Hadith as saying and Sunnah as deed of prophet are big lies


This is a popular concept among the Muslim community around the world that details of Islamic teachings and practices based on prophet’s sayings and his deeds came down to us through the practicing of his associates and the people down the generations. In fact, these sayings and deeds are captured about 2 centuries later after his death and those who had collected these are regarded as great scholars and good-doers. Even though the hadith collectors are the front-line corruptors of Islam, but what has made worsen the situation when the so-called Islamic universities offered academic degrees in studying hadiths to raise “learned men” of the religion. Thus, being a satanic trick the door has been open for the advent of so-called Islamic scholars to corrupt Islam with falsehood to return the Muslim community back to the days of idol worshipping being Muhammad as an idol in place of statues: al-lat, al-`uzza and manat. But God being Cognizant and Knower of all our circumstances has given us an explicit means in the Quran to confirm that those sayings and deeds assigned to the prophet are great lies and falsehood, and He has commanded the believers who expect meeting with Him to disregard these corruptors of Islam and their fabrications.

So-called scholars take control of God’s religion

Followed by the collection of a huge number of Hadiths covering almost everything with so many contradictions in them and with the Quran, which was almost impossible for anyone to go through them without getting confused or being lost. That’s why the so-called Islamic universities offered academic degrees in studying hadiths to raise “learned men” of the religion to cover up the truth in the Quran, even misinterpretation of the crucial verses in the Quran. These students literally waste their time to learn all the details of their living in accordance with the supposed sayings and deeds of the prophet such as how to sleep, how to cut their nails or even how to step in and step out of the mosque. These ill-educated people organized themselves and claimed them to be religious experts having thorough and detailed knowledge of Islam but having little knowledge and appropriate interpretation of many crucial verses of the Quran. They took religion as their profession serving in the newly created religious institutions including mosques to lead Salat prayers as well as to lead the funeral prayers and other Islamic festivals invented by them. They were recognized as religious leaders (scholars) and the so-called Muslims gather around them to follow the corrupt teachings and innovations of their religious leaders and fall into idol worship being the satanic tricks and make them losers. Now, the Muslim community has returned to idol-worshipping but the idol is Muhammad instead of the statues like the days of ignorance while Islam has been corrupted with man-made rules and rituals beyond imagination, even making it difficult to practice. Thus, it is not history what we see around the world is the so-called Muslims are practicing Islam under the guidance of the so-called scholars completely being away from the God-given guidance, the Quran and His religion, Islam claiming that they are doing best giving their number as arguments staying with the majority avoiding the trustworthy handles.

The religion given by God has been corrupted with many man-made innovations and traditions, and one of these innovations is the volumes and volumes of Hadith books written about 200 years later after the death of prophet. The religious rules and regulations based on such innovations contain and cover literally almost every aspect of our life attributing them to the prophet disregarding the warnings given in the Quran, which God has called the best Hadith:

[6:112] Thus that we have made an enemy of every prophet are devils from the human and the jinn inspiring one of them to other the fancy words of deception. And if your Lord had willed, they would not have done it. So you all shall disregard them and what they fabricate.
[6:113] And that inclines to it hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter, and that they may be pleased with it, and that they commit what they are committing.

[7:185] Do they not look at dominion of the heavens and the earth, and of what a thing God has created, and that it has been that it may be their term has certainly come near? Then, in which Hadith after (succeeding) this (Quran) do they believe?

[31:6] And of the people, whoever accepts the baseless Hadiths to mislead from God’s path without knowledge, and takes them as mockery; those, for them there is a humiliating punishment.

[39:23] God has revealed a scripture of best statements, being parallel to two paths (guidance and misguidance, or straight and crooked, or Heaven and Hell). The skins of those who fear their Lord shiver from it, then their skins and their hearts soften up to God’s message. That is God’s guidance; He guides with it whomever He wills, and whomever God lets go astray, then there is no guide for him.

[45:6] That is of God’s signs we recite them to you (Muhammad) with the truth. Then, in which Hadith after God and His revelations do they believe?

[77:50] Then in which Hadith after this (Quran) do they believe?

Warning for the prophet

God had warned His prophet (Muhammad) not to utter anything other than Quran, which is a reminder for us to be with the righteous, and He had forbidden him from explaining it in advance when it was being revealed to him. Thus, what he left for us is the Quran, which is detailed and has answers of any of our questions and concerns:

[69:44] And if he (prophet) had fabricated any of the saying against us.
[69:45] Surely, we would have seized of him by the right hand.
[69:46] Then surely, we would have cut off the aorta from him.
[69:47] Then no one from you would be a protector of him.
[69:48] And indeed, this is certainly a reminder for the righteous.

[75:16] You (Muhammad) shall not move your tongue with it to hasten it (Quran).
[75:17] Indeed, upon us of its collection and its recitation.
[75:18] So when we have recited it, then you (Muhammad) shall follow its recitation.
[75:19] Then indeed, upon us of its clarification.

God has confirmed through which He has guided us

God has given us the Quran and the rites of a best religion through which He has guided us being the trustworthy handle. Thus, He has not only created us in a best shape (95:4) but He has also given us a best religion to be best doers making us individually responsible distinguishing between the good and the evil deeds:

[2:185] Ramadan which is a month has been revealed in it the Quran as a guidance for the people, clear proofs of the guidance and the statute book. So, whoever among you has witnessed the month, then he should fast in it, and whoever has been ill or on a journey then the prescribed number from other days. God wishes ease for you and He does not wish hardship for you, and that you may complete the prescribed number, and that you may glorify God through which He has guided you and that you may appreciate.

[22:37] Neither their meat nor their blood reaches God but reaches Him is the righteousness from you. Thus, that He has subjected them (livestock) for you that you may glorify God through which He has guided you and shall give good news to the good doers.

[5:16] God guides with it (Quran) whoever has sought His acceptance to the ways of peace; and He brings them out of the darkness into the light by His leave; and He guides them to a straight path.

[4:125] And who has better religion than one who has submitted himself to God, and he is a good-doer and has followed a religion of Abraham, monotheism? And God has chosen Abraham as a friend.

[31:22] And whoever submits himself to God, while he is a good doer, then certainly, he has grasped with the strongest handle, and to God is the end of the matters.

[45:15] Whoever has done as righteous, so does for his soul, and whoever has done evil, so does against it. Then to your Lord you will be returned.

Duties what have been assigned to the prophet

Even though the duty of any messenger is very simple to convey the message while God has spelled out for the prophet what has been given him is a messenger of God and the final edition of His scripture, a witness, a bearer of good news, a warner, a caller to God and an illuminating light to deliver ignoring the insult of the disbelievers and the hypocrites:

[5:99] Not on the messenger except the conveyance while God knows what you disclose and what you conceal.

[33:40] Muhammad has not been a father of anyone of your men but has had a messenger of God and a seal of the prophets. And God has done being Knower of everything.
[33:45] O you prophet, we have sent you a witness, and a bearer of good news, and a warner.
[33:46] And a caller to God by His permission, and an illuminating light.

[33:47] And you shall give the believers good news of that there is a great blessing for them from God.
[33:48] And you do not obey the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and shall ignore their insult, and shall put trust on God; and has sufficed with God as an advocate.

Prophet has been given Quran to warn the believers

The Quran has been revealed through prophet Muhammad that it can serve as a warner while he had been commanded to warn those who fear God with it being a warner as well and to turn away from those who have turned away from it:

[25:1] Blessed in the One who has sent down the statute book through his servant (Muhammad) that it can serve as a warner for the worlds.

[6:51] And you (prophet) shall warn with this (Quran) those who fear that they will be gathered to their Lord; for them there is no protector other than Him nor is there any intercessor that they may fear.

[36:11] You (prophet) can only warn whoever has followed the reminder (Quran) and has feared the Most Gracious in the unseen. So, you shall give him good news of forgiveness and honorable reward.

[53:29] So you (prophet) shall turn away from whoever has turned away from our reminder (Quran) and he does not desire except the life of the world.

The prophet recited what had been revealed to him

God has revealed healing and mercy in the Quran establishing the truth and vanishing the falsehood, while His prophet had recited it, thus what had been collected as his sayings and deeds are fabrications, and the Hadiths collectors are undoubtedly the front-line corruptors of Islam:

[17:81] And say (prophet), “The truth has come, and the falsehood has vanished; indeed, the falsehood has been to vanish.”

[17:82] And we reveal in the Quran that which is a healing and a mercy for the believers. But it does not increase except loss to the wicked.

[18:27] And you (Muhammad) shall recite that which has been revealed to you of your Lord’s scripture. There is no change of His words, and you will not find any refuge other than Him.

[29:45] You (Muhammad) shall recite that which has been revealed to you of the scripture and shall observe the Contact Prayer. Indeed, the Contact Prayer prevents from the vice and the evil deeds, while certainly, God’s remembrance is the greatest, and God knows what you (all) do.

The prophet followed what had been revealed to Him

God has confirmed in the Quran that the prophet did not follow anything other than the Quran what has been revealed through him as guidance for the people, which is a clear indication that the Quran has been detailed for him and for those who believed with him to appreciate God through it and the rites decreed by Him even though many of the then believers had been idol worshipers and for the believers of any generation of people:

[6:50] Say, “I (Muhammad) do not say to you that there is God’s treasures with me, nor do I know the unseen, nor do I say to you that I am an angel. I do not follow except what is revealed to me.” Say, “Can the blind and the seer be the equal? Will you not then think?”

[7:203] And when you (Muhammad) cannot bring them of a sign, they say: “Why have you not come up of it.” Say: “I (Muhammad) only follow what is revealed to me from my Lord. This is an enlightenment from your Lord, and guidance and mercy for a people who believe.”

[10:15] And when is recited our clear revelations to them those who do not expect of our meeting said: “Bring us with a Quran other than this or change this!” Say, “It is not me (prophet) that I can change it of my own. I do not follow except what is revealed to me. Indeed, I fear punishment of a great day, if I had disobeyed my Lord.”

[10:109] And you shall follow what is revealed to you (Muhammad) and shall be patient until God gives judgment. And He is a best of the judges.

[33:2] And you (Muhammad) shall follow what is revealed to you from your Lord. Indeed, God is Cognizant of what you (all) do.

[46:9] Say, “I (Muhammad) have not been an exception of the messengers, and I do not know what will be done with me or with you. I do not follow except what is revealed to me and I am not but a clear warner.

Religion that the prophet practiced

God has given us a best religion while its rites had been revealed through Ibrahim, and Muhammad had been commanded to follow it based on updates and explanation given in the Quran revealed through him, which had been enough for him to establish his firm belief and to perfect his practices:

[4:125] And who has better religion than one who has submitted himself to God, and he is a good-doer and has followed religion of Abraham, monotheism? And God has chosen Abraham as a friend.

[3:95] Say (Muhammad), “God has proclaimed truth, so you shall follow a religion of Abraham, monotheism; and he has not been with the idol worshippers.”

[6:161] Say (Muhammad), “Indeed me, has guided me my Lord to a straight path, an established religion of Abraham – monotheism; and he has not been with the idol worshippers.”

[16:123] Then we inspired to you (Muhammad) that you shall follow a religion of Abraham, monotheism; and he has not been with the idol worshippers.

A major covenant and related prophecies in the Quran

Prophet had no explicit knowledge of a covenant God has placed in the scripture given to the previous prophets (3:81) as well as given to him (33:7) what will happen in the future that a messenger will come with a reminder (44:13 to confirm the delivery of all the scripture. It will happen when a creature will be produced from the earth speaking to them that people have been with His revelations do not ascertain (27:82) to bring people back to His revelations, which will also help to exist the pure Quran until the end of the world removing any distortions from it (15:9) while the messenger will be supported by a sign of number 19 (74:30):

[3:81] And when God has taken a covenant of the prophets: “Surely, whatever I have given you of scripture and wisdom, then has come to you a messenger confirming that which is with yourselves. You must believe in him and you must support him.” He said: “Have you affirmed and taken My covenant on that?” They said: “We have affirmed.” He said: “Then you shall bear witness, and I am with you among the witnesses.”
Note: Here is a confirmation of a covenant of sending a messenger after the delivery of all the scripture that this covenant has been placed in every scripture sent down to humanity.
[33:7] And when we have taken their covenant from the prophets, and from you (Muhammad), and from Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, son of Mary. And we have taken from them a solemn covenant.
Note: Here is a clear indication that this covenant has been placed in the Quran revealed to prophet Muhammad as well.

[44:13] How was the reminder for them, and certainly, had come to them a clarifying messenger?

[27:82] And when has fulfilled the punishment (the end of the world) upon them, we have brought forth for them a creature from the earth speaks to them that the people have been with our revelations do not ascertain.

[15:9] Indeed, we have revealed the reminder (Quran), and indeed, we will certainly be protectors of it.

[74:30] Over it is nineteen.


Quran has been so efficiently designed and built with best words incorporating knowledge, wisdom, logic, warnings, reminders, histories, examples, analogies, prophecies and promises to serve as guidance and reminder for humanity, and a careful review of its 51 verses described above may save our souls preventing from the idol worshiping. Thus, there are enough evidences that the Quran is detailed as God has made it so, except to those who had collected the hadiths as sayings and sunnah as deeds of prophet and the so-called Islamic scholars who do the religion business with these falsehood and their followers being allies of the Satan. The religious beliefs and practices of Islam have been made so corrupt with innovations, falsehood and misguidance being completely away from God’s guidance that make it difficult for the true believers to find allies to practice its rites together especially a masjid to observe the congregation prayer. While God wants His believers to disregard those criminals as well as the innovations, falsehood and misguidance advocated by them upon verification with their knowledge and wisdom, and the recent wave of coronavirus all over the world may be a warning for the people that the true believers in God and His revelations (8:2) may quarantine and isolate themselves to practice religion dedicating their praise and prayers to God to save their souls in the eternal life as did Pharaoh’s wife and the people who had believed with Moses and Aaron even being oppressed by Pharaoh and his people.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (3/20/2020).