Surah Qaf (Surah 50: Revelation Order 34)

Oath of God

  • (I swear by) Qaf and the Quran, the Glorious (50:1).
  • Note: The statement in 50:1 is an awesome oath of God consisting of the Quranic initial ‘Qaf’ stands for Quran and the Quran, the Glorious at the beginning of the sura, which affirms subsequent statements while the Quran, the glorious is a matching pair being the glorious is an attribute of Quran, and is also an attribute of God. This kind of oath is also found in 38:1– (by) Saad and the Quran, the reminder but this is special as the initial ‘Qaf’ also stands for Quran. However, the quranic initials are also the lower level physical proofs of the numerical system in the Quran, and the total occurrence of the letter ‘Qaf’ in the Arabic text of the entire sura is a multiple of 19 =>57 = 19 x 3.

The disbelievers deny the truth

  • They have wondered that had come to them a warner from them, and the disbelievers said, “This is a amazing thing (50:2). When have we been died and have we been dust – that is a far return?” (50:3). Certainly, we have known what consumes the earth of them, and with us there is a protected record (50:4). They have denied in the truth when it had come to them, so they were in a confused situation (50:5).
  • Note: Taking oath God has confirmed that a warner has come to them among themselves with a warning, i.e., the Quran but the disbelievers consider it something strange. They also denied the truth about the resurrection due to their confusion whether the dead will really come back while with God, there is an accurate record of all us who have been consumed by the earth. Often the warner or messenger is the subject of our discussion and our primary focus turns to the person who has blessed with the warning or message rather than the warning or the message either to idolize him or to reject him out of jealousy.

Construction of sky and earth is an enlightenment and a reminder for us

  • Do they not then look at the sky above them, and how we have structured it and have adorned it, while there are no flaws in it? (50:6). And the earth we have extended it and have placed mountains in it, and we have made it to grow every beautiful kind (50:7). This is an enlightening and a reminder for every servant of worshipper (50:8).
  • Note: The flawless structure of the sky, and to make the earth productive having plain land and mountains on it that grows beautiful plants to support us is an enlightenment and a reminder for those who submit to God. This enlightenment (tabsiratan– feminine noun) and reminder (dhik’raa– feminine noun) in the Quran (masculine proper noun) is so plain and clear that none of us should fail to reflect on it to make us submitters to God.

Water from the sky is a blessing for us from God

  • And we have sent down blessed water from the sky, then we have made to grow with it gardens and grains for harvesting (50:9). And the tall date palms, with clustered fruit (50:10). A provision for the servants, and we have given life to a dead land with it. Thus that is the coming forth (resurrection) (50:11).
  • Note: God sends down water from the sky that revives the dead land to grow crops and fruits for our provision. This may be a sign for us that God is able to resurrect after we die and should make us appreciative to Him.

Consequence of denial of messengers

  • Who denied before them were the people of Noah, the dwellers of Russ, and Thamud (50:12). And `Ãd, Pharaoh, and the brethren of Lot (50:13). And dwellers of the woods, and people of Tubba – everyone had denied the messengers, so has fulfilled My threat (50:14).
  • Note: Many a generation before us have denied their messengers as they failed to understand that it is a God’s system to send messengers from time to time to guide and warn people. The consequences of those people may serve as a lesson for us so that we may accept the truth when it comes down with any of them reflecting to God’s system to save us from the retribution on the day of judgment.

Who has created us is also able to recreate us

  • Did we have any difficulty with the first creation? Yet, they are in doubt about a new creation (50:15). We have created the human, and we know what he whispers to himself. We are closer to him than his jugular vein (59:16). When two recorders at the right and at the left, are recording (50:17). He cannot utter any single word without having a recorder (50:18). And has come the moment of death with the truth, “That is what you have done to escape from it” (50:19). And has been blown in the horn; That is a day of the warning (50:20). And every soul has come with it a driver and a witness (50:21).
  • Note: Recreation, i.e., resurrection should not be difficult for Him who has created us in the first time and we should not have any doubt about it (resurrection). Thus, our life is not ended with our death as the dead will be resurrected. Therefore, we will stand before God with our individual precise record and a witness on the promised day, and there is no way to hide any of our evil works from Him.

Requital of the disbelievers on the promised day

  • Certainly, you were heedless of this. Now we have removed your cover, so today, your vision is sharp (50:22). And his companion will say, “Here is what I have.” (50:23). Throw both into Hell every stubborn disbeliever (50:24). Forbidder of good, transgressor, doubter (50:25). Who sets up besides God another god, so throw him into severe retribution (50:26). His companion said, “Our Lord, I did not mislead him; but he was in far astray (by himself).” (50:27). He said, “Do not feud in My presence; I have sent forth the warning to you (50:28). There will be no change of My punishment nor am I unjust towards my servants.” (50:29). The day we will ask Hell, “Are you full?” and it will say, “Are there any more?” (50:30).
  • Note: The disbelievers were heedless to the promised day what is now made clear to them by removing their cover but their consequence is Hell because of their heedlessness including idol worshiping as well as disregarding the warning. In addition to precise record, the jinn being, the life-long companion of every human soul who convinces him to uphold Satan’s view will be the witness on that day. Hence, the disbelievers will not able to escape the retribution as promised on the Day of Judgment. However, the misconception of idol worshiping just focusing on the worshiping of idols and objects is a misfortune and the expectation of help from someone on that day that many of us believe is a myth being a satanic trick to nullify our all works and to lead us to Hell making us idol worshipers.

Compensation of the righteous on the promised day

  • Paradise will be made instantly available for the righteous (50:31). This is what you were promised for every obedient, steadfast (50:32). Who reverenced the Most Gracious, in the unseen, and came with a repentant heart (50:33). Enter it in peace. This is the Day of eternal life (50:34). In it, they will have whatever they wish, and we have even more (50:35).
  • Note: Paradise is promised for every obedient and steadfast. Thus, those who feared the Most Gracious and came with repentant heart will start peaceful and secure eternal life in Paradise wherein they will have whatever they wish. However, such compensation on the promised day is for their due reflection to the warning and for their good works.

History of destruction is a reminder for us

  • How many a generation have we destroyed before? They were stronger in power that had dominated in the land. Was there any place of escape? (50:36). Indeed, in that surely, there is a reminder for whoever has been a heart for him or has given ear to the hearing, while he is a witness (50:37).
  • Note: The mention of destruction of the disbelieving people in the past in the Quran is a reminder for us to avoid all kinds of evil behavior if we can really reflect to it.

All praise and prayers belong to our Creator

  • We have created the heavens and the earth, and everything between them in six days, and no fatigue touched us (50:38). So be patient to what they say, and praise and glorify your Lord before sunrise, and before sunset (50:39). And in the night glorify Him, and after prostrating (50:40). And be aware that the day when the caller will call from a near place (50:41). The day they will hear the shout with truth; that is the day of coming out (50:42). Indeed we, we give life and we cause death, and to us is the final return (50:43). A day he earth will crack, from them hastening forth. That gathering is easy for us (50:44). We are fully aware of what they say while you have no power over them. So remind with the Quran those who fear My warning (50:45).
  • Note: God has created us and He wants us to praise and glorify Him at all our circumstances to be appreciate to our Lord being aware that we will be gathered before Him with a call, which will reach to everyone. This is a truth and an easy matter for God, and there should not have any doubt about it. Thus, we must be regular and sincere in praising and glorifying our Lord to prepare us for our successful return to Him. However, He is aware of both believing and disbelieving people while the prophet had no power over the disbelieving people except to remind them with the warning sent with him. Thus, all messengers are just warners without having any mission of their own while many of us idolize them believing that they can add rituals and laws to God’s religion being closer to God.


The sura begins with a statement of God’s oath consisting of Qaf and the Quran, the glorious, and the true believers can only realize how awesome the God’s oath is! This oath affirms that the disbelievers denied the truth: ‘a warner has come to them among themselves is considered something strange and the confusion about the resurrection whether the dead will really come back.’ However, this oath is very special as we see the pattern of 57 in the elements participating in the oath. The total occurrence of the letter ‘Qaf’ in the Arabic text of the entire sura is 57. The Arabic word “Quran” referring to the revealed Quran occurs 57 times in the entire Quran while the gematrical value (ancient number system) of the Arabic word “majid” translated to glorious, an attribute of the Quran is 57. Hence, the symmetry of 57 confirms that the initial “Qaf” which is also the title of the sura codes the word “Quran”. It is noteworthy that the initial “Qaf” is also found in another sura which is Al-Shoora (sura 42) where the total occurrence of Qaf in the Arabic text of that sura is 57 as well. The Quran has a numerical system embedded in its Arabic text and its presence in the God’s oath makes His oath very special to confirm that the Quran is, in fact, the glorious.

There are 45 verses in sura Qaf and the most significant aspects that are covered in the sura under special oath are: (1) the denial of truth by the disbelievers because of their heedlessness to the warning and confusion about resurrection, (2) the flawless structure of the sky and the productive earth to support us is an enlightenment and a reminder for us, (3) the water from the sky is a blessing from God as a means of our provision and a sign from Him to understand resurrection, (4) the consequences of people who denied the messengers in the past is a reminder for us so that we may understand God’s system of sending messengers to guide and warn us, (5) Who has created us is also able to recreate us is a logical proof for us to remove any doubt from our hearts about the event of resurrection, (6) the gathering before God with our precise record and a witness is a means for our equitable judgment, (7) on the promised day, the requital of the disbelievers is Hell because of their heedlessness to the warning, doubtfulness about resurrection and idol worshiping while that of the righteous is Paradise because of their appreciativeness to their Lord through dedication of their all praise and prayers to their Creator, (8) the history of destruction of previous generations is a reminder for us and (9) all our praise and prayers belong to our Creator to be appreciative to Him.

The Quran contains God’s teachings and laws, and He wants us to reflect on them to be appreciative to Him as well as to lead a righteous life. In addition to being the guidance, the Quran is often referred to be the warning and the reminder while there are wonderful attributes as assigned to it are: the glorious (al-quran al-majeed), the wise (al-quran al-hakeem), honorable (la’quranun karimun) and the great (al-quran al-azeem). God’s teachings and laws in it are divided into 114 suras, each of which is further subdivided into total 6346 verses (including numbered and unnumbered verses), even certain sets of verses can be isolated across suras to make His revelations clear to us.

Qaf is one of the suras and Qaf stands for Quran. Hence, in disguise, the sura name is Quran and the significant aspects, examples and analogies mentioned in the sura under special oath invite our special attention to understand our life here and Hereafter as well as to reflect on God’s teachings and laws in the rest of the Quran. However, we should not hasten if we are not clear in any matter but should be patient and implore God to increase our knowledge to understand it better on our way.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (6/17/2016).