God has honored Prophet Abraham to be a father of Islam


God introduced religion for us, and when He did it He did not take any suggestion from us or even when He updated it from time to time to make it befitting for a generation we have been living as well nor has He authorized anyone from us to correct Him for any mistake made by Him or to remind Him anything that He forgot to tell us. Thus, He has exactly given us what we should know, believe and practice for our successful return to Him (18:109, 31:27) and as believers we must put our trust on Him (8:2), and whoever has failed to do that has nullified his all works with God (4:48, 4:116). He has instructed us sending His messages through His prophets and messengers, and has made Abraham being a father of Islam being practices of His religion, Monotheism (22:78) that we do not have any difficulty to find the right path as well as the right way to practice our religion avoiding conflict, misconceptions, misinterpretation and unauthorized practices.

Abraham being a father of Islam

God has honored Prophet Abraham to be a father of Islam for his exemplary obedience to Him while He has perfected His religion down the generation and has completed His blessing upon humanity mapping practices of His religion, Monotheism to Submission (Islam in Arabic) and monotheist to Submitter (Muslim in Arabic) through the revelation of the Quran, the final edition of God’s scripture to continue the practices were first given to Abraham, who has been a true monotheist including updates as needed:

[22:78] And you shall strive in God of His true striving. He has chosen you and has made no difficulty upon you in the religion – a religion of your father Abraham. He (God) has named you the Submitters before and in this, that the messenger would be a witness over you, and you would be witnesses over the people. So you shall establish the salat prayer and shall give the zakat, and shall hold fast to God. He is your Protector, so has been the excellent Protector and has been the excellent Supporter.

[5:3] Forbidden upon you the dead animal, and the blood, and the meat of pig, and what was sacrificed to other than God; and that which has been strangled, and that which has been beaten to death, and that which has fallen from a height, and that which has been gored, and that which the wild animals have attacked except what has been slaughtered (before it dies), and what has been slaughtered on the alters, and that you divide by the arrows of chance – that all is abominable. Today, those who disbelieved have given up of your religion, so you are not to fear them, but you shall fear Me. Today, I have perfected your religion for you, and have completed My blessing upon you, and have mandated Islam as a religion for you. So, whoever is forced by hunger without being willful for sin, then indeed, God is Forgiving, Merciful.

[41:33] And who is better in utterance than whoever has invited to God, and has done as righteous, and said: “Indeed, I am one of the submitters.”

Raising of foundations of the Ka’ba

God has assigned the site of the House (Ka’ba) to Abraham, which is visual sign that Abraham is a founder of Islam, and when Abraham and Ismael together raised the foundations of the House, they prayed to God to accept this from them. The House is a clear sign in which the people those who can make the journey will perform pilgrimage (Hajj in Arabic) and can also be used as a prayer house while the ritual of animal sacrifice is associated with:

[2:124] And when his Lord had tested Abraham with commands, then he fulfilled them. He said, “I am making yourself a leader for the people.” He said, “Also from my descendants?” He said, “My promise does not get to the wrongdoers.”

[2:125] And when we made the House a place of return for the people and of security, and (that) you shall take of a standing place of Abraham as a prayer house. And we made a covenant with Abraham and Ismael that you shall purify My House for those who walk around, and those who seclude and those who bow and prostrate.

[2:126] Abraham said, “My Lord, make this city secure and provide its people with fruits to whoever among them has believed in God and the Last Day.” He said, “Also whoever has disbelieved, that I will grant him enjoyment for a while, after that I will force him into a punishment of the Fire, and it has been evil is the destination.”

[2:127] And when Abraham raises the foundations of the House, and Ismail, “Our Lord, accept from us. Indeed, You are the Hearer, the Knower.

[3:97] In it there are clear signs, a standing place of Abraham, and whoever entered it has been safe. And for God upon the people is pilgrimage to the House, whoever has been able to make a path to it, and whoever has disbelieved, then indeed, God has sufficiency than the people of the world.

[22:26] And when we have assigned a site of the House to Abraham that you shall not associate anything with Me, and shall purify My House for those who walk around it, and those who stand, and those who bow and prostrate.

God’s religion given to Abraham

Abraham was a true monotheist even being born in the polytheist society and all the rites that we practice today were given to him, and the prophets and messengers who came after him, and the descendants those who submitted to God practice his religion – a religion of monotheism:

[2:128] Our Lord (Abraham together with Ismael), and make us submitters to You, and from our descendants make a community of submitters to You, and show us our ways of worship and turn to us. Indeed, You are the Redeemer, the Merciful.

[2:129] Our Lord, and raise up among them a messenger from them, he may recite to them Your revelations and may teach them the scripture and the wisdom, and may purify them. Indeed, You are the Almighty, the Wise.

[2:130] And whoever turns away from a religion of Abraham, except whoever has fooled himself? And indeed, we have chosen him in the world, and indeed, he is in the Hereafter surely with the righteous.

[4:125] And who has better religion than whoever has submitted himself to God, and he is a good-doer and has followed a religion of Abraham: monotheism? And God has chosen Abraham as a beloved friend.

[2:132] And Abraham enjoined his sons with it and Jacob: “O my sons, indeed, God has chosen the religion for you; so you are not to die except while you are submitters.”

[2:133] Or had you witnessed when the death came to Jacob as he said to his children, “What will you worship after me?” They said, “We will worship your god and god of your fathers Abraham, Ismael, and Isaac- one god, and to Him we are submitters.”

[12:38] “And I (Yousuf) have followed a religion of my ancestors – Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It has not been for us that we associate anything with God. That is from God’s blessing upon us and upon the people, but most of the people do not appreciate.”

Abraham has neither been Jewish nor Christian

God has given best arguments in the Quran to avoid any conflict between Jews and Christians, who claim themselves monotheist and those who have submitted to Him and have believed in the Quran revealed it after the Gospel (Muslims) to advance with His updated guidance and laws.

[2:135] They said, “Be Jewish or Christian, to guide you.” Say, “Nay, a religion of Abraham – a monotheist and he has not been with the idol worshipers.”

[2:140] Or do you say that Abraham, Ismael, Isaac, Jacob, and the Patriarchs had been Jewish or Christians? Say, “Are you knower or God? And who is more wicked than whoever has concealed a testimony with himself from God? And God is not of unaware of what you do.”

[3:65] O people of the scripture, why do you argue about Abraham, while has not been revealed the Torah and the Gospel except after him? Then why do you not understand?

[3:67] Abraham has neither been a Jew nor a Christian, but he has been a monotheist submitter and  has not been with the idol worshipers.

[3:68] Indeed, the best people with Abraham are those who have followed him (establishing practices of Monotheism given to him) and this prophet (following the Quran revealed to him), and those who have believed (in God and His scripture). And God is a Protector of the believers.

Abraham has been exemplary obedient to God

Abraham has been extra-ordinary obedient to God. He has not been only a true monotheist but he and those who followed him disassociated from his father and those who worshiped other than God, and declared that you will not see except animosity until you believe in God alone:

[11:75] Indeed, Abraham was clement, compassionate, and obedient.

[16:120] Indeed, Abraham has been an exemplary obedient to God as a monotheist, and he was not with the idol worshipers.

[19:41] And mention in the scripture Abraham; indeed, he has been a saint prophet.

[38:45] Remember our servants Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, possessors of the strength and the vision.

[60:4] Indeed, there has been a good example for you in Abraham and those with him, when they said to their people, “Indeed, we are disassociating from you and from that which you worship other than God. We have disbelieved in you, and there has come the animosity and the hatred between us and you forever until you believe in God Alone,” except Abraham’s saying to his father, “Surely, I ask forgiveness for you but I do not possess any power of anything for you from God.” “Our Lord, upon You we put our trust, and we have turned to You and to You is the final return.

How Abraham became sure about his Lord

Abraham did not assume anything and he assured his heart about the act of his Lord so that he can establish firm belief in his heart. Thus, he has set an example for us that we do not have any confusion in the resurrection:

[2:260] And when Abraham said, “My Lord, show me how You give life to the dead.” He said, “Do you not believe?” He said, “Yes, but that it assures my heart.” He said, “Take four birds, then make them loyal to you, then place a piece of them on each hill, then call them to you. They will come to you in a hurry, and know that God is Almighty, the Wise.”

Abraham’s argument with the king

God has given wisdom to Abraham to find his Lord and he applied his logic to defeat the king as well as the disbelievers and established that the true king is God.

[2:258] Did you reflect to that Abraham argued about his Lord even God had given him the kingdom? When Abraham said, “My Lord is the One who gives life and causes death.” He (king) said, “I give life and cause death.” Abraham said, “Indeed, God brings up the sun from the east, so you bring it up from the west.” Then the one who disbelieved had been stumped. And God does not guide the wicked people.

God gave best argument to Abraham

God gave best argument to Abraham against his people including his father who were idol worshipers that they were in far astray, and raised him to higher ranks:

[6:74] When Abraham said to his father, Azar, “Do you take idols as gods? Indeed, I see you and your people in a far astray.”

[6:75] And thus that we show Abraham a kingdom of the heavens and the earth, and that he could be among the ascertained ones.

[6:83] And this is our argument we have given to Abraham against his people. We raise to higher ranks whomever we will. Indeed, your Lord is Wise, Knower.

[29:16] And Abraham, when he said to his people, “You shall worship God and shall fear Him. That is better for you, if you have been knowing.

[43:26] And when Abraham said to his father and his people, “Indeed, I am disowning of what you worship.”

Story of Abraham’s honorable guests

The angels visited to Abraham with a good news of Isaac and a bad news of the destruction of the people of Lot, and when Abraham was about to say something about the destruction, God warned him as God’s command shall be done.

[51:24] Has reached you story of Abraham’s honorable guests?

[15:51] And inform them about guests of Abraham.

[11:69] And certainly had come our messengers to Abraham with good news, they said, “Peace.” He said, “Peace,” So he had not delayed that he brought a roasted calf.

[11:74] Then when the fright had gone away from Abraham, and the good news had reached him, he  argued with us on behalf of Lot’s people.

[11:76] “O Abraham, turn away from this. Indeed, it has certainly come your Lord’s command; indeed, a punishment coming for themselves, without having repellant.”

[29:31] When has come our messengers to Abraham with good news, they said, “We are destroying people of this town (Sodom), indeed, its people have been the wrongdoers.”

Fire became cool and safe for Abraham

Abraham not only denounced the gods that his father worshiped, he broke all the idols except a big one and when he was asked who did this, he pointed to the big one if it can speak. Then Abraham was placed in the fire to burn him but the fire became cool and safe for him by God’s grace:

[19:46] He (Abraham’s father) said, “Are you a depriver of my gods, O Abraham? Surely, if you do not stop, surely, I will stone you, and leave me alone.”

[21:60] They said, “We have heard a youth mentioning them, he is called Abraham.”

[21:61 They said: “Then bring him before the eyes of the people so that they may bear witness.”

[21:62] They said, “Have you done this to our gods, O Abraham?”

[21:63] He said: “Nay, someone has done it. Their leader is here, so ask them if they have been to speak!”

[21:68] They said: “Burn him and support your gods if you have been worshipers.”

[21:69] We said, “O fire, be cool and safe for Abraham.”

The ritual of animal offering

Abraham thought that God has ordered him to sacrifice his dearest. Thus, when he had attempted to sacrifice his son but God ransomed him with a great sacrifice and made the animal offering a ritual for the subsequent generations connected to Hajj at the Sacred Masjid at Mecca:

[37:102] Then when he (Abraham’s son) reached to work with him, he (Abraham) said: “My son, indeed, I see in the dream that I am sacrificing you. So look what you see?” He said: “O my father, do what you are commanded. You will find me, God willing, with the patients.”

[37:103] Then when they both had submitted, and he put him down on forehead.

[37:104] And we called him that O Abraham.

[37:107] And we have ransomed him with a great sacrifice.

[37:108] And we have left for him in the  later generations.

[22:36] The livestock we have made them for you among God’s rites, for you there is good in it. So, you shall mention God’s name upon them in lines; then when are down on their sides; then you shall eat from them and feed the poor and the needy. Thus that we have subjected them for you, that you may appreciate

[22:37] Neither their meat nor their blood reaches God, but reaches Him the righteousness from you. Thus that He has subjected them for you that you may glorify God through which He has guided you and shall give good news to the good doers.

Mistake made by Abraham

Only mistake Abraham made when he said to his father that he would ask for his forgiveness but when he clearly understood that his father had been an enemy of God, he disassociated from him:

[9:114] It has not been asking forgiveness of Abraham for his father except from a promise he had promised to him. So when it had become clear to him that he was an enemy of God, he disassociated from him. Indeed, Abraham was compassionate, clement.

Muhammad has been a follower of a religion of Abraham

Prophet Muhammad has been a follower of a religion of Abraham and those who submitted to God and believed in the Quran, which is the truth has been declared in the Quran confirming that Abraham has been a monotheist, and he has never been an idol worshiper:

[3:95] Say (Muhammad), “God has declared truth. So, you shall follow a religion (practices given to Abraham) of Abraham – monotheism. And he has not been with the idol worshipers.”

[6:161] Say (Muhammad), “Indeed me, has guided me My Lord to a straight path, an established religion, a religion of Abraham – monotheism. And he has not been with the idol worshipers.”

[16:123] Then we inspired to you (Muhammad) that you shall follow a religion of Abraham, monotheism; and he has not been with the idol worshipers.

Submitters’ core belief

If we have been submitters, which means that we have submitted ourselves to God and have followed what He has revealed through His prophets and messengers, and when His revelations have been recited we have fallen prostrating and weeping:

[2:136] Say, “We have believed in God, and what has been revealed to us and what has been revealed to Abraham, Ismael, Isaac, Jacob, and the Patriarchs; and what has been given to Moses and Jesus, and what has been given the prophets from their Lord. We do not make distinction between any of them. And to Him we are submitters.”

[3:84] Say, “We have believed in God, and what has been revealed to us and what has been revealed to Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, Jacob, and the Patriarchs, and what has been given to Moses, Jesus, and the prophets from their Lord. We do not make distinction between any of them, and to Him we are submitters.”

[19:58] Those are whom God has bestowed favor upon them of the prophets from descendants of Adam, and of whomever we have carried with Noah, and of descendants of Abraham and Israel, and of whomever we have guided and chosen. When has been recited to them revelations of the Gracious, they had fallen prostrating and weeping.


God guided Abraham to turn to Him while he explored all possible ways to find the One who created the heavens and the earth not being blind. He gave him best arguments and raised his ranks to be the father of Islam for extra-ordinary obedience to Him while he became a true monotheist ignoring all hostile environment even his father who dealt in idols. He set an example of disassociating all the idol worshipers including his father declaring that they will not see anything except animosity from him until they worship God alone. Even his courage, debate and logic shunted the disbelievers while he was saved when he had been placed in the fire by God’s grace.

God cited Abraham as a model for all the people, and the so called Muslims and the people of scripture can find the right path as well as the right way for successful return to Him understanding a mapping of practices of Monotheism to Submission (Islam) and monotheist to Submitter (Muslim) through a revelation of the Quran, the final edition of God’s scripture even maintaining social distancing, a lesson we learn from the current crisis.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (5/8/2020).