Analysis of Surah al-Ahzab (Surah 33: The Parties)


The message given to Muhammad is well known to the world while his activities with his contemporaries to deliver the message against strong opposition are not based on the knowledge of the message given to him. If we carefully review the elements of the sura as described in it addressing him as a prophet may help us to get out of what have been assigned him just to make focus on him as a person leaving behind him as a prophet or what has been given to him. Thus, the overall message in the surah is summarized as follows to better understand the components as covered in it to eliminate confusion as well as to avoid any disputes around the prophet:

  • God has ordered prophet to fear Him but not to obey the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and to follow what was inspired to him putting his trust on Him (33:1-3):

God has chosen Muhammad as a prophet and has inspired to him the faith “There is no god except He” (6:106), which is laa-ilaaha illaa huwa in Arabic, the religion of Abraham – Monotheism (16:123) and the whole Quran to his soul (2:185, 44:3, 97:1) even though, the Quran was revealed piece by piece over a period of 23 years (17:106, 72:23) moving it from his soul to his heart (memory) mediated by the Gabriel to recite it to his contemporaries (2:97, 16:102, 26:193) while he wrote it down as well (25:5).

  • The relationship is established by blood and marriage not by verbal words and to estrange their wives as their mothers is an evil behavior while the adopted sons shall be called by their fathers but there is no sin for any mistake about it while they are brothers in the religion. God established a special relation between the prophet and the contemporary believers being the prophet closer to them as well as between prophet’s wives and the contemporary believers being prophet’s wives like mothers to them, including priority to take care of their own families is a decree in the scripture (33:4-6):

However, estranging wives as mother is an evil behavior and 2 consecutive months fasting is expiation for the believers before resuming sexual relation with their wives upon reconciliation when they estrange their wives as mothers (58:4).

  • The confirmation of God’s covenant with all the prophets including Muhammad to send a messenger upon delivering all the scripture indicating the painful punishment for the disbelievers of this covenant (33:7-8):

God’s covenant with the prophets mentioned in 3:81 is a confirmation that God has revealed in all previous scripture about a messenger to come after delivery of all scripture given to His prophets, which has also been revealed in the Quran given to Muhammad is mentioned in 33:7. This covenant has been fulfilled in 1974 supported by the sign mentioned in (74:30) upon accomplishing the associated promise in 15:9 and prophecy in 27:82. The advent of the messenger upon fulfillment of the covenant accompanying the related promise and prophecy in the Quran has a mathematical confirmation adding the relevant sura and verse numbers being the total is a multiple of 19 => 361 (19x19) as detailed in the table below:

Note: This mathematical confirmation from the associated verses is an explicit proof of the advent of the messenger upon fulfillment of the covenant accompanying the related promise and prophecy in the Quran.

  • Fighting is decreed in the religion for exposing the disbelievers, the hypocrites and the believers who put their trust in their Lord participating in the battle, and God nullified the works of those who claimed themselves believers but escaped fighting with their excuses and expected the defeat of the prophet and his allies (33:9-20):

God withheld the hands of both the believers and the disbelievers against each other through declaration of the final victory of the believers over the disbelievers, the hypocrites and the idol worshipers when the believers were able to enter the Ka’ba and perform the hajj safely (48:24). But still we noticed the war between the two groups of the believers immediately after the death of the prophet. The consequence is division and sub-divisions among the believers, which is not unknown to us. Finally, those who claim them Muslims lost both the religion as decreed for them and the Quran for other sources down the generations. The religion has been corrupted with numerous man-made innovations and traditions inserting into beliefs and practices as well as misinterpreting the Quran. There are many verses in it that are misinterpreted centering Muhammad as person forgetting him to be a prophet for giving him the Quran. The so called Muslim leaders and learned play the key role around the world to fall into such disastrous situation. Thus, the war is not over but will continue until the end of the world, which is billion vs. one. In fact, this war is not with arms and weapons but an intellectual war befitting it to a generation we are living now and anyone can participate in the war either learning, sharing the truth from the divine source or accepting the truth verifying in the divine source. And the victors are those who can use their God given wisdom to stay with God being His allies instead of staying with the outnumber majority being allies of the Satan.

  • God and His messenger always speak the truth, and when the believers saw the confederates, it increased their faith for those who hope for God and the Last Day and remember Him frequently. They fulfilled their promise to God making no change to it while He will recompense the truthful for their truthfulness and will punish the hypocrites but He may turn to them in mercy if they repent and reform (33:21-24):

God is a source of the truth and He has stated the truth in His message often called it messenger to augment the trust of the believers as well as the person who has been chosen to deliver the message being their concern.

  • God sufficed the battle for the believers and ensured victory for them turning back the disbelievers while He permitted the believers to occupy the opposition’s land, homes and properties to punish them on the earth by the hands of the believers (33:25-27):
  • Prophet was asked to inform his wives to make a choice between the worldly life and the life of the Hereafter. If they had priority to the worldly life, then he should let them go amicably but if they had desire God and His messenger, then God has prepared for them a great reward while his wives were warned to have doubled retribution if they commit lewdness but to have doubled reward for those who were obedient to God and His messenger. They were also warned not to be like the other women and to speak with the believers in an appropriate manner so that those who had disease in their hearts would not move forward. They should settle down homes not being displayed like the days of ignorance as God wishes to purify them. They were to perform the religious duties and should listen to and pay attention what was being recited in their homes (33:28-34):

Muhammad has been addressed as the prophet being part of his lifetime activities as an interaction with his contemporaries, even with his wives while his wives were commanded to listen and pay attention to the message given to their husband being a clear instruction for the believers of all generations who believe in God and is certain about the Hereafter and expect reward from Him.

  • Both men and women are equally responsible to prepare them for their forgiveness and a great recompense from God while they have no choice on any matter, which has been decided based on God and His messenger but those who have disobeyed God and His messenger have gone astray (33:35-36).
  • What the prophet kept hidden in his heart to obey God’s commandment about the marriage of the divorced wife of his adopted son fearing people instead of fearing God was not unknown to Him. He wished him to have her as spouse when Zaid ended the relationship from his wife to establish that there is no wrongdoing for the believers in marrying the divorced wives of their adopted sons. God’s command shall be done, which is the system from the past while those who deliver God’s message shall fear and reverence Him as well giving them no exception (33:37-39):

No one can hide anything from God what is in his heart. Prophet tried to avoid God’s commandment of marrying the divorced wife of his adopted son fearing people negotiating with his adopted son while he was supposed to fear Him and honor Him. It was not befitting for him being a deliverer of God’s message while obeying God’s commandment is a duty for all, which is His system from the past.

  • Muhammad as a person was the concern of the disbelievers and the hypocrites while the concern of the believers for all generations of people is the message given to him being a God’s messenger and seal of the prophets, Thus, the message given to him is the means for the believers to remember God frequently and to glorify Him morning and evening to get help from Him as well as from His angels if they expect greeting and an honorable reward from Him when they meet Him. On the other, the prophet had the responsibility to deliver the message given to him is a great blessing from God for the believers being witness, bearer of good news, warner, a caller to God and an illuminating light disregarding the insult of the disbelievers and the hypocrites putting his trust on God who suffices as an Advocate (33:40-48):

The concern of the believers to remember God as much as they can stated in 33:41-42 while the concern of the prophet to deliver the message disregarding the disbelievers and the hypocrites stated in 33:45-48 centering the message mentioned in 33:40 has a mathematical confirmation adding the surah number and its verse numbers being the total is a multiple of 19 => 342 (19x18) as detailed in the table below:

Note: This mathematical confirmation is a factual conclusion to make our all focus on the message given to Muhammad but not as a person to make us losers as we see around us.

  • Divorce must be done in a fair manner while prophet had privileges to marry from certain categories restricted for the believers for good reason that should not be a discomfort for the prophet. Even the prophet had privileges to marry any believing woman from the categories made unlawful for the believers but was not given him a waiver of paying the bridal reward (33:49-52).
  • God has made certain restrictions for the believers including access to prophet’s home what was in prophet’s heart but he was shy to tell, and marrying his wife after him but permitting them to talk to his wives behind a barrier, which was better for the believers as well for the prophet’s wives, and He has done it having knowledge of everything (33:53-54).
  • God has not precisely defined any dress code for the believing women in the family setting permitting them to dress up whatever they seem befitting for them keeping in mind that God is watching whatever they are doing (33:55) while the contemporary believing women including prophet’s wives should cover them appropriately so that they are recognized and are not insulted (33:59):

The dress code has been defined for the contemporary believing women including prophet’s wives as well as for the believing women of all generations while the dress code as defined is a recommendation and no punishment has been associated in the event of violation of their dress code. However, the women who are wearing head cover or veil obeying their scholars expecting reward from God are committing gross offence being unaware what is in the Quran.

  • God has commanded the contemporary believers to support and honor the prophet while both physical and financial support was required for him in delivering God’s message against strong opposition (33:56):

God has informed us that He and His angels supported him while it was also the duty of the contemporary believers to support him with their wealth and to participate in the war to practice God given religion freely. But the prophet has been made the central focus as a person misinterpreting the word, “yusallee” ‘to send blessings’ instead of ‘to help and support’ the prophet. Hence, the message in the verse is misinterpreted to “God and His angels send blessings upon the prophet, O’ you those who believe send blessings upon him.” As a consequence, we see major corruptions adding his name as a messenger in our faith and religious practices including falsely assigning numerous hadiths and sunnah to him, which are now the foundation of the corrupted form of Islam. Thus, the Quran has been deserted being a satanic trick to make us idol worshipers. While we see God has used the same word, “yusallee” in (33:43) concerning the believers suggesting that not ‘sending blessings’ but ‘help and support’ is appropriate meaning when the believers had direct contact with the prophet to participate with his lifetime activities.

In addition, if the sura number and the verse numbers of 12 verses that are connected by these 2 verses, 33:43 and 33:56 having instances of “yusallee” is added, the sum is a multiple of 19 => 627 (19x33) as shown in the table below is a mathematical confirmation to avoid the misinterpretation of sending blessings to the prophet or the believers:

  • Those who annoy God and harm His messenger as well as the believing men and women will face serious consequences (33:57-58):
  • The hypocrites and those who have disease in their hearts as well as those who spread rumors in the city are cursed by God. They would not be allowed to live as neighbors of the believers and will be punished as the criminals and has ensured their punishment in this world by the hands of the believers, which is a God’s system that came from the past (33:60-62).
  • The disbelievers would wish that they obeyed the messenger but when they see the retribution on the Day of Judgment followed by the end of the world would realize that they are in such consequences because of misguidance for obeying their leaders and learned ones (33:63-68):

It is a disaster in the world for those who claim them to be the believers and practice religion following the hear sayings as well as obeying their leaders and learned but deserting the messenger, i. e., the Quran are in fact, the disbelievers. It has been confirmed from the Quran, the only valid source of knowledge and information that the world will come to an end in 2280, which may not be taken lightly keeping in mind that the event is very near. Thus, this fact based warning may help the true believers to prepare themselves for a Day of the Judgment taking initiatives to know and follow divine guidance disregarding the so called scholars and imams, and boycotting the masjids that are not God’s masjids as well as disregarding those who are not the true believers while God has confirmed us that there is no hierarchy in His religion.

The prediction on the end of the world has been made based on the gematrical values of “The Seven Pairs” (15:87) referring to the quranic Initials and their total is 1709, which indicates that the world will survive for 1709 lunar years from the time this prophecy is stated in the Quran. Therefore, the world will end in the year 1710 AH and the year is a multiple of 19 => 1710 (19×90) and the corresponding solar year is 2280 AD, which is also a multiple of 19 => 2280 (19x120) while the quranic initials are the signs as mentioned in the Quran (10:1, 12:1, 15:1, 27:1). Moreover, both the lunar year, 1710 (570x3) and the solar year, 2280 (570x4) is a multiple of 570 which is the difference between the birth of Jesus and that of Muhammad while there is indication of the birth of Jesus in the Quran to serve as a marker to know the end of the world (43:61). Even, the number of years from the year of the inspiration of the whole Quran in 609 to the predicted year in 2280 of the end of the world is 1672, is also a multiple of 19 => 1672 (19x88).

  • God’s command to achieve a great recompense with Him is very simple and straightforward, which is just to obey Him by following His message is the system for all generations of people so that everyone who fears Him and the Hereafter can achieve this goal (33:69-71).
  • God tested the human being in the past and detected ignorance and wickedness, and has given him a chance on the earth to get back to Him being the true believers in Him while He will punish the disbelieving men and women, the hypocrite men and women, and the idolatrous men and women (33-72-73).


Surah consisting of 73 verses starts with addressing Muhammad as a prophet to indicate his lifetime activities with the contemporaries during the revelation of the message given to him to accomplish his mission. The contemporary believers were to support and honor the prophet being involved in the prophet’s lifetime activities against strong opposition.

However, the major aspects that are covered in the sura: (1) commandments for the prophet, (2) establishment of relationship through blood and marriage, and a special relation between the contemporary believers and the prophet and his wives, (3) covenant of God with the prophets including Muhammad, (4) fighting exposed the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and the true believers as well, (5) traits of the true believers, (6) victory comes from God, (7) warning for the prophet’s wives, (8) God’s command is a decree for all including prophet, (9) message given to Muhammad is a means for the believers to remember God for having recompense from Him, (10) prophet’s responsibility was to deliver the message disregarding the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and their insult, (11) divorce and marriage giving privileges in marriage to prophet, (12) warning for the believers about prophet’s wives restricting them not getting married with any of prophet’s wives after him and access to prophet’s homes, (13) dress code for the contemporary believing women, and for the believing women of all generations, (14) punishment of the criminals on earth by the hands of the believers, (15) knowledge of the Hour, (16) disregarding leaders and learned ones and (17) a test in the High society exposed the humans to be the ignorant wicked has been given an opportunity on earth to get back to God being redeemed.

This review may help the believers to reflect to prophet’s role and responsibilities to avoid what are assigned to him being emotional as a satanic trick to get rid of misconceptions and unauthorized practices as introduced to make us losers. The Quran being the only valid source of divine laws and teachings for God given religion has given us a clear picture in the sura about the prophet in respect with the relationship with the contemporary believers, which is a lesson for the believers after him and down the generations to avoid all confusion and disputes. In the study the literary information and instruction supported with analytical facts may be helpful for those who expect a great recompense making their initiatives to perfect their beliefs and practices disregarding the friends who are not true believers and boycotting masjids that are not God’s masjids to get into the Hereafter with their works for recompense from God knowing that there is no hierarchy in the God’s religion.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (9/27/2019).