Surah al-Qadr (Surah 97: Revelation order 25)

Quran all at once has been sent down in a Night of the Power

  • Indeed, we have sent down it (Quran) in a Night of the Power (97:1). And what has made you know that a Night of the Power is? (97:2). A Night of the Power is better than a thousand-month (97:3). There descends the angels and the Spirit in it (Night of the Power) by permission of their Lord with every command (97:4). Peace it (Night of the Power) is until an advent of the dawn (97:5).
    Note: The surah describes a great work of God of inspiring the Quran all at once into His prophet’s soul to send down it in a night calling it a Night of the Power being better than a thousand-month, while the night-long process was completed involving the angels and the Gabriel as God has used 1st person plural form, and the night has been referred in every verse of it to understand the importance of the surah as a whole, and the references of this great work of God have reflected in 7 verses of the Quran including 2 verses of the surah al-Dukhan in 44:3 and 44:4.

Surah al-Qadr (The Power) is a short surah consisting of 5 verses, is an earlier revelation tells us how the Quran was sent down in a night but there are many misconceptions and unauthorized practices including the angels come down with God’s command every year are misinterpretations of the message in the surah for focusing on the night instead of focusing on the great work of God in the night for giving the Quran as a guidance for mankind (2:185) as well as a miracle given to the prophet to support him (29:51) being the night special for that. The whole surah participates in the mathematical confirmation that the Quran has been sent down on the 27th night. The surah consists of 30 words, and in the phrase, “laylat al-qadr” consisting of 9 letters repeated 3 times being 9 x 3 is 27, while the 27th position of the pronoun, hiya used for “laylat” in the feminine form out of 30 words in the surah is also an indication that the Quran has been sent down on the 27th night of the month it has been sent down, which is Ramadan as specified in (2:185), and the relationship can be confirmed from the fact if the surah and number of the two verses, 97:1 and 2:185 are added, the sum is a multiple of 19 => [97 + 1 + 2 + 185] =  98 + 187 = 285 (19X15).

Moreover, the night-long event occurred in 13 B.H. (609 A.D.) involving the angels and the Gabriel, which can be mathematically confirmed deriving the factual evidence from 26 verses across 5 surahs in the Quran being the sum of the relevant surah and verse numbers is a multiple of 19 => 589 (19x31) as detailed in the table below:

Note: Out of 5 surahs except al-Qadr that participate In the mathematical confirmation has a partial contribution, while the participation of all the verses of the surah al-Qadr in the mathematical confirmation is an indication how the night-long event has been completed in the past.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (03/01/2024).