Surah al-Teen (Surah 95: Revelation Order 28)

Oath of God

  • By the fig and the olive (95:1). And Mount Sinai (95:2). And this secure city (95:3).
  • Note: This is a statement of God’s oath referring to (1) the fig and the olive, (2) and Mount Sinai, (3) and the secure city. However, the fig and the olive may symbolize the descent of human from the heaven to the earth, Mount Sinai may symbolize the direct conversion of God with Moses and the secure city may symbolize the Ka’bah, the Sacred Masjid at Mecca.

God has given best design to human to appreciate Him

  • Certainly, we have created the human in the best shape (95:4). Then we have turned him to the lowliest of lowly (95:5), except those who have believed and have done the righteous deeds, that for them there is never ending reward (95:6). Then what does make you to deny in the judgment after (this)? (95:7). Has not been God with just of the judges? (95:8).
  • Note: By taking oath God has affirmed that He has created the human in the best design giving him two options either to turn to wicked or to get never ending reward from Him through appropriate belief and practices being aware that He is the best Judge with fairness.

Surah al-Teen (Surah 95 – The Fig) is a short surah consisting of 8 verses, and out of 8 verses, the first 3 verses is a multiple statement oath of God, which has affirmed the messages in the last 5 verses. He has addressed mankind in the surah informing that He has created him in the best design expecting that he will do the righteous deeds to have a great reward from Him, and the overall message in it is so clear that none should have any difficulty to understand what to believe and practice to be successful with Him when He has created us with the best design.
Tafazzal (4/11/2022).