Surah al-Mu’minuun (Surah 23: Revelation Order 74)

The believers who will succeed

  • Certainly, has succeeded the believers (23:1): Those who are humbles during their salat prayer (23:2). And those who are averse from the vain talk (23:3). And those who are doers of the zakat (23:4). And those who are protectors of their chastity (23:5).
  • Note: The successful are the believers who have met 4 criteria given by God are: (1) humbles in their salat prayer, (2) averse from the vain talk, (3) doers of the zakat and (4) protectors of their chastity.

The believers who are obedient deserve the Paradise

  • Except for their spouses, or what has been rightfully theirs; then indeed, they are not blameworthy (23:6). So, whoever has sought beyond that, then those – they are the transgressors (23:7). And those – they are keepers of their trusts and their promises (23:8). And those – they guard over their salat prayers (23:9). Those – they are the inheritors (23:10). Those who will inherit the Paradise, they will be dwellers in it forever (23:11).
  • Note: The true believers being obedient, not being transgressors can inherit the Paradise wherein they will be abiding forever.

Origin and reproduction of humans

  • And certainly, we have created the human being from a shape of clay (23:12). Then we have placed him as a drop of semen in a protected repository (23:13). Then we have created the drop to an embryo, then we have created the embryo to a fetus, then we have created the fetus to bones, then we have covered the bones with flesh, thus, we have produced it another creation. So blessed is God, the best Creator (23:14).
  • Note: God being best Creator has given us a precise description of our multiplication in the earth referring to the origin of human being shaped from clay that we can reflect on it and make us the true believers in Him.

God has decreed both death and resurrection

  • Then indeed you, after that surely will be dead (23:15). Then indeed you, on a day of the Resurrection you will be resurrected (23:16).
  • Note: Even though the resurrection is unseen but it is as true as our death that none would be able to avoid it what has been confirmed from our Creator, who has decreed both death and resurrection for us.

God has created us and has provided us support in the earth

  • And certainly, we have created above you seven layers, and we have not been unaware from the creation (23:17). And we have sent down water from the sky with measure, then we have reserved it in the ground. And indeed, we are surely, Able for escaping of it (23:18). Then we have produced for you with it gardens of date palms and grapevines, in it for you there are abundant fruits, and from them you eat (23:19). And a tree of Mount Sinai produces the oil, and a relish for the eaters (23:20). And indeed, for you in the livestock surely, there is a lesson. We give you drink from what is in their bellies, and for you in them there are many benefits and from them you eat (23:21). And on them and on the ships you are carried (23:22).
  • Note: God has created and has provided us to support us in the earth that we can appreciate Him.

Consequence of Noah’s disbelieving people is a lesson for us

  • And certainly, we have sent Noah to his people, while he said, “O my people, you shall worship God; there is no god for you other than Him. Will you not then fear?” (23:23). Then the leaders of those who had disbelieved among his people said, “This is not but a human being like you, he wants to make superior over you. And if God had willed, surely, He would have sent down angels. We have not heard of this from our forefathers (23:24). He is not but a man in him is madness. So you shall wait with him until a little time.” (23:25). He said, “My Lord, help me for what they have denied me.” (23:26). Then we have inspired to him that you shall build the Ark under our eyes and our inspiration, then when has come our command and has gushed forth the fountain, then you shall put in it a pair of two from every kind, and your family, except whoever has preceded the punishment upon him from them, and you are not to address Me about those who have wronged; indeed, they will be the drowned (23:27). Then when you have boarded you, and whoever with you on the Ark, then you shall say, “Praise to God Who has saved us from the people of the wrongdoers.” (23:28). And say, “My Lord, make me to land on a blessed landing, and You are the best landing Provider.” (23:29). Indeed, in that is surely, of signs; and indeed, we have been surely, of testers (23:30).
  • Note: When God has sent His messenger, then we must believe in him and must follow the message sent down to him to avoid a miserable consequence in the Hereafter.

God has sent messengers in succession after Noah

  • Then we have produced another generation after them (23:31). So we have sent a messenger to them from them that you shall worship God: there is no god for you other than Him. Will you then not fear? (23:32). And the leaders of his people those who had disbelieved and had denied in meeting of the Hereafter, and we had given them luxury in the life of the world said, “This is not but a human like yourselves. He eats of what you eat from it and drinks of what you drink (23:33). And surely, if you have obeyed a human like yourselves, indeed you, then surely are losers (23:34). Does he promise you that you when you have been died and have been dust and bones that you will be those who are brought forth? (23:35). Far-fetched, far-fetched that what you are promised (23:36). It is not but our life of the world – we die and we live, we will not be of raised ones (23:37). He is not but a human has fabricated lie about God, and we are not with believers for him.” (23:38). He said, “My Lord, help me for what they have denied me.” (23:39). He said, “After a little while they will be regretful.” (23:40). So the scream had seized them with the truth when we made them dead leaves that away is the people of the wrongdoers (23:41).
  • Note: Messenger has been sent to a community with a commandment of worshiping one god but its leaders had denied him just considering him a human like themselves, who had fabricated lie about God, while they had disbelieved in the resurrection, and their consequence was like dead leaves when the wrongdoers have been destroyed.

  • Then we have produced another generation after them (23:42). No community can precede its term, nor can they delay (23:43). Then, we have sent our messengers in succession. Every time there had come to a nation its messenger, they denied him. So, we have made follow of them to other, and we have made them precedents that away are a people – they do not believe (23:44).
  • Note: Messenger came to a community one after another but they denied him and the consequence has been the same, the scream that had seized them, is made precedents for the next generation.

  • Then we have sent Moses and his brother, Aaron with our signs and a clear authority (23:45). To Pharaoh and his advisers that they had turned arrogant, and they had been a people of exalted ones (23:46). So they said, “Should we believe for two men, and their people are our slaves?” (23:47). When they had denied them, then they have been of the destroyed ones (23:48). And certainly, we have given Moses the scripture that they may be guided (23:49).
  • Note: Moses and his brother, Aaron were sent to Pharaoh and his people with signs and authority but they were arrogant, have been destroyed. Moses had been given the scripture to guide his people.

  • And we have made son of Mary and his mother a sign, and we have sheltered them to a high land, a place of resting with tranquility and water springs (23:50).
  • Note: Birth of Jesus has been a very significant event and he was born in a shelter of high land, a resting place with tranquility and water springs.

Messengers are sent to maintain one community of believers

  • O the messengers, you shall eat from the good things and shall do as righteous. Indeed, I am Knower of what you do (23:51). And indeed, this is your community – one community, and I am your Lord, so you shall fear Me (23:52). But they have split their affair between themselves into sects, each faction is in what with their rejoices (23:53). So, you shall leave them in their confusion until a little time (23:54). Do they think that what we provide them with it of wealth and children (23:55), we hasten for them in the good? Nay, they do not perceive (23:56).
  • Note: God has sent messengers at times is to maintain one community of believers but their followers have divided themselves into sects and sub-sects, each faction being rejoices without perceiving.

Those who fear God are foremost in good deeds

  • Indeed, those who – they are fearful from fear of their Lord (23:57). And those who – they believe in their Lord’s revelations (23:58). And those who – they do not associate partners with their Lord (23:59). And those who give what they have given while their hearts are fearful that they will be returning to their Lord (23:60). Those – they hasten in the good deeds, and they are foremost in them (23:61).
  • Note: Those who are fearful of their Lord and their returning to Him hasten to do the righteous deeds.

Listening to and studying scripture is prerequisite for God’s help

  • And we do not burden a soul except its means, and with us is a record speaks with the truth, and they will not be wronged (23:62). Nay, their hearts are in confusion over this, and for them are deeds other than that they are doers for it (23:63). Until when we have seized their wealthy ones with the punishment when they cry for help (23:64). You should not cry for help today; indeed, you will not be helped from us (23:65). Certainly, it has been, is recited My revelations to you, then you have been on your heels to turn back (23:66). Being arrogant with it, disregarding – you speak evil (23:67). Do not then they study the Word? Nor has it come to them what does not come to their ancestors? (23:68). Nor do they recognize their messenger that they are rejectors of him? (23:69). Nor do they say madness in him? Nay, he had come to them with the truth, while most of them were averse to the truth (23:70). And if their desires had followed the truth, surely, there would have corrupted the heavens and the earth, and whoever has been therein. Nay, we had given them with their reminder, while they were averse from their reminder (23:71). Or did you ask them for a payment? While your Lord’s payment is better and He is best of the providers (23:72). And indeed, you surely, call them to a straight path (23:73). And indeed, those who do not believe in the Hereafter are surely deviators  from the path (23:74). And if we had given them mercy and had removed hardship what has been with them, surely, they would have persisted in their transgression, they would wander (23:75). And certainly, we have afflicted them with the punishment, while they have not submitted to their Lord and they do not supplicate (23:76). Until when we have opened for them a gate of a severe punishment, then they are despair therein (23:77).
  • Note: God does not help those who turned back from His revelations and did not study the scripture to be the averse from the reminder, disbelievers in the Hereafter and deviators from straight path.

God has given wisdom to believe in resurrection

  • And He is the One who has made for you the hearing, the vision, and the understanding. Little is what you appreciative (23:78). And He is the One who has multiplied you in the earth, and to Him you will be gathered (23:79). And He is the One who gives life and causes death, and to Him is alternation of the night and the day. Do you not then understand? (23:80). Nay, they said like what had said the forefathers (23:81). They said, “When have we been died and have we been dust and bones? Would we surely be raised ones? (23:82). Certainly, we have been promised this and our forefathers before; this is not but tales of the past.” (23:83). Say, “To whom belongs the earth, and whoever in it, if you have been to know?” (23:84). They will say, “To God.” Say, “Do you not then take heed?” (23:85). Say, “Who is a Lord of the seven heavens and a Lord of the great Throne?” (23:86). They will say, “God.” Say, “Do you not then fear?” (23:87). Say, “Who is, in His hand is dominion of all things, and He protects, and no one can be protected against Him, if you have been to know?” (23:88). They will say, “God.” Say, “Then how are you deluded?” (23:89). Nay, we have given them with the truth, while indeed, they are surely, liars (23:90).
  • Note: God has given us wisdom that we can appreciate Him reflecting to our life and death, and  alternation of the night and the day, and resurrection, which is not a tale from the past.

It is evil to say God has taken a son

  • God has not taken a son, nor has there been any god with Him. Then surely, each god would have taken away of what he has created, and surely, would have overpowered one of them over other. Glory to God is too high what they attribute (23:91). Knower of the secrets and the declarations, so He has exalted Himself too high what they associate (23:92). Say, “My Lord, if only You would show me what they are promised (23:93). My Lord, so You do not put me in the people of the wrongdoers.” (23:94). And indeed, we on that we can show you what we promise them, surely are able to do (23:95). You shall repel the evil with that which is best; we are best Knower of what they attribute (23:96). Say, “My Lord, I seek refuge in You from whispers of the devils (23:97). And I seek refuge in You, my Lord, lest they come near me.” (23:98).
  • Note: It is not befitting for God to have a son, and should seek in Him of those who say this to repel as it is evil while He has exalted Himself too high above to associate partners with Him.

Deniers in God’s revelations wish to come back at the moment of death

  • Until when the death has come to one of them, he has said, “My Lord, send me back (23:99). That I can do as righteous in what I have left behind.” No, indeed, it is a word, he is being its speaker, while there is a barrier of their ahead till a day they are resurrected (23:100). So when has been blown in the trumpet, then there will be no relationship between them that day, nor will they ask each other (23:101). So whoever has been heavy of his scales, then those – they are the successful ones (23:102). And whoever has been light of his scales, then those – they have lost their souls, will be in Hell are abiding forever (23:103). The Fire will burn their faces, and they are miserable in it (23:104). Were not My revelations recited to you, then you had done to deny in them? (23:105). They have said, “Our Lord, our wretchedness has overcome on us, and we have been a people of strayers (23:106). “Our Lord, bring us out from it that if we have returned, then we are the wicked.” (23:107). He said, “Be despised in it, and you are not to speak to Me” (23:108). Indeed, there has been a group of My servants say, ”Our Lord, we have believed, so forgive for us and have mercy on us, and You are best of the merciful ones.” (23:109). While you have taken them as mockery until they have made you forget My remembrance, and you have done to laugh at them (23:110).
  • Note: At the moment of death the disbelievers wish to come back to do the righteous deeds what they had missed but they cannot come back until a day of the resurrection when they will be judged based on their records and are placed them in Hell because of light weight for denying God’s revelations came to them, there is no escape for them from it, even they would wish to return to be tested again.

The believers who are steadfast will be rewarded

  • “Indeed, I have rewarded them today because of they have been steadfast, indeed, they are the successful ones.” (23:111). He said, “How many a number of years have you remained in the earth?” (23:112). They said, “We have remained a day or a part of a day. So ask those who have counted.” (23:113). He said, “You have not stayed except for a while, if that you have been to know (23:114). “Have you then thought that we have created you purposeless, and that you will not be returned to us?” (23:115).
  • Note: God will reward the steadfast believers letting them know that they have been in the earth for a short time and He has not created them except having purpose.

Those who have failed to worship one god will not succeed

  • So, has exalted God – the King, the Truth. There is no god except He, Lord of the Throne, the Honorable (23:116). And whoever calls other god with God without proof for him in it, then his reckoning in fact, is with his Lord. Indeed, he is of the disbelievers will not succeed (23:117). And say, “My Lord, forgive and have mercy, and You are best of the merciful ones.” (23:118).
  • Note: Those who have called other god (deity) with God associating partners with Him are the disbelievers will not succeed on a day of the Judgment and their prayer for forgiveness and mercy will not help them to escape the punishment given to them based on their reckoning.

Surah al-Mu’minuun (The believers) has described the criteria of the true believers: (1) humbles in their salat prayer, (2) averse from the vain talk, (3) doers of the zakat and (4) protectors of their chastity, and has addressed the crucial matters that the believers can ascertain in which most people may have difficulty to believe – for example, at moment of death we know our recompense while our final destination will be determined based on our records through resurrection at our meeting to our Lord.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (01/01/2021).