Surah al-Sharah (Surah 94: Revelation order 12)

The prophet was given opportunity to strive in the cause of God

  • Do we not expand your (prophet) breast? (94:1). And we have taken away from you your burden (sin) (94:2). Which had burdened your back (94:3).
    Note: God had taken away the burden on the prophet to give him an opportunity to strive in the cause of God being a purified person.

Advice for the prophet to increase remembrance of his Lord

  • And we have raised your remembrance (94:4). So, indeed it is ease with the hardship (94:5). Indeed it is ease with the hardship (94:6). So, when you have opportunity, then you shall work hard (94:7). And to your Lord that you shall turn attention (94:8).
    Note: The prophet was asked to remember his Lord when he has time making it easy for him reminding him that there is no gain without pain.

Surah al-Sharah (The Expanding) is a short surah consisting of 8 verses, is an earlier revelation to strengthen the heart of the prophet that he can accomplish his God given mission, even taking away his sin from him so that he can make an effort being turned to God as a purified person is a great blessing upon him. The surah teaches us that any guilty person has an opportunity to turn to God for striving in His cause upon repentance to Him to be guided to a straight path being blessed by Him.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (03/01/2024).