Sura Al-Muddaththir (Sura 74: Revelation Order 4)


Sura 74 (Al-Muddaththir-The hidden one in the active participle form) is named according to the word used in the 1st verse of the sura and the name itself indicates that there is something hidden in it, which was not unveiled through Prophet Muhammad. Hence, the precise message in the sura was not clear to us for many years what we know now is all about the mathematical coding of the Quran and the number 19 as mentioned in the verse 30 is the code, which is one of the great miracles mentioned in the verse 35 being the sign of the messenger to come. However, the code is not only a sign of the messenger to come but it is also guarding the Quran against any distortion (15:9) while there is a prophecy in the Quran to emerge a creature from the earth speaking to the people that they have not ascertained what they have with them in God’s revelations (27:82) that we know now after the unveiling of the mathematical coding of the Quran. However, here are certain details of the sura that we may reflect to understand the message in the sura by thoruoghly studying its verses:

Protecting the reminder from any distortions

  • O you the hidden one (74:1). You shall stand up that you shall warn (74:2). And your Lord that you shall glorify (74:3). And your garments (Quran) that you shall purify (74:4). And the uncleanliness (extraneous) that you shall remove (74:5). And you should not expect to get beyond (74:6).

There is a hint in the above verses to remove what is wrong in the Quran in order to purify it, and uphold the purified message to commemorate God, and the purification will be done by someone by God’s leave while the Quran is referred to be our garment. It also appears from the verses that God has been aware of the distortion of Quran to be made down its transmission and has promised to preserve it (15:9).

The end of the world

  • And for your Lord that you shall be patient (74:7). Then, when has been blown into the trumpet (74:8). Then that day will be a difficult day (74:9). For the disbelievers, not easy (74:10).

These verses indicate that there is a relationship between the purification process and the unveiling of the end of the world (72:27) while we know now that the code of the Quran confirms that this world will end in 1710 AH (19X90) or 2280 AD (19X120). Thus, the end of the world is not too far from now and those who truly believe it will prepare them as they should be prepared for the Day as it would be a very difficult day especially for the disbelievers.

Specific details of the messenger

  • Let Me deal with the one whom I created (74:11). And I gave him abundant wealth (74:12). And children to witness (74:13). I made easy for him (74:14). But he expects that I should give him more (74:15). No, he has been stubborn to our signs (74:16). I will punish him (74:17). Indeed, he thought and planned (74:18). So woe to him what he planned (74:19). So woe to him what he planned (74:20). He looked (74:21). He frowned and scowled (74:22). Then he turned back and became arrogant (74:23). He said, “This is not but is imitated a magic! (74:24). This is not but a word of the human.” (74:25). I will cast him into Saqar (74:26). Do you know what Saqar is! (74:27). It does not let to stay nor does it let to leave (74:28). Obvious to all the people (74:29).

Here are specific details about the messenger to be chosen to unveil the mathematical coding of the Quran (3:81 & 33:7) including his accomplishments along with his intellectual punishment for making mistakes referring to Saqar. Both his accomplishments and mistakes will stay with him even when he will not be among us, are reflected in the verse 74:29 – Obvious to all people. However, the messenger is chosen to deliver a specific message (reminder) to a particular generation of people and any mistakes made by any messenger do not disqualify him to be a messenger of God as the messenger is a simple minded human being as well, and this is the case that continues from the past.

It is a divine plan when and how the coding of the Quran is to be unveiled. Then God will choose one among His servants and will inspire him to unveil it at the appropriate time (27:82). He will provide him with all kinds of support as needed for taking all of his initiatives and efforts to make it happen, and thus, His prophecies are to be fulfilled with the unveiling of the mathematical coding of the Quran.

The mathematical coding of the Quran

  • Over it is nineteen (74:30). And we have not made guardians of the Fire except angels, and we have not made their number except a warning for those who disbelieved, that it may ascertain those who have been given the scripture (Jews and Christians) and may increase faith of those who have believed (Muslims), and may not doubt those who have been given the scripture (Jews and Christians) and the believers (Muslims). And that may say those in their hearts there is a disease (hypocrites) and the disbelievers, “What has God meant by this allegory?” Thus, God misguides whomever He wills and He guides whomever He wills. And none knows your Lord’s soldiers except He. And it is not except a reminder for the human race. (74:31). Nay, (I swear) by the moon (74:32). And the night when it departs (74:33). And the morning when it brightens (74:34). Indeed, it is undoubtedly one of the great (signs) (74:35). A warning to the human race (74:36). For whoever among you has willed that he may advance, or he may stay behind (74:37).

The mathematical coding of the Quran to be a message for the prophesied messenger has been spelled out in the above verses. The message is a reminder for the humanity consisting of: (1) the number 19 is a code, which is a common denominator for Quran’s numerical figures derived from the Quran, (2) a reminder for the humans, (3) a great sign to support the messenger followed by an oath of God and (4) a warning with consequences. God has confirmed that the code 19 is a prophetic sign. So the one who has been chosen to unveil the mathematical coding of the Quran is a messenger of God as He did not send any messenger in the past without a sign or miracle from Him (29:51).

The destination of any disbeliever of the code when revealed is well guarded Hell. The code 19 is to warn the disbelievers and to strengthen the faith of the Muslims while it will open door for the people of other religions and faiths to realize that God does exist and the last scripture, Quran is His word which provides guidance to His path. God has confirmed that He judges the people based on His word, and He guides those who will follow His guidance and He sends those astray who will fail to follow His guidance, and the people should accept it as a reminder.

The mathematical coding is a warning as well. Some will take advantage of this warning and others will not. Those who will believe it will strengthen their belief in God and His messenger and perfect their religious practices to make them winners in the Hereafter, and others will not take heed and will stay behind with their old belief and practices as disbelievers of it to make them losers in the Hereafter. Hence, the message unveiled through the messenger is the mathematical coding of the Quran, which is a warning for the humanity to guide to the right path, and those who reject this reminder will face the consequences on a Day of the Judgment.

Consequences of disregarding the reminder

  • Every soul is pledged for what it has earned (74:38). Except those on the right (74:39). In Heavens, they will ask each other (74:40). About the guilty (74:41). “What has brought you into Saqar?” (74:42). They will say, “We were not with those who observed the contact prayer (al-musalleen) (74:43). And we did not feed the poor (74:44). And we used to indulge in vain talking with the vain talkers (74:45). And we used to deny in a Day of the Judgment (74:46). Until certainty came to us” (74:47). So the intercession of the intercessors will not help them (74:48). Then what is with them that they turned away from the warning? (74:49). As if they were like the frightened zebras (74:50). Fleeing from a lion! (74:51). Indeed, every one of them wishes that he is given a scroll (74:52). Yes! Indeed, they do not fear the Hereafter (74:53). Yes! Indeed, this is a warning (74:54). So whoever willed has taken heed to it (74:55). And none can take heed except that God wills. He is a source of the righteousness and is a source of the forgiveness (74:56).

Disbelievers would know the cause of their punishment when judgment would be declared on a Day of the Judgment. They are destined to Hell as their beliefs and practices were not in accordance with the will of God. They would realize that they did not pay proper attention to the warning when it came to them. They would also realize that they were not certain about a Day of the Judgment as they should be certain. Even they would not find any intercessor to help them as they expected.

The Quran teaches us that if anyone who disobeys God and His messenger, and transgresses His laws, his destination is Hell wherein he will stay forever (4:14, 11:59, 33:36, 72:23). Upon unveiling of the code, there are clarifications, explanations and proofs that our beliefs and practices are corrupted over the period of time. Anyone who has not appropriate beliefs, and fails to practice his religious duties accepting the proven facts will not be acceptable to God, and in the Hereafter he will find him with the losers.

Quran is a reminder for the world so is its mathematical coding to bring people back to it. Those who will take heed to the reminder and lead a righteous life upholding only the purified message confirmed by the code will be blessed by God as He is the only source of righteousness and forgiveness.


The unveiling of the code is a blessing from God for the current as well as subsequent generations of people to make efforts to find right way to God. Since the code has physically proved that the Quran is from God and there is everything in it what we need to lead a righteous life, the people should use this blessing to make them successful in the Hereafter. It can be mentioned that the punishment of the disbeliever of the messenger of covenant is also ensured in (3:91) when the prophecy made in (3:81) is fulfilled through the unveiling of the mathematical coding of the Quran.

We now know that the code 19 is unveiled by Dr. Rashad Khalifa to be a messenger of covenant in the year of 1974 being inspired by God as prophesied in (3:81) and confirmed in (33:7). Thus, the Quranic prophecy is fulfilled through the unveiling of the mathematical coding of the Quran as God does reveal any specific news from the past and the future only through a messenger (72:27). Although the number 19 has been in the Quran in sura 74 but its real meaning was NOT known to us until 1974.

God has sent down reminders from time to time to guide the human race (21:2), and the Quran is a reminder to the world (12:104, 38:87, 68:52, 81:27) for all the people being a timeless and universal doctrine that fits all generations, and applies to all eras and societies until the end of the world and so is its mathematical coding (74:31). The code has undoubtedly proved that it is from Almighty God, which is not only complete, perfect and fully detailed but also there are no errors or ambiguity in it to be followed to practice His religion as dictated in it to leave this world being the allies of God.