Surah al- Qalam (Surah 68: Revelation Order 2)

Oath of God

  • NuN, and the pen and what they write (68:1).
  • Note: A statement of God’s oath referring to initial NuN as well as the pen and what they write. However, NuN (spelled out with two noon) is a set of Quranic initials found in certain frequency in this surah while Quranic initials are the physical evidences that Quran is from God;

    Note: The occurrence of this Arabic letter is maintained at frequency of 7 in the Arabic text of the surah, which is a divine guard to exist the pure Quran against an attempt of any distortion as guidance to be the straight path for the believers until the end of the world.

Muhammad has been a man of good moral character

  • You are not of a madman by blessing of your Lord (68:2). And indeed, there is surely a reward for you without limit (68:3). And indeed, you surely possess a good moral character (68:4).
  • Note: By taking oath God has affirmed that Muhammad who has been chosen as a prophet bears a good moral character being qualified for delivering His message and if he can maintain his honesty and blessing bestowed on him God will give him an unlimited reward. In addition, this is an assurance from God that what he has recited to people is not his own mission but God’s mission to carry out his given responsibility being sincere.

The wicked disbelieved in what was given to Muhammad

  • So you will see, and they will see (68:5). Which of you is the afflicted one (68:6). Indeed, your Lord – He is Knower of whoever has strayed from His path, and He is Knower of the guided ones (68:7). So you do not obey the deniers (68:8). They have wished that you should compromise, then they would compromise (68:9). And you do not obey every habitual swearer (68:10). A slanderer, a backbiter with malicious gossip (68:11). A preventer of the good, a sinful transgressor (68:12). Inhumane, after that aimless effort (68:13). Even that he has been a possessor of wealth and children (68:14). When is recited our revelations to him, he said, “Tales from the past!” (68:15). We will mark his face (68:16).
  • Note: Those who were wicked disbelieved in what has been revealed to Muhammad, and when God’s revelations were recited to them, they mocked with them. Thus, the prophet was told to avoid them even they may be powerful among them while God knows those who have strayed off as well as those who are the guided ones.

Testing of a people of gardens

  • We have tested them like we had tested a people of the garden when they had sworn that they will harvest of its fruits in the morning (68:17), while they do not except (68:18). So there had come upon it a visitation from your Lord while they were asleep (68:19). So it has been by morning as if harvesting (68:20). So they had called one another at morning (68:21). That you shall go for your crop if you have the harvest (68:22). Then they had set out while they converse in low voices (68:23). That no poor person will enter it today upon you (68:24). And they had gone upon determination to be able (68:25). Then when they had seen it, they said, “We are surely losers (68:26). Nay, we are the deprived” (68:27). Their best said, “Did I not tell you why do you not glorify (God)?” (68:28). They said, “Indeed, glory to our Lord. Indeed, we have been wrongdoers.” (68:29). Then it has approached one of them to other to blame one another (68:30). They said, “Woe to ours. Indeed, we have been transgressors (68:31). It may have been our Lord that He will substitute for us a better than it. Indeed, we are repenters to our Lord.” (68:32). Thus that is the punishment, while surely, the punishment of the Hereafter is greater, if they have done to know (68:33)?
  • Note: People are tested giving them plenty while the ungrateful are punished being losers while there are greater punishment for them in the Hereafter unless they have repented and have done the righteous deeds.

Gardens of the Bliss is a reward for the righteous

  • Indeed, for the righteous with their Lord are gardens of the Bliss (68:34). Should we then treat the Submitters like the criminals (68:35)?
  • Note: The righteous will be in gardens of the Bliss while they will never be treated as the criminals for the sake of the fair justice.

God has given us a book to reach a day of the Resurrection

  • What is for you? How do you judge (68:36)? Or for you is there a book in it you can learn (68:37)? Indeed, in it what you accept (68:38). Or for you there are oaths from us, is reaching towards a day of the Resurrection; indeed, for you what you judge (68:39). You shall ask them, “Which of them is responsible for that?” (68:40). Or are there partners for them? Then let them bring of their partners, if they have been the truthful ones (68:41). A day will be uncovered from covered one, and they are called to the prostrations, but they will not be able (68:42). They are humbled, their eyes will cover them with humiliation. And indeed, they had invited to the prostration while they were sound (68:43). So leave Me and whoever denies in this – the statement; we will lead them from where they would not know (68:44). I will give for them a respite. My plan is firm (68:45). Or do you ask them a payment that they are burdened by debt (68:46)? Or is the unseen with them that they record it (68:47)?
  • Note: God has given Quran as a guidance for mankind from which people should learn how they can reach towards a day of the Resurrection while those who disbelieved and associated partners had no other book that can help them to reach there. The day everything will be uncovered even when they will be asked to prostrate in a day but they cannot do it.

God warned Muhammad not to be impatient like Jonah

  • So you shall be patient for decision of your Lord and you would not be like a companion of the fish when he had called out while he was distressed (68:48). If not that it had overtaken him a favor from his Lord, surely he would have been thrown into the shore while he was blamed (68:49). So his Lord had blessed him and had made him of the righteous (68:50). And indeed, those who have disbelieved, surely they would almost make you fall by their look when they have heard the message, and they say, “Indeed, He is surely mad” (68:51).
  • Note: God has warned His prophet to be patient even against strong opposition to deliver the message given to him that he does not pass through a difficult time like Jonah who had to call his Lord from inside of the fish.

Quran is a reminder for the worlds

  • And it is not but a reminder for the worlds (68:52).
  • Note: God has given a Quran as a reminder to believe and uphold that the people can be the winners in the Hereafter when they will meet their Lord.

Surah Al-Qalam (The Pen) can be reviewed reflecting its importance as a very early revelation that people do not make the Quran a tale from the past by deserting it, by taking oath God affirms that Muhammad possessing a good moral character has been chosen as a prophet being qualified for delivering His message and what is given to him is a reminder for the people of the world, from which can be learned how to reach a day of the Resurrection when everything will be uncovered, and the righteous and the criminals will be judged equitably.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (07/23/2021).