Surah Al-Dukhan (Surah 44: Revelation Order 64)

    Oath of God

    • (I swear by) Ha. Meem (44:1). And the scripture, the clarifier (44:2).
    • Note: Ha.Meem, the letters of the Arabic alphabet popularly known as quranic initials are physical proofs of Quran from God instead of mysterious letters, which occur in certain frequencies in the Arabic text of the relevant sura is an established fact now, and the total of these two letters in the Arabic text of seven suras is a multiple of 19 => 2147 (19x113). However, Ha. Meem and the scripture, the clarifier is an oath of God being at the beginning of the sura to make our focus on the statements that immediately follow His oath so that we can reflect and realize the real significance on the night in which the whole Quran has been revealed.

    Quran has been revealed in a night of blessing

    • Indeed, we have revealed it (hu means it refers to scripture being the masculine object pronoun in Arabic text) in a night of blessing, indeed, we have been the warners (44:3). In it (haa means it refers to a night being the feminine object pronoun in Arabic text), every wise matter is made clear (44:4).
    • Note: The whole Quran was revealed in a night of blessing clarifying all matters that we need to do the righteous deeds while God’s great work in the night has been spelled out in the previous revelation (Surah 97: Al-Qadr – Revelation Order 25). Thus, the night-long event occurred in 13 B.H. (609 A.D.) involving the angels and the Gabriel can be mathematically confirmed by the factual evidence derived from 26 verses across 5 suras in the Quran being the total of the relevant sura and verse numbers is a multiple of 19 => 589(19x31) to eliminate any doubt from our hearts about any misconceptions, even to avoid any man-made rituals around the night.

    It is God’s system and mercy to send messengers

    • It is a command from us; indeed, we have been senders of messengers (44:5). It is a mercy from your Lord. He is the Hearer, the Knower (44:6). Lord of the heavens and the earth, and what is between them if you have been ascertainers (44:7). There is no god except He. He gives life and causes death – your Lord and Lord of your parents, the ancestors (44:8). Nay, they are in doubt, they are in playing (44:9).
    • Note: It is God’s system and His mercy to send messengers with His reminders from time to time to guide and remind humanity to worship Him alone being Lord of all of us, Who controls our life and death, but most people are confused and heedless to the reminders, even among the believers there are people who give excessive focus on the messenger considering him heavenly persona instead of the message sent with him to make them idol worshippers.

    Punishment for denying God’s messenger of covenant

    • So you shall watch for a day the sky will bring a profound smoke (44:10). It will envelop the people; this is a painful punishment (44:11). “Our Lord, remove the punishment from us; indeed, we are believers.” (44:12). How can be the reminder for them, when certainly, had come to them a clarifying messenger? (44:13). Then, they had turned away from him and said, “An educated, a mad!” (44:14). Indeed, we are relievers of the punishment for a while; indeed, you are returning (44:15). A day we will strike the big strike; indeed, we are retaliators (44:16).
    • Note: The punishment to come, the smoke in the sky that will cover people is not literal but a metaphor, which we can understand better now from a disaster of world-wide outbreak of COVID-19 we are witnessing is a circumstantial evidence of the future event down the generations. There is a clear indication that this punishment has seized us for denying in a reminder of Quran’s mathematical coding (74:30-37) delivered in 1974 by a messenger of covenant upon fulfillment of God’s covenant with all prophets placed in all scripture (3:81) including Quran (33:7) to bring people back to His revelations (27:82) while there is also a clear indication that this punishment has been relieved for a while for the big strike to come. The punishment to come, the big strike also is not literal but a metaphor, which we can connect to the end of the world followed by this world-wide disaster, is also another sign that the end of the world has come closer. The end of the world has been predicted by the messenger to be in 2280 based on signs we have already witnessed and facts deriving from the Quran has enough proofs to be acceptable to those who have believed in God as well as His complete (3:23) and the final edition of scripture (33:40) being His wondrous creation (72:1) to save them in the Hereafter except those who have hearts but cannot understand, have eyes but cannot see and have ears but cannot hear (7:179).

    Moses was sent to Pharaoh to deliver people of Israel to him

    • And certainly, we had tested a people of Pharaoh before themselves; while had come to them an honorable messenger (44:17). That you shall deliver God’s servants to me; indeed me, a trustworthy messenger to you (44:18). And that you do not be proud against God. Indeed, I come to you with an authority is clear (44:19). Indeed, I seek refuge in my Lord and your Lord, lest you stone me (44:20). And if you do not believe for me, then you shall leave me alone” 44:21). So he had called his Lord that these people are criminals” (44:22). (His Lord said) “Travel with My servants during the night; you will be pursued (44:23). “Cross the sea quickly; their troops will be drowned” (44:24).
    • Note: Moses was sent to Pharaoh’s people with a powerful support who asked them to let go people of Israel with him not being arrogant against God. God made a passage through the sea while Moses and his people crossed it safely, but Pharaoh and his people who pursued them were drowned in it.

    A miserable consequence of Pharaoh and his people

    • How many gardens and springs they had left (44:25). And crop fields and luxurious places (44:26). And the delightful things that they used to enjoy (44:27). Thus that, we made it inherited by other people (44:28). Neither the heaven and the earth wept for them, nor were they given respite (44:29). Indeed, we saved the Children of Israel from the humiliating persecution (44:30). From Pharaoh; indeed, he was a great tyrant (44:31). We chose them purposely over all the people (44:32), and gave them many blessings wherein there was a great test (44:33).
    • Note: The consequence of Pharaoh and his people who had denied God’s messenger sent with profound sign has been referred to the context that we can reflect as warning to avoid such punishment due to denying of God’s messenger. The people of Israel had been saved but Pharaoh and his people had been a miserable consequences for their arrogance while they left many pleasing things that they had enjoyed in this world, wherein there was a test for them but they had ignored.

    An impediment to ascertain resurrection

    • The people around you are saying (44:34), “There is only one death for us in it (earth); we will never be resurrected! (44:35). Bring back our forefathers, if you are truthful” (44:36). Are they better than the people of Tubba` and those before them whom we annihilated as they were wicked? (44:37). We did not create the heavens and the earth, and everything between them, just to play (44:38). We created them for a specific purpose, but most of them do not know (44:39). The Day of Decision awaits them all (44:40). That is the day when no friend can help his friend in any way; no one can be helped (44:41). Only those who attain mercy from God. He is the Almighty, Most Merciful (44:42).
    • Note: Most people who are criminals are not certain about resurrection and the final judgment, even they cannot learn any lesson from the destruction of the wicked people in the past failing to understand the purpose of their creation as well. The Day of Decision is awaiting all the people. God has confirmed that there would be no help from any one, only those who have attained God’s mercy will be saved. Thus, those who expect that they will be saved through intercession will be the great losers.

    Retaliation of disbelievers is Hell

    • Surely, the tree of Zaqqum (44:43) – will provide the food for the sinners (44:44). Like hot oil, it will boil in the stomachs (44:45). Like the boiling of liquid (44:46). Take him and throw him into the center of Hell (44:47). Then pour over his head the retribution of the boiling liquid (44:48). “Taste this; you were so powerful, so honorable.” (44:49). This is what you used to doubt (44:50).
    • Note: The retaliation of the disbelievers is Hell wherein they will suffer the painful retribution for what they have done being doubtful in it while Hell and punishment in it are allegorically presented to us.

    Compensation of righteous is Paradise

    • The righteous will be in a secure position (44:51). Enjoying gardens and springs (44:52). Wearing velvet and satin; remaining close to each other (44:53). Thus that, and we have matched them with beautiful spouses (44:54). They will enjoy in it all kinds of fruits, perfect peace (44:55). They would not taste death therein except the first death, and He has spared them the retribution of Hell (44:56). Such is the blessing from your Lord. Such is the great triumph (44:57).
    • Note: The compensation of the righteous is Paradise wherein they will enjoy perfect happiness with their beautiful spouses. Such compensation is the great triumph for the righteous from their Lord while there is no death for them therein except the first death that occurred in the High Society before sending down humans to the earth. However, the description of Paradise and enjoyment in it are allegorically presented.

    Quran is revealed in Arabic to make it easy to understand

    • So indeed, we have made it (Quran) easy in your language, that they may take heed (44:58). So you shall watch; indeed, they are the watchers (44:59).
    • Note: Quran was revealed in mother tongue of prophet to make it easy to understand for the mother city that they can study and follow it to find the right path for them and people around them. But what we see down the generations a rumor they spread that it is difficult to understand and create volumes after volumes of hadith books to explain it and turn away from it misinterpreting its many verses.


    Surah Al-Dukhan (The Smoke) is one of the initialed suras and most significant events we can reflect: (1) God’s oath referring to a set of Quranic initial, Ha.Meem and the scripture, the clarifier, (2) a night of blessing the entire Quran has been revealed, (3) God’s system and His mercy to send messengers (4) punishment in metaphor for rejecting God’s messenger of covenant, (5) consequence of Pharaoh and his disbelieving people, (6) passage in the sea to save believers but to drown disbelievers, (7) impediment to be certain about resurrection, (8) retaliation of disbelievers in Hell, (9) compensation of righteous in Paradise and (10) revealing of Quran in Arabic makes it easy to understand.

    Sura begins with God’s oath, and the true believers can only realize how awesome the God’s oath is! The revelation of the whole Quran was a night-long process and the night is referred to being a night of blessing in which all matters were clarified. The revealing process and the significance of a night of the Power has been detailed out in the previous revelation gives a complete picture not to have doubt.

    It is God’s mercy and system to send messengers and prophets with His message to guide humanity but they make it their system to reject them being doubtful about them and heedless to His message sent with them. Following the footsteps of other messengers God’s messenger of covenant was sent with a reminder of Quran’s mathematical coding supported by the great miracle, number 19 per God’s covenant with all prophets placed in all scripture including the Quran to bring people back to His revelations. Now, what we see a world-wide disaster from COVID-19, a punishment more than 40 years later upon delivery of the message for denying the message sent with the messenger that made us wicked. This is another sign that the end of the world is closer being a warning for the people of the generation and the generation to come to reflect that they may reform and save them in the Hereafter accepting the truth from God witnessing a punishment as a circumstantial evidence not to have doubt.

    Pharaoh and his people were wicked and an honorable messenger was sent to guide them but they rejected him. As a consequence, they were drowned while the Children of Israel had been saved from the humiliating persecution of Pharaoh and his wicked people, who were given many blessings to do righteous deeds to be appreciative to God but they had been arrogant being unappreciative to Him. The history of Pharaoh and his people with Moses have been mentioned in the context to be a lesson for us from the consequence of the wicked people expecting that we would do our best to avoid such wickedness to save from God’s punishment to come from smoke in the sky that will cover people, is world-wide disaster from COVID-19 in metaphor indicating the end of the world is closer as well.

    Followed by resurrection and judgment, the disbelievers will suffer in Hell and the righteous will enjoy in Paradise. Both Hell and Paradise are allegorically presented to us but in Hell there will be extreme suffering while in Paradise there will be inexhaustible peace and enjoyment. Thus, our return to our Lord meeting all requirements and obligations according to Quran clarified in a night of blessing, God has called it better than a thousand months to pay our attention for best use of it given in the night.

    God has made Quran easy to understand while He has used metaphor in many literal description to explain certain things, especially future events, which can be confirmed from circumstantial evidences when they come help us to avoid myth, misconception or misinterpretation about them handed down until then. Thus, COVID-19 is a punishment in metaphor of a smoke in the sky that will cover people for denying the message delivered by a messenger of covenant allowing people for more than 40 years.
    Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
    Tafazzal (3/25/2016).