’leehi saqara.
[74:27] Do you know what Saqar is?
wa-maa adraaka saqaru?
[74:28] It does not let to stay nor does it let to leave.
laa-tub’qee wa-laa-tadharu.
[74:29] Adherence for the people.
lawwaahatun lil-basari.

Mathematical confirmation

There is a mathematical confirmation from the related prophecies around the prophesied messenger and his efforts around his accomplishments and mistakes if the relevant sura and verse numbers are added, the total is a multiple of 19 => 380 (19×20) as shown below table:

Note: This mathematical confirmation is a factual conclusion to reflect the work done by the messenger including his intellectual punishment for the mistakes found in his related works.

  • The message given to the messenger of covenant is very precise, which is the mathematical coding of Quran clearly stated having 19 as a code as well as common denominator of the derived facts from the mathematical analysis of the Quran. By taking oath, God has confirmed the message being the reminder for the people indicating 19 as a great sign which is both sign of the messenger and the code of the Quran:

[74:30] Over it is nineteen.
`alayhaa tis’`ata `ashara.
[74:31] And we have not made guardians of the Fire except angels, and we have not made their number except a warning for those who disbelieved, that it may ascertain those who have been given the scripture (Jews and Christians) and may increase faith of those who have believed (Muslims), and may not doubt those who have been given the scripture (Jews and Christians) and the believers (Muslims). And that may say those in their hearts there is a disease (hypocrites) and the disbelievers, “What has God meant by this allegory?” Thus, God misguides whomever He wills and He guides whomever He wills. And none knows your Lord’s soldiers except He. And it is not except a reminder for the human race.
wa-maa ja`alnaa as’haaba al-naari illaa malaaikatan wa-maa `iddatahum illaa fit’natan lil-ladheena kafaruu li-yastayqina alladheena uutuu al-kitaaba wa-yazdaada alladheena aamanuu eemaanan wa-laa yartaaba alladheena uutuu al-kitaaba wal-mu’minuuna. wa-li-yaquula alladheena fee quluubihim maradun wal-kafeeruuna, maadhaa araada allahu bihaadhaa mathalan? ka-dhaalika yudillu allahu man yashaa’u wa-yahadee man yashaa’u. wa-maa ya`lamu junuuda rabbika illaa huwa. wa-maa hiya illaa dhik’raa lil-bashari.
[74:32] Nay! (I swear) by the moon,
kalla wal-qamari,
[74:33] and the night when it departs,
wal-layli idh adbara,
[74:34] and the morning when it brightens.
wal-sub’hi idhaa asfara.
[74:35] Indeed, it is undoubtedly one of the great (signs).
Innahaa la-ih’daa al-kubari.
[74:36] A warning for the human.
nadheeran lil-bashari.
[74:37] For whoever among you has willed that he may advance or may be stay behind.
li-man shaa’a minkum an yataqddama aw yata’akhara.

Mathematical confirmation

The message given to the messenger of covenant is spelled out is 8 verses across 1 sura and if the relevant sura and verse numbers are added, the total is a multiple of 19 as shown below:

Note: This mathematical confirmation is an explicit proof of the message given to the messenger being 19 is a code and common denominator eliminating any traces of doubt from the hearts of the believers to go straight path while the disbelievers and hypocrites neither see nor accept it.

  • The message given to the messenger of covenant is a reminder as well as a warning for the people being an opportunity to perfect their beliefs and practices for leading a righteous life reflecting to the message but those who disregard this message, i.e., the mathematical coding of Quran will have to face the consequences as the disbelievers or the hypocrites:

[74:38] Every soul is pledged for what it has earned.
kullu nafsin bimaa kasabat raheenatun.
[74:39] Except the people on the right.
illaa as’haaba al-yameeni.
[74:40] In Heavens, they will ask each other.
fee jannaatin yatasaa’aluuna
[74:41] About the guilty.
`ani al-muj’rimeena.
[74:42] “What has brought you into Saqar?”
maa salakakum fee saqara.
[74:43] They will say, “We were not of the contact prayer observant.
qaaluu lam naku mina al-musalleena.
[74:44] And we did not feed the poor.
wa-lam naku nut`imu al-miskeena.
[74:45] And we were used to indulge in vain talk with the vain talkers.
wa-kunnaa nakhuudu ma`a al-khaaideena.
[74:46] And we were used to deny of the Day of Judgment.
wa-kunnaa nu’kadh’dhibu bi-yawmi al-deeni.
[74:47] Until the certainty came to us (now).”
hattaa ataanaa al-ya’qeenu.
[74:48] So the intercession of the intercessors is not helping them.
fa-maa tanfa`uhum shafa`atu al-shaafee`eena.
[74:49] Then what was for them that they turned away from the warning?
fa-maa la-hum `ani al-tadh’kirati mu’rideena.
[74:50] As if that they were like the frightened zebras.
ka-annahum humurun mus’tan’firatun.
[74:51] They fled from a lion!
farrat min qas’waratin.
[74:52] Nay! every one of them desires that he is given a scroll.
bal yureeda kullu im’ri’in min’hum yu’taa suhufan munasharatan.
[74:53] Nay! indeed, they do not fear the Hereafter.
kallaa bal laa-yakhaafuuna al-aakhirata.
[74:54] Nay! indeed, this is a warning.
kallaa innahu tadhkiratun.
[74:55] So whoever wills he has paid attention to it.
fa-man shaa’a dhakarahu.
[74:56] And none can pay attention except that God wills. He is a source of the righteousness and is a source of the forgiveness.
wa-maa yadhkuruuna illaa an yashaa’a allahu. huwa ahlu al-taqwaa wa-ahlu al-maghfirati.

Mathematical confirmation

The message given to the messenger of covenant is spelled out in 8 verses and the consequences of disregarding this message is spelled out in 19 verses across 1 sura and if the relevant sura and verse numbers are added, the total is a multiple of 19 as shown below:

Note: This mathematical confirmation is an explicit proof that those who disregard this message of mathematical coding of Quran will have to face the consequences being the disbelievers or the hypocrites while there is clear indication in 3:82 and 33:8 that the rejecters are the evil ones.


The related prophesies of sending a messenger as mentioned in the Quran has been fulfilled, and the message given to the messenger has been defined in it supported by a great sign. All contexts: prevailing condition, fulfillment of the related prophesies, purification of garments, accomplishments and mistakes made by the messenger, the sign and precise message given to the messenger and consequences of disregarding message are supported with mathematical confirmations eliminating any doubt to accept it to be guided to the straight path.

Quran’s mathematical coding given through a messenger of the covenant as a gift from God for humanity like any other messages sent before this through any other messengers is a reminder as well as a warning. Hence, those who have disregarded the reminder and have turned away from the warning have disbelieved in the Hereafter and a Day of the Judgment, are pledged for each of them what they have earned having no intercession for them.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (9/13/2019).