Surah Al-An’`aam (Sura 6: Revelation Order 55)

Sufficient signs around us to believe in the sovereignty of God

  • All praise to God, Who has created the heavens and the earth, and has made the darkness and the light. Then those who have disbelieved in their Lord deviate (6:1). He is the One who created you from clay, then decreed a term for you, and a term that is only known to Him. Then, still you doubt (6:2)! He is God in the heavens and the earth. He knows your secrets and your declarations, and He knows what you earn (6:3). Whatever sign comes to them from their Lord, they turn away from it (6:4). Then certainly, they have denied in the truth when it had come to them, so will come to them of what they have done with it to mock (6:5). Have they not seen how many of generations we have destroyed before themselves? We established them in the earth what we have not established for you. And we sent abundant shower upon them of the sky and made the rivers flow from underneath them; then we destroyed them for their sins, and established other generations after themselves (6:6). Even if we had sent down to you a scripture written on paper, and they touched it with their hands, those who have disbelieved would say, “This is but a clever magic.” (6:7). They said, “If only an angel could come down with him!” Had we sent an angel, the matter would have been resolved, and they would not have been respited (6:8).
  • Note: Whatever signs come from God the disbelievers will consistently deny them but they cannot escape the consequence when it comes to them.

God is our Protector

  • Had we sent an angel, we would have made him a man, and we would have made them confused as they are confused now (6:9). And indeed, of messengers before yours have been ridiculed, so those among them who mocked, suffered the consequences, what have done to mock at it (6:10). Say, “Roam the earth and note the consequences for the rejecters” (6:11). Say, “To whom belongs what in the heavens and the earth? “Say, “To God.” He has decreed mercy on Himself. He will surely gather you on the Day of Resurrection in which there is no doubt. Those who have lost their souls, they do not believe (6:12). To Him belongs what dwells in the night and the day. He is the Hearer, the Knower (6:13). Say, “Is there other than God I should take as protector, Initiator of the heavens and the earth, while He feeds and is not fed?” Say, “Indeed, I have been commanded that I be a first who has submitted, and you do not be with the idolaters.” (6:14). Say, “I fear, if I disobeyed my Lord, the retribution of an awesome day (6:15). “Whoever is spared on that day, then He had mercy on him, and that is the greatest success” (6:16). If God touches you with affliction, none can relieve it except He. And if He touches you with a blessing, then He is Omnipotent (6:17). He is the Supreme over His servants. He is the Most Wise, the Cognizant (6:18).
  • Note: God has assigned mercy to Himself and sent messengers to us to guide us but the rejecters will face the consequences on a Day of the Resurrection in which there is no doubt.

God’s testimony is the greatest

  • Say, “Which thing is greatest as testimony?” Say, “God is a Witness between me and you; and has been revealed to me this – the Quran that I may warn you with it and whoever it reaches. Do you indeed, testify that with God there are other gods?” Say, “I do not testify.” Say, “He is only One god, and indeed, I am innocent of what you associate.” (6:19). Those whom we have given them the scripture, they recognize this as they recognize their children. Those who have lost themselves, then they do not believe (6:20). And who is more wicked than one who has invented a lie about God, or has denied in His revelations? Indeed, the wicked will not succeed (6:21).
  • Note: There is no other god except God and He is a witness between the prophet and the people that this – the Quran has been revealed through prophet Muhammad to warn people with it.

Polytheists deny their polytheism

  • A day we gather them all, then we will say to those who associate partners, “Where are your partners those whom you have been to claim?” (6:22). Then it will not be their plea except that they say, “By God our Lord, we had not been the idolaters (6:23). See how they lied against themselves and lost what they used to invent for them (6:24). Some of them listen to you, but we have placed veils on their hearts to prevent them from understanding it, and deafness in their ears, if they see every sign, they will not believe, and even when they come to you they argue, those who disbelieve say, “This is nothing but the tales from the past” (6:25). They forbid others from it and keep themselves away from it, and they destroy none but themselves without perceiving (6:26). And if you could see when they have been made standing over the Fire, they have said: “Oh! It would be that we could be sent back, we would not deny with our Lord’s revelations, and we would be with the believers!” (6:27). No, what they used to conceal has been exposed to them, and if they were sent back, they would return to what they were forbidden from, and they are but liars (6:28). They said, “There is nothing except our life of this world, and we will not be resurrected” (6:29). And if you could see when they have been made to stand before their Lord! He would have said, “Is this not with the truth?” They would have said, “Yes, by our Lord.” He would have said, “So, taste the punishment of what you have done to disbelieve” (6:30). Certainly, those who denied in meeting of God had lost, until when the Hour comes to them suddenly, said, “Oh! Our regret for what we neglected about it.” And they will bear their burden on their backs; no doubt, what they bear committed evil! (6:31).
  • Note: Following God’s revelations, i.e., the Quran is our means to save us from the Fire on the Day of Judgment but most people disbelieve in it saying that this is nothing but the tales from the past. They keep themselves away from it and forbid others from it, even those who believe in it fail to understand it not to be sincere.

Rejecting God’s messengers is a human tragedy

  • This worldly life is no more than play and amusement, while the abode of the Hereafter is far better for those who fear (God). Do you not then understand (6:32)? We know that you may be saddened by what they say; they are not rejecting you, but it is God’s revelations which the wicked disregard (6:33). Messengers before you were denied, but they were patient for what they were denied, and they were persecuted until our victory came to them; no one can change the words of God, and the news of the messengers has come to you (6:34). If their aversion is too much for you, then perhaps you could make a tunnel in the earth, or a ladder to the sky, and bring them a miracle. Had God willed, He would have gathered them to the guidance; so do not be of the ignorant ones (6:35). Only those who listen will respond. As for the dead, God will resurrect them, then to Him they will return (6:36).They said, “Why is not a sign sent down to him from his Lord?” Say, “God is able to send down a sign, but most of them do not know” (6:37).
  • Note: Though rejecting God’s messengers is a human tragedy but those who reject messengers do not reject them except God’s revelations. The prophet is advised to be patient as well as not to be an ignorant. If God willed, He would have gathered all to the guidance.

Deaf and dumb deny in God’s revelations being in the darkness

  • And neither of a creature in the earth nor a bird flies with its wings, but are communities like you. We have not left out of anything in the scripture; then to their Lord they will be gathered (6:38). And those who have denied in our revelations are deaf and dumb being in the darkness. Whomever God wills, He sends him astray, and whomever He wills, He places him on a straight path (6:39). Say, “Have you seen if there has come to you God’s punishment or has come to you the Hour, do you call other than God if you have been the truthful?” (6:40)? Nay, you call Him alone that He removes what you call to Him if He has willed, and you forget what you associate (6:41). And certainly, we had sent to communities before yourself, then we seized them with the adversity and the hardship, that they may humble (6:42). Then why have not they humbled when has come our punishment to them? But has hardened their hearts, and the Satan has made fair-seeming to them what they have done to accomplish (6:43). Then when they have forgot what they have been reminded with it, we have opened for them gates of every thing until when they have rejoiced in what they have been given; we have seized them suddenly then when they are stunned (6:44). Thus, has been cut off the remainder of the people those who have done wrong, and all praise to God, Lord of the worlds (6:45).
  • Note: The Quran has everything including reminders to do the righteous deeds but the devils have hardened the hearts of the rejecters to make them losers adorning their deeds in their eyes.

Role and responsibilities of the prophet

  • Say: “Have you seen that if God had taken away your hearing and your eye sight, and He had sealed around your hearts; which god besides God can bring you with it?” See how we explain the revelations, then they turn away (6:46). Say: “Have you seen if had come to God’s retribution suddenly or steadily, will any be destroyed except the wicked people” (6:47)? We do not send the messengers except as bearers of good news and warners. Those who believe and reform, then they have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve (6:48). And those who reject our revelations, the retribution will inflict them for what they used to defy (6:49). Say, “I do not say to you there are God’s treasures with me nor do I know the unseen nor do I say to you that I am an angel. I do not follow except what is revealed to me.” Say, “Do the blind and the seer be equal? Then do you not think” (6:50)? And you (prophet) shall warn with it (Quran) those who fear that they will be gathered to their Lord; for them there is no protector other than Him nor is there any intercessor that they may fear (6:51). And do not turn away those who call on their Lord in the morning and evening seeking His presence. You are not responsible for their reckoning nor are they responsible for your reckoning. So if you turn them away, then you will be a wicked (6:52). Thus, we test them with one another, so that they may say: “Are these the ones whom God has blessed from amongst us?” Is God not aware of the thankful (6:53)? When those who believe in our revelations come to you, you shall say, “Peace be upon you.” Your Lord has decreed mercy on Himself that anyone among you who commits evil out of ignorance, then repents thereafter and reforms, then He is Forgiving, Most Merciful.” (6:54). Thus, we explain the revelations, and make clear the path of the guilty (6:55). Say, “I am forbidden from worshiping what you worship besides God.” Say, “I will not follow your desire otherwise, I would go astray and I would not be among the guided ones.” (6:56). Say, “I have clear proof from my Lord, and you have rejected it. It is not with me what you seek to hasten of it. The decision is only with God who narrates the truth, and He is the best judge.” (6:57). Say, “If I had what you were seeking to hasten of it, then the matter between us would have been resolved, and God is fully aware of the wicked.” (6:58).
  • Note: Since messengers are just bearers of good news and warners, the prophet was commanded to warn with the Quran to those who are aware that they will be gathered to their Lord and they do not have besides Him any protector nor an intercessor so that they may be righteous. He was also commanded to not worship what they used to worship besides God and to follow what is revealed to him.

God controls all matters through His system

  • And with Him are keys of the unseen, none knows them except He. And He knows what is in the land and in the sea; and a leaf does fall except He knows it, nor a seed in the darknesses of the earth, nor is it moist or dry except is in a clear record. (6:59). He is the One who takes you at night and knows what you have done during the day. Then He sends you back therein to fulfill a specified term. Then to Him is your final return and He will then inform you of what you have done to achieve (6:60). He is the Supreme over His servants, and He sends guardians over you until when the death comes to any of you, our messengers take him, and they never fail (6:61). Then they are returned to God, their true Protector. To Him is the judgment and He is the swiftest in reckoning (6:62). Say, “Who saves you from the darkness of the land or the sea?” You call Him openly and secretly: “If He saves us this time, we will be the grateful ones.” (6:63). Say, “God does save you this time and any other times, yet you still set up partners.” (6:64) Say, “He is able to send retribution upon you from above you or from below you, or to confuse you dividing into sects to have taste of each other’s violence. See how we explain the revelations that they may understand.” (6:65). Your people have rejected this, even though this is the truth. Say, “I am not your guardian.” (6:66) Every prophecy has a specified term, and you will know at the right time (6:67).
  • Note: God controls all matters whether it is in the heavens or in the earth, or in the land or in the sea. He maintains precise record and is the swiftest in reckoning. He is our true Protector and to Him is our judgment.

Do not take religion as your play and amusement

  • When you see those who are engaged in vain talking of our revelations, you shall turn away from them until they move to another topic. If the devil causes you to forget, then, do not sit after the reminder with the wicked people (6:68). And not on those who fear (God) of their reckoning of anything except for a reminder that they shall fear (for God) (6:69). And you (prophet) shall disregard those who have taken their religion as a play and an amusement, and the worldly life has deceived them. You shall remind with it lest a soul to be suffered for what it has earned; there is no protector other than God nor is there any intercessor. And if it offers, every ransom, it will not be accepted from it. Those are the ones who will be suffered for what they had earned. For them there is a drink of boiling water and a painful retribution because of what they used to disbelieve. (6:70). Say, “Shall we call upon other than God what cannot benefit us or harm us, and we turn back on our heels after God has guided us?” Like the one whom has enticed the devils in the earth, is confused, he has companions who call him to the guidance: “Come to us!” Say, “God’s guidance is the guidance, and we have been commanded that we submit to Lord of the worlds (6:71). And that you shall observe the Contact Prayer (al-salata) and fear Him, and He is the One to Him you will be gathered.” (6:72). And He is the One who has created the heavens and the earth with the truth, and a day He says, “Be,” then it is; His word is the truth. To Him belongs the dominion; a day will be blown in the trumpet; Knower of the unseen and the seen, and He is the Wise, the Cognizant (6:73).
  • Note: If we are deceived by the worldly life accepting religion as a play and amusement, we will suffer on a day the horn will be blown for what we have earned.

The debate of Abraham with the polytheists

  • When Abraham said to his father Ãzer, “How do you take idols as gods? I see that you and your people have gone far astray.” (6:74). Thus, we showed Abraham the phenomenon of the heavens and the earth, so that he would be the one with certainty (6:75). When the night covered him, he saw a star and he said, “This is my Lord.” But when it disappeared, he said, “I do not like the ones that disappear.” (6:76). When he saw the moon rising, he said, “This is my Lord.” When it disappeared, he said, “Unless my Lord guides me, I will be with the strayers.” (6:77) When he saw the sun rising, he said, “This is my Lord, this is bigger.” But when it disappeared, he said, “O my people, I am free of what you associate (6:78). “Indeed, I have turned my face to the One who has created the heavens and the earth as monotheist, and I am not with the idolaters.” (6:79). His people argued with him. He said, “Do you argue with me about God when He has guided me? I do not fear of what you associate with Him except anything that my Lord wills. My Lord encompasses all things with knowledge, then will you not take heed? (6:80). Why should I fear of what you associate while should you not fear that you have associated with God what he sent down to you with no authority? Which of the two parties is worthy of security, if you know?” (6:81). Those who believed, and they do not mix their faith with wrong, those for them is the security and they are the guided ones (6:82).
  • Note: God guided Abraham to turn to the One who created the heavens and the earth. He explored all possible ways to find God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. He was a monotheist and had never set up partners with God.

18 prophets mentioned by name

  • And this was our argument we gave to Abraham against his people. We raise to higher rank whomever we will. Indeed, your Lord is Wise, Knower (6:83). And we granted him Isaac and Jacob, both of them we guided, and Noah we guided from before and of his descendants: David, Solomon, Job, Joseph, Moses, and Aaron. And thus, we reward the righteous (6:84). And Zachariah, John, Jesus, and Elias; all were righteous (6:85). And Ismail, Elisha, Jonah, and Lot, and all we preferred over all the people (6:86). And from their fathers, their descendants and their brothers, we chose them and we guided them to a straight path (6:87). That is God’s guidance, with it He guides whomever He wills from His servants. And if they had associated partners, surely, He would have made worthless for them what they had done to accomplish (6:88). Those were the ones to whom we have given the scripture, the wisdom, and the prophethood. But if any of these would disbelieve in it, then we had entrusted with it to a people who had not been disbelievers in it (6:89). Those are the ones whom (previous prophets mentioned above by name) God has guided; so you (Muhammad) shall follow of their guidance. Say, “I (Muhammad) do not ask you any reward for it. It is not but a reminder for the worlds.” (6:90)
  • Note: If we read the verses 83-86,  we read 18 names starting with Abraham and ending with Lot and the verse 89 confirms that all these 18 were prophets of God. The verse 90 confirms that they were truly guided by God, and Muhammad is advised to make efforts to achieve at their level of guidance while what has been given him, there is in it a reminder for the worlds.

You should honor God as He should be honored

  • They did not honor God as He should be honored. Thus, they said, “God does not reveal anything to any human being.” Say, “Who revealed the scripture that Moses brought, with it a light and guidance for the people?” You put it into parchments disclosing it while concealing a lot. You were taught what neither you nor your fathers knew. Say, “God does.” Then leave them in their discourse, playing (6:91). And this scripture we have revealed it is a blessed, confirming which was its before, and that you may warn the central community and whoever is around it. Those who believe in the Hereafter believe in it, and they take care of their salat prayer (6:92). And who is more wicked than whoever has invented a lie about God, or said: “It has been inspired to me,” while it was not inspired anything to him; or who said: “I will reveal like what God has revealed.” And if you could see when the wicked are in agonies of the death while the angels are stretching out their hands: “Bring yourselves out, today you will be recompensed the humiliating punishment for what you have been to say about God other than the truth, and you were arrogant from His revelations” (6:93). And certainly, you have come back to us as individual as we created you first time, and you left behind your backs whatever we had bestowed on you. And we do not see with you your intercessors those who you claimed that them partners in you. Indeed, has severed between yourselves and has lost from you what you have been to claim.” (6:94).
  • Note: The wicked invent lies about God and claim that they can the same what God has revealed. Thus, they reject God’s revelations.

Signs in the nature to understand God’s system

  • God is the One who causes the grains and the seeds to cleave. He brings the living from the dead, and the dead from the living. Such is God’s system; then how are you deluded! (6:95) He causes the daybreak and has made the night for rest in; and the sun and the moon for reckoning. Such is the design of the Almighty, the Omniscient (6:96). And He is the One who made the stars for you to guide you by them in the darkness of the land and the sea. Thus, we make clear the signs to a people who know (6:97). He is the One who initiated you from one person with a place of dwelling and destination. Thus, we have explained the signs to a people who understand (6:98). He is the One who sends down water from the sky, whereby we produce all kinds of plants. We produce from it the green, from which produce multiple seeds; and what is from the palm trees, from its sheaths hanging low and near; and gardens of grapes, olives and pomegranate, similar and not similar. Look at its fruits when it blossoms and its ripeness. In this, there are signs for a people who believe (6:99). Yet, they set up partners with God from among the jinns, while He had created them. And they attribute to Him sons and daughters, without having any knowledge. Be He glorified, far above what they attribute (6:100). The Initiator of the heavens and the earth. How can He have a son, when He never had a mate? He created all things, and He is knowledgeable over all things (6:101).
  • Note: God has created all things and He is knowledgeable over all of them as well. He has also given us many signs in the nature to understand His system.

God controls our hearts and sight

  • Such is God your Lord, there is no god except He, the Creator of all things. Hence, you shall worship Him and He has control over all things (6:102). No visions can encompass Him, but He encompasses all visions. He is the Compassionate, the Cognizant (6:103). Enlightenments have come to you from your Lord, so whoever sees, does so for his soul, but whoever is blind, does so against his soul. I am not your guardian (6:104). Thus, we explain the revelations, and that they may say, “You have studied”, and we will make it clear for a people who know (6:105). You shall follow what has been inspired to you (Muhammad) from your Lord: there is no god except He, and shall turn away from the idolaters (6:106). If God had willed, they would not have associated partners (with Him). And we have not made you (prophet) a guardian over them, nor are you as an advocate over them (6:107). And you are not to insult those who call on other than God, lest they insult God in enmity without having knowledge. Thus, we have made fair seeming their deed for every community. Then to their Lord is their return when He will inform them of what they used to do (6:108). And they swore by God taking their strongest oaths that if a miracle came to them they would believe in it. Say, “The miracles are only with God; and what makes you know that if it comes, they will not believe (6:109)? And we turn their hearts and their sight as they did not believe in it the first time, and we leave them in their transgressions, blundering (6:110). Even if we had sent down the angels to them, and the dead had spoken to them and we had gathered everything before them; they would not believe except if God wills. Indeed, most of them are ignorant (6:111).
  • Note: Enlightenments have come in the Quran from our Lord, so whoever sees, does so for his soul, but whoever is blind, does so against his soul. Thus, those who believe in God and the Hereafter should believe and worship Him unconditionally to avoid idol worshiping what the Satan has adorned in the eyes of the disbelievers.

Follow what has been given from God instead of any conjecture

  • And thus that we have made an enemy for every prophet – devils from humans and jinns inspiring one of them to other the fancy word of deception; and if your Lord had willed, they would not have done it. So, you shall disregard them and what they invent (6:112). And that inclines to it hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter, and that they please with it, and that they commit what they are committing (6:113). Is then other than God should I seek as a judge while He is the One who has revealed to you the scripture explained in detail? And those who we have given them the scripture know that it is a sent down from your Lord with the truth. So, you would not be with the doubtful ones (6:114). And your Lord’s word has completed truth and justice. There is none who can make changes to His words, and He is the Hearer, the Knower (6:115).
    Note: The believers must follow a sent down from their Lord, which has completed truth and justice with His words disregarding the fancy word made up by inspiration of devils from humans and jinns as those who incline to it are disbelievers in the Hereafter while they are committing a serious crime.

God has warned the believers not to follow the majority

  • And if you obey a majority whoever in the earth, they will mislead you from God’s path; they do not follow except the conjecture, nor do they do except guess (6:116). Indeed, your Lord, He is Knower of whoever strays from His path, and He is Knower of the guided ones (6:117).
  • Note: God has warned us not to follow the majority in the earth as He knows whoever is guided in it.

Mention God’s name before you eat

  • So, you shall eat from that on it God’s name has been mentioned, if you have been believers in His revelations (6:118). And why should you not eat that on which God’s name has been mentioned, while He has explained in detail to you what He has forbidden for you except what you have been forced to it? And indeed, many mislead by their desires without having knowledge, indeed, your Lord, He is Knower of the transgressors (6:119). You shall avoid obvious sins, as well as the hidden ones. Those who have earned sins will be punished for what they have committed (6:120). And you do not eat of that is not mentioned God’s name upon it, and indeed, it is surely an abomination. And indeed, the devils surely inspire to their allies that they dispute with you; and if you have obeyed them, indeed you surely be idolaters (6:121). Is one who was dead and we gave him life, and provided him with light that enables him to move among the people, equal to one in total darkness from which he can never exit? The works of the disbelievers are thus adorned in their eyes (6:122). We allow the leading criminals of every community to plot and scheme. But they only plot and scheme against their own souls, without perceiving (6:123).
  • Note: God has detailed out what He has forbidden for us but we should mention God’s name when we eat otherwise we will be allies of the Satan who is unappreciative to God.

Quran is a straight path to our Lord

  • And when a proof had come to them, they said, “We will not believe, until we are given like what has been given to God’s messengers!” God is Knower of where He delivers His message. A humiliation from God will befall those who had committed crimes and a painful retribution for what they had schemed (6:124). So whoever God wishes that He guides him, He expands his chest towards submission; and whoever He wishes that He sends him to astray, He makes his chest tight and constricted, like that he is climbing into the sky. It is such that God places curse on those who do not believe (6:125). And this is a straight path to your Lord. Certainly, we have explained the revelations for a people who take heed (6:126). For them, a home of the peace at their Lord and He is their Protector for what they have done to accomplish (6:127). And the day He will gather them all: “O tribes of Jinn, you have managed to take many humans.” Their allies from the humans said: “Our Lord, we have indeed enjoyed one another, and we have reached our destiny to which You delayed us.” He said: “The Fire is your abode wherein you will abide forever, in accordance with God’s will.” Your Lord is Wise, Omniscient (6:128). Thus, we match the wicked to be allies of each other for what they had earned (6:129). O you jinns and humans, did not messengers come to you from amongst you reciting to you My revelations, and warn you about the meeting of this day? They will say, “We bear witness against ourselves.” And the worldly life deceived them, and they will bear witness against themselves that they were disbelievers (6:130). That is not why your Lord was to destroy the cities for wickedness, while its people were unaware (6:131). Everyone will attain a rank according to what they had done, and your Lord is not unaware of anything they do (6:132). And your Lord is the Rich, the Possessor of mercy. If He wills, He could remove you and bring after you whom He wills, just like He raised you from the descendants of other people (6:133). What you are promised will come, and you cannot escape it (6:134). Say, “O my people, do your best, so I will.” Soon you will know who have his final home. Certainly, the wicked will not succeed (6:135).
  • Note: God has detailed out everything in the Quran to have the final home for those who believe in it and follow it.

Make efforts to avoid any kinds of idolatry

  • They made a portion to God of what He provided them of crops and the livestock saying, “This share belongs to God,” by their claims, “and this share belongs to our partners.” So what was for their partners did not reach God, and what was for God, it reached their partners! Miserable is how they judged (6:136). And thus that has made fair seeming to many of the idolaters of their partners in killing their children that they may ruin them and that they may make confused their religion for them. And if God had willed, they would not have done it. So you shall leave them and what they invent. (6:137). They said, “These are livestock and crops that are forbidden; none can eat them except whomever we will,” by their claim. And forbidden of riding on livestock and livestock on which they do not mention God’s name are invention against Him. He will requite them for what they have invented (6:138). They said, “What is in the bellies of these livestock is exclusively for the males among us, and prohibited for our women.” but if it is still-born, then all have share therein. He will certainly requite them for their innovations. He is Most Wise, Omniscient (6:139). Certainly, has lost those who have killed their children being in foolishness without having knowledge, and have forbidden what God has provided them with fabrication about God. Certainly they have gone astray and they have not been of guided ones (6:140). He is the One who established gardens, trellised and untrellised, and palm trees, and crops with different tastes, and olives, and pomegranate – fruits that are similar and not similar. Eat from their fruits when they ripen, and give its due on the day of harvest, and do not be extravagant. He does not love the extravagant (6:141).
  • Note: We should eat what God has made lawful for us, while upholding any other inventions would be setting up partners with Him, and should give what is due on the day of harvest without being extravagant.

Details of dietary prohibition

  • And from the livestock there are burden and meat. Eat from what God has provided you and do not follow the footsteps of the Satan; he is your known enemy (6:142). There are eight pairs -of the sheep two, and of the goats two, say, “Are the two males that He has prohibited, or the two females, or the contents of the wombs of the two females? Inform me what you know, if you are truthful” (6:143), of the camels two, and of the cattle two, say, “Are the two males that He has prohibited, or the two females, or the contents of the wombs of the two females? Were you witnesses when God enjoined you this? Who is more evil than the one who invents a lie against God to mislead the people without knowledge? God does not guide the wicked people” (6:144). Say, “I do not find in what has been revealed to me forbidden for any eater who eats it except that it is:(1) dead, or (2) blood, or (3) the meat of pig due to its contamination, or (4) blasphemously dedicated to other than God.” However, whoever is forced without seeking disobedience or transgression, then your Lord is Forgiving, Merciful (6:145). And for the Jews we have forbidden all that have claws; and from the cattle and the sheep we forbade their fat except what is attached to the back, or entrails, or mixed with bone. That is a punishment for their rebellion, and we are truthful (6:146). If they deny you, then say: “Your Lord has infinite mercy, but His wrath will not be turned away from the guilty people” (6:147). Those who have set-up partners will say: “If God willed, we would not have set-up partners, nor would have our fathers, nor would have we forbidden anything.” Those before them lied in the same way, until they tasted our retribution. Say: “Do you have any knowledge to bring out to us? You only follow conjecture, you only guess” (6:148).
  • Note: God has prohibited 4 kinds of animal products: (1) dead animal, (2) blood, (3) the meat of pig due to its contamination and (4) the animal which is dedicated to other than God.

Criteria that need to fulfill to be guided by God

  • Say, “With God is the greatest argument; if He willed, He would have guided you all.” (6:149) Say: “Bring forth your witnesses who bear witness that God has forbidden this.” If they bear witness, then do not bear witness with them, nor follow the desires of those who deny our revelations, and those who do not believe in the Hereafter; and they make equals with their Lord! (6:150) Say: “Come, I will recite to you what your Lord has forbidden upon you that you do not associate anything with Him; and being good with the parents; and you do not kill your children out of poverty, we provide for you and for them; and you do not come near the lewdness, which has been apparent of them or has been concealed. And you do not kill the life which God has forbidden, except (for the sake) of the justice. That is He has enjoined you with it that you may think.” (6:151). Do not touch the wealth of the orphans except what is best until they reached their maturity and give full measure and weight equitably. We do not burden a soul except by what it can bear, and if you speak, then be just even if he is one of your relatives; and fulfill the pledge made to God that He has enjoined on you so that you may be appreciative.” (6:152). And this is My path, a straight one, so you shall follow it, and do not follow the other paths lest they divert you from His path. That is what He has enjoined you that you fear (6:153). Then we gave Moses the scripture completing for those who did righteous works and fully detailing all things, and a guidance and mercy that they may believe in the meeting of their Lord (6:154). And this is a scripture what we have revealed is blessed; so you shall follow it and fear (God) that you are given mercy (6:155). Lest you say: “has only been revealed the scripture to two groups before ourselves, and indeed, we have certainly been unaware of their learning!” (6:156) Or you say: “If that has been revealed to us the scripture, surely we have better guided than them!” So, certainly has come to you a clear proof from your Lord, and a guidance, and a mercy. Then who is more wicked than whoever has denied in God’s revelations and has turned away from them? We will punish those who turn away from our revelations the painful punishment for what they have committed to turn away (6:157). Are they waiting that comes to them the angels or comes your Lord, or comes some signs of your Lord? it will not benefit a soul for its faith, had not believed from before, or had earned any good through its faith. Say, “Wait, indeed, we are the waiters.” (6:158). Indeed, those who have divided their religion and have become sects, you have not been with them in anything. Their matter is only with God, then He will inform them of what they have done to commit. (6:159). Whoever has come with a good deed, then for him is like ten of it and whoever has come with an evil deed, then he will not be recompensed except like of it, and they will not be wronged (6:160).
  • Note: Certain criteria are required to fulfill to be guided by God, However, those who have followed it (Quran) and have done the righteous deeds will receive God’s mercy.

God guides His prophet to a straight path, a right religion of Monotheism

  • Say (Muhammad), “Indeed, my Lord has guided me to a straight path, a right religion – a religion of Abraham – monotheism. And he has not been with the idolaters (6:161). Say, “Indeed, My salat prayer, my practice of rites, my life and my death to God, Lord of the worlds (6:162). There is no partner for Him, and in that I have been commanded, and I am first of the submitters.” (6:163) Say: “Is there other than God should I seek as lord while He is Lord of everything?” And no soul can earn except for itself, nor can it bear being a bearer of burden of another. Then to your Lord is your return when He will inform you of what you have done in it to differ (6:164).
  • Note: God guides His prophet to a straight path, a right religion of Monotheism that he can appreciate his Lord dedicating his praise and prayers to Him being informed that every soul will return to his Lord with what it has done.

The earth is a testing place for us

  • And He is the One who has made you inheritors of the earth, and He has raised one of you above other in ranks, that He may test you with what He has given you. Indeed, your Lord is swift in the punishment, and indeed, He is surely Forgiving, Merciful (6:165).
  • Note: God has made us inheritors of the earth with all to test us that we may make our all efforts for successful return to Him.

In summary, there are 165 verses in the surah Al-An’`aam and the most significant aspects that are covered in the sura are: (1) sufficient signs around us to believe in the sovereignty of God, (2) God is our Protector, (3) polytheists deny their polytheism, (4) rejecting God’s messengers is a human tragedy, (5) deaf and dumb reject God’s revelations, (6) role and responsibilities of the prophet, (7) God controls all matters through His system, (8) not to take religion to be play and amusement, (9) the debate of Abraham with the polytheists, (10) prophets who are mentioned by name, (11) God should be honored as He should be honored, (12) signs in the nature to understand God’s system, (13) God controls our hearts and sight, (14) follow what has been given from God instead of any conjecture, (15) warning for the believers not to follow the majority, (16) remembering God’s name is required when we eat, (17) Quran is the straight path to our Lord, (18) to make efforts to avoid any kinds of idol worshiping, (19) details of dietary prohibition, (20) criteria that need to fulfill to be guided by God, (21) God guides His prophet to a straight, a right religion of Monotheism and (22) the earth is a testing place for us.

Enlightenments have come in the Quran, which is a straight path for us to our Lord. Now if we follow it, we may successfully return to our Lord being guided by Him as well as to avoid any painful retribution on the Day of Resurrection confirming all our praise and prayers dedicated to God.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (7/8/2016).