Muslims idolize Muhammad and Submitters idolize Rashad


God has sent down the Quran to His prophet, while He has revealed its mathematical coding to His messenger of the covenant. The message given to Prophet Muhammad is Quran (42:7), which is also a sign (miracle) to support him (29:50-51) while the message given to messenger of the covenant, Rashad Khalifa is the mathematical coding of Quran (74:30-37) followed by the fulfillment of God’s covenant with the prophets placed in every scripture (3:81) including the Quran (33:7) and the related prophecies and promises clearly mentioned in the Quran (15:9 and 27:82, and 74:30) and his sign being 19 embedded in the message given to support him (74:30). Even the gap between the two messages is about 1350 years but the prevailing condition is the same when the Quran has been sent down and when its mathematical coding have been revealed as stated in the Quran (36:6 and 5:19).

The prophet/messenger is chosen to deliver a specific message (reminder) to a particular generation of people, but it is a great regret that sooner or later the human factors occupy the central part in God’s religion instead of His message while He wants all of us to focus on the messages not on the persons who are chosen to deliver the messages (3:79, 5:99). Hence, it is a human tragedy that most people idolize their prophets, messengers, even saints, religious scholars and imams without realizing that idolizing is the satanic trick to make most of us losers in the Hereafter as the Satan had promised with God (17:62). Thus, what we see in the followers of the previous scripture, and we see the same in the people of later generations, the followers of the Quran and its mathematical coding despite the warning in the Quran that idol/figure worshiping nullifies all works (4:48, 4:116, 39:65) and God has forbidden the Paradise for those who associate partners with Him (5:72).

Muslims idolize Muhammad

A history indicates that a few years later after the death of Muhammad the followers of the Quran being Muslims started to idolize him to consider him to be a mercy for the world even adding couple of verses to the Quran while the volumes and volumes of Hadith books were written about 200 years after the death of prophet. The religious rules and regulations based on such innovations contain and cover literally every aspect of life that one can think of, even assigning a character to the prophet making him a grotesque person. Thus, there have been invented many practices claiming prophet’s sunnah including extra Salat prayers and units, and even recitation of extra words in Salat prayers that impose hardship on the believers while God has placed no hardship on us in practicing His religion. As consequences, Islam has been buried under piles of innovations and corruptions making it Muhammedanism and turning Muslims into Muhammedans but still about 1.9 billion people all over the world claim themselves Muslims while they follow Islam, which is nothing but their claim according to the Quran.

In addition, the so called Muslims (Muhammedans) have assigned the prophet to be infallible claiming that he would know the future while the message given to him has confirmed that he had made many mistakes and he did not know the future. His mistakes have been captured in the Quran (20:114, 22:52, 33:37, 66:1 & 3, 69: 44-48, 75:16-19, and 80: 1-12) while he did not know the future that has reflected in (6:50, 7:188, 18:110 and 46:9), rather the prophet asked those who believed with him to be straight to God in their prayers to ask Him for their forgiveness from Him (41:6). God has also confirmed in the Quran that not Muhammad but the message given to him is a warner (25:1) and a reminder (12:104, 38:87, 68:52 and 81:27) for the people of the world, and the prophet was asked to warn the central community (the people of Mecca) and the people around it with an Arabic Quran revealed to him (42:7).

Thus, the majority Muslims all over the world turn them to Muhammedans for idolizing Muhammad misinterpreting messages in certain verses of the Quran, and the verses that are based to do that are spelled out below so that the true Muslims may understand misinterpretation to make their judgment to avoid the figure worshiping for their own benefit (45:15 and 4:124):

[3:31] Say: “If you have committed to love God, then you shall follow me.” God will love you and will forgive your sins for you, and God is Forgiving, Merciful.
Note: The personal object pronoun, نى (nee) meaning “me” at the end of the word, فَاتَّبِعونى (fa-ittabi`uunee) in the verse replaces the prophet when he had a direct contact with the contemporary believers and was a commandment for them to follow the Quran not Muhammad as a person while for the believers of subsequent generations is straightforward being a commandment to follow the Quran. Such replacement is found in many other verses in the Quran, while the direct reference can be found in 5:81 where the word, prophet is replaced with the personal pronoun, هِ (hi) meaning him. It is also noteworthy that in our usual communication we do not fail to refer to the role when a person’s name or its pronoun is used but when we interpret any message in the religious context we fail to do that for referring it to the role.

[7:157] Those who follow the messenger, the gentile prophet (Muhammad), whom they find written in the Torah and the Gospel with them, he enjoins them to the right, and forbids them from the evil, and makes lawful for them the good things, and makes unlawful for them the bad things, and relieves from them their burdens and of the shackles which has been upon them. Those who have believed in him, and have honored him, and have supported him, and have followed the light which has been sent down with him, those –  they are the successful ones.
[7:158] Say, “O people, indeed, I am a messenger of God to you all – the One to Whom is sovereignty of the heavens and the earth. There is no god except He, Who gives life and causes death.” So, you shall believe in God and His messenger, the gentile prophet, who believes in God and His words. You shall follow him, that you may guide.
Note: These two verses have specifically addressed the contemporary Jews and Christians including other people to follow the scripture that is being revealed to a gentile prophet who had no knowledge of the Torah and the Gospel when Muhammad had direct contact with the people. The phrases that end these two verses are very crucial for us to reflect on the message for which Muhammad has been a prophet. However, none can find any logic to interpret it to be an order from God for the believers of the subsequent generations to praise him or follow his sayings or how he had led his family life as invented later.

[33:56] Indeed, God and His angels help and support the prophet. O you who have believed, you shall help and support him, and shall regard him as he should be regarded.
Note: This verse has been made the central focus for idolizing Muhammad through the misinterpretation of the Arabic phrase, “salluu `alayhi” to ‘send blessings upon him (prophet)’ instead of ‘help and support him’ when both physical and financial support were required from the contemporary believers in spreading God’s message against strong opposition. Hence, it was the order from God for the contemporary believers to help and support the prophet at his lifetime while God has consistently addressed Muhammad as a prophet in the Quran referring to his lifetime activities. However, the order for us now is to follow the message (Quran) what he left for us instead of idolizing him adding his name in our faith, salat prayers and call for the salat prayers.

[33:40] Muhammad has not been a father of anyone of your men, but has had a messenger of God and a seal of the prophets, and God has done being Knower of everything.
Note: If we carefully read the Arabic text in the verse and reflect to its grammar, the verse is composed of 3 parts, while the first and the last phrases are in perfect tense, and the middle phrase, wa-laakin rasuulallahi wa-khaatama al-nabiyeen is the main clause stating what is given to Muhammad is a messenger of God and a seal of the prophets referring to the final edition of His scripture, is being revealed to him, but its misinterpretation has infiltrated personality cult in Islam making millions of Muslims idol/figure worshipers turning them to Muhammedans, while the seal or certification can only be associated with the scripture but not with the person, when the concern of the disbelievers was Muhammad as a person not to have a son was an excuse to deny the message given to him.

However, the following straightforward verses may instill certainty in our hearts overriding any trace of personality cult misinterpreted in any other verses in the Quran reflecting to not Muhammad but the message given to him is a witness, bearer of good news, a warner, a caller to God and an illuminating light for the believers, while the prophet was asked to deliver it for the believers as a good news of great recompense for them disregarding the insult of the disbelievers and hypocrites putting his trust upon God:

[33:45] O you prophet, we have sent you a witness, and a bearer of good news, and a warner.
[33:46] And a caller to God by His permission, and an illuminating light.
[33:47] And you shall give the believers good news of that there is a great blessing for them from God.
[33:48] And you are not to obey the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and shall ignore their insult, and shall put trust on God; and has sufficed with God as an Advocate.
Note: The message in the verse, 33:48 has a direct link to interpret message in the verse, 33:40 as Muhammad was the concern of the disbelievers and the hypocrites while we know in many cases the context is the key to interpret the messages in the verses.

Submitters idolize Rashad

There is solid proof from the Quran that Rashad has unveiled the concept of mathematical coding of Quran in 1974 and has made a prediction in 1980 on the end of the world in 2280 deriving facts from the Quran being a messenger of the covenant by God’s permission as God does not reveal any new information except through choosing a messenger (72:27).

However, Dr. Rashad has made many mistakes that are found in certain traditions advocated by him, his statements and literary works including his English translation of the Quran, Here are a few being highlights to verify for the sake of truth:

1. The misinterpretation of the verses in the context of inspiration of the Quran all at once in a night of the month of Ramadan in 609 (13 B.H) to make the night a recurrent event and the messages in the verses are distorted in 2:185, 44:4 and 97:4 to give his English translated to be divine inspiration as the draft had been ready in a night of the power => 9+26+1409 = 1444 = 19x19x4, even the night is a historical event and the concept of making it recurrent is a traditional mess, not from God.

2. The message is distorted in the verse to support for staying in Masjid during the last ten days of Ramadan inserting the text “during the last ten days of Ramadan” in parentheses in 2:187, which is also a traditional mess, and if there would be any such ritual for the believers from God, He would not make it hidden in the Quran being Quran a clear teaching of God.

3. The message has been distorted in 74:31 translating the Arabic word, “fitnatan” “to disturb” which does not make any sense, and adding 19 in the parentheses as well while the verse is one of the crucial verses of the message given to him.

4. The message has been distorted in 27:82 translating the beginning phrase, “wa-idhaa waqa`a al-qawlu `alayhim”  to “At the right time” of the verse, which is in the context being a hint of deviation or disgrace or excessive transgression that has fulfilled the punishment upon them, when the end of the world as predicted in 2280 from the Quran is not too far now.

5. There are 15 suras in the Quran that start with the letter “wa” which can be interpreted God’s oath being initial for wa`da and there is no dispute about it but there is no reflection of it in his translation in 7 suras: 37, 51, 52, 53, 77, 79 and 85 while the item of oath in 53:1 is distorted translating it to “As the star fell away” instead of “By the star as it goes down” not as God’s oath and a natural phenomenon, and there is no reflection of single statement or multiple statements oath of God in his translation.

6. There are 14 sets of Quranic initials prefixed to 29 suras which are signs but are translated as letters without reflecting their multiple roles except indicating the proofs of the Quran from God.

7. His translation is not consistent with the Arabic text or grammar while in some cases are dramatic just to make it novel from the other existing English translations of the Quran.

8. In many cases, corresponding Arabic text, conjunctions, emphatic particles in the Quran are missing in his translation while God has made every letter of it being a part of the Quran.

9. He has mentioned that the word, dhikr denoting the Quran’s code in 15:6, 15:9, 38:1, 38:8 and 74:31, and the gematrical value of Rashad Khalifa (1230) + 15 + 9 = 1254 = 19×66 as a proof but the careful study of the Quran indicates that the message given to a messenger of the covenant is mathematical coding of Quran detailed out in (74:30-37) followed by the fulfillment of God’s covenant placed in every scripture including the Quran (3:81 and 33:7), and the related prophecies and promises mentioned in the Quran (15:9 and 27:82, and 74:30) and his sign is 19 being embedded in the message given to him to support him (74:30), which is a denominator of mathematical coding of the Quran.

In addition, Dr. Rashad made the following statements, which are not befitting for him as a messenger of God:

  • He made an open challenge to give even a single reason why he should not be a messenger of God while he was supposed to share the message and the sign given to him as a messenger of God to guide humanity, which is the system that came down to us from the past as reflected in the verse (7:75).
  • He failed to understand that prophet-messenger is chosen by God not by the people while the people may accept him for their own good based on the God given sign and the message but history indicates that most people rejected the messenger.
  • He mentioned that he was diplomat when he declared his messengership with his daughter by God’s leave while the straightforwardness is one of the traits of the righteous.
  • Quran teaches us that no messenger was given any power to tell the future but he made two statements: (1) if Jesus could come back now, the Christians would stone him to indicate corruptions in Christianity, and (2) if Muhammad came back to this world, the Muslims would stone him to death as the religion they follow today has nothing to do with the Islam preached by Abraham and Muhammad while a messenger is chosen to deliver a specific message and not to share other than what is given to him.
  • Henceforth, there is only one religion acceptable to God – Submission. Anyone who submits to God and devotes the worship to God ALONE is a “Submitter”. Thus, one may be a Jewish Submitter, a Christian Submitter, a Buddhist Submitter, a Hindu Submitter or a Muslim Submitter. There is no specific mention of when and how Rashad has been commanded to make thus proclamation but what we know from the Quran that God’s religion of monotheism has been mapped to Submission (Islam in Arabic) and monotheists to Submitters (Muslimeen in Arabic) with the revelation of the Quran (4:125 and 22:78).

However, a few people who initially supported Dr. Rashad to spread the message given to him and those who accept the message given to him to be a messenger of the covenant claiming them Submitters are idolizing him through excessive focusing on his intellectual works to be divine inspiration and his statements made by him to be statements of a messenger of the covenant inspired by God being a satanic trick:

  • Rashad is being Idolized claiming his translated Quran and other works to be divine inspiration.
  • He is being idolized claiming his translated Quran to be immune to all kinds of traditions and only reflection of true message in the Quran.
  • He is being idolized assigning various attributes to his English version of Quran to give it the status of the Quran even its translation is not based on Arabic grammar and there are many mistakes and inconsistencies in it.
  • He is being idolized claiming him to be a consolidating messenger referring to (9:33, 48:29, 61:9) to make God’s religion prevail at his time over any other religions while His religion is made to prevail over any other religions at all times irrespective of the guidance periods.
  • He is being idolized through the statement “We do want to advise the reader that the Quran, The Final Testament, (Authorized English Version) by Dr Rashad Khalifa is the only translation which portrays the truth in the Quran of absolute worship of God alone. Dr Khalifa’s translation is immune to any influence of the fabrications of hadith/sunnah.”
  • He is being idolized assigning to his English translation of Quran to be the only authorized English version of the Quran.
  • He is being idolized quoting that never before was the Quran so clearly presented to the world.
  • He is being idolized referring to or quoting his incorrect verses in the articles of their discussion.
  • He is being idolized assigning a list of principal duties of God’s messenger of covenant including unveil and proclaim Quran’s mathematical miracle mentioned in the appendix 2 of his translated Quran even though there is no specific mention of how and when these duties are assigned to him.


It is God’s system to send His prophet/messenger to guide humanity in the right direction but idol/figure worshipping is a human tragedy due to misconception around us that prophet/messenger cannot make mistakes and they are heavenly persona. Even though God has confirmed us in the Quran that both prophet Muhammad and Rashad Khalifa, a messenger of the covenant made many mistakes but Muslims (in Arabic) are idolizing Muhammad turning them to Muhammedans and Submitters (in English) are idolizing Rashad turning them to Rashadites while Muhammedans intimidate us to idolize Muhammad using the verse, 33:56 and Rashadites intimidate us using the verse, 49:1 covering up their mistakes. God has given us religion for making efforts to save our souls in the Hereafter based on His revelations confirming that those who have believed and have done the righteous deeds will enter His Paradise (4:124). Now it is our responsibility whether we will learn it from Arabic Quran or from its translation disregarding misinterpretation and unauthorized practices to achieve our goal but He has not made it difficult for us to learn fulfilling the requirements of being the sincere (56:79) and staying away from the Satan (16:98), as it has interfered in recitation of prophet/messenger (22:52).
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (6/5/2020).