God has tested people according to a generation they live


God is the Creator of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them, and has tested them to expose their view whether they can uphold His absolute authority, and the test began in the High society. The jinns failed to uphold His absolute authority while the humans could not make their firm decision while He has not created the jinns and the humans except to worship Him:

[33:72] Indeed, we had offered the trust to the heavens and the earth, and the mountains, but they had refused that they bear it and had feared from it, while the human being had borne it. Indeed, he had been the ignorant wicked.

[51:56] And I have not created the jinn and the human except that they worship Me.

  • God has tested humans in the High Society, and Adam and his wife played the key role on behalf of the humans in the test, but they missed the chances given to them therein, and He sent them down to the earth to give them another chance:

[2:35] And we said, “O Adam, you shall live you and your wife in the Paradise, and shall eat from it free wherever you wish, and you do not approach this – the tree lest you will be with the wrongdoers.

[7:19] And “O Adam, you shall live you and your wife in the Paradise, and shall eat both from it free wherever you wish, and you do not approach this – the tree lest you will be with the wrongdoers.”

[2:36] Then the Satan had made them fall from it that he drove them out from what they have been in it. And we said, “You shall go down as enemy of you one to other, and for you in the earth will be a dwelling place and a provision to a period of time.”

[20:120] Then the Satan had whispered to him; he said, “O Adam, can I show to you a tree of the eternity and a kingdom will never degenerate?”

[20:121] Then they both had eaten from it that their shame became visible to them, and they both had begun to fasten around them from leaves of the Paradise. And Adam disobeyed his Lord and erred.

[7:22] Thus, he (Satan) had misled them (both) with deception. Then when they (both) had tasted the tree, their shame became visible to them, and they (both) had begun to fasten around them from  leaves of the Paradise. Their Lord had called them (both): “Did I not forbid you (both) from that of the tree, and I say to you (both) that the Satan is your clear enemy?”

  • When Adam and Eve were duped by the Satan and they transgressed God’s order. Afterwards, Adam and Eve repented to God and asked His forgiveness for their sins. Then God gave to Adam and Eve specific “words,” and sent them down to the earth to give them another chance to be redeemed for their sins. They had used those words and He redeemed them, which indicates their successful return to their Lord:

[20:115] And certainly, we had made a pledge to Adam before, while he forgot, and we did not find determination in him.

[20:122] Then his Lord had chosen him that He turned to him and guided.

[2:38] We said, “You shall go down from it all. Then when guidance comes to you from Me, then whoever has followed My guidance, then there is no fear for them, nor do they grieve.

[20:123] He said, “You shall go down from it all as enemy of you one to other. Then if guidance comes to you from Me, then whoever has followed My guidance, then he will not go astray, nor will he suffer.

[20:124] “And whoever has turned away from My reminder, then indeed, there is a miserable life for him, and we will raise him blind on a Day of the Resurrection.”

[7:23] They said, “Our Lord, we have wronged ourselves, and if You do not forgive for us and have mercy on us, surely, we will be with the losers.”

[2:37] Then, Adam had received from his Lord words, so, He turned towards him. Indeed, He is the Redeemer, the Merciful.

  • Adam and his wife had succeeded in the test after sending them down to the earth not being deceived by the Satan but the losers are exposed from their descendants even starting with the 2nd generation on the earth, which has reflected in the story of two sons of Adam:

[5:27] And you shall recite to them the news of Adam’s two sons with the truth, when they had offered a sacrifice, and it has been accepted from one of them, and was not accepted from the other. He (the other) said: “Surely, I will kill you!”; he (accepted from the one) said: “God only accepts from the righteous.”

[5:28] “If you had extended your hand to me that you would kill me, I will not be of extending my hand to you that I kill you; indeed, I fear God, Lord of the worlds.

[5:29] I wish that you will bear burden of my sin and your sin, then you will be with dwellers of the Fire. That is reward of the wrongdoers.”

[5:30] Then his ego had prompted to him of killing his brother; so he had killed him that he had been with the losers.

  • God has sent down messages from time to time through His prophets and messengers to guide humanity to the right path even destroying the disbelieving people making them history. Thus, humanity has passed through numerous periods of guidance as required for its misguidance, disgrace, and deviation, from the most primitive age to the heights of civilization:

[23:44] Then we have sent our messengers in succession. Every time has come to a community its messenger, they have denied him. So we have made to follow them one another, and we have made them history. So away is a people – they do not believe!

[35:32] Then we have made to inherit the scripture to those whom we have chosen among our servants while among them there is a wrongdoer for himself, among them there is a moderate one, and among them there is a foremost in the good deeds by God’s permission, that is the great of the bounty.

[4:163] Indeed, we have revealed to you (Muhammad), as we had revealed to Noah and the prophets after him. And we revealed to Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, Jacob, the Patriarchs, Jesus, Job, Jonah, Aaron, and Solomon. And we gave David the Psalms.

[71:1] Indeed, we have sent Noah to his people that you shall warn your people before that a painful punishment comes to them.

[6:154] Then we have given Moses the scripture completing for the one who has done good and an explanation of everything, and a guidance and mercy that they may believe in meeting of their Lord.

[21:51] And certainly, we have given Abraham his guidance before that, and we have been Knower of him.

[3:48] And He teaches him (Jesus) the scripture  and the wisdom, and the Torah and the Gospel.

[19:30] He (Jesus) said: “Indeed, I am a servant of God. He has given me the scripture and has made me a prophet.”

  • God being One has revealed the Quran through Muhammad confirming and consolidating the previous scripture, the Torah (Taurat) revealed through a number of Jewish prophets and the Gospel (Injeel) revealed through Jesus, son of Mary known as the Bible derived from the Greek word, “Biblion” meaning book while the scripture comes from the Greek word, “Graphe” meaning written word while what has been given him is a messenger of God and the final edition of His scripture to believe in it and to do the righteous deeds being in His way:

[3:3] He has revealed through you (Muhammad) the scripture with the truth, is a confirming that which was its before; and He has sent down the Torah and the Gospel.

[25:1] Blessed is the One who has revealed the statute book through His servant (Muhammad) that it can be a warner for the people of the world.

[47:2] And those who have believed (in God’s path) and have done the righteous deeds, and have believed in that which has been revealed through Muhammad and it is the truth from their Lord, He has removed their evil deeds from them and has improved their situation.

[33:40] Muhammad has not been a father of anyone of your men, but has been a messenger of God and a seal of the prophets, and God has done being Knower of everything.

  • God has given laws and rites for every generation of people that they can obey Him and find the right way for them to get back to Him making His revelations being the only source to do the right thing as well as to judge any disputes between them and to expose the true believers from each community:

[2:213] The people had been one community as God has raised up the prophets as bearers of good news and warners, and He has revealed with them the scripture with the truth that it may judge between the people in what they have differed in it. And has not differed in it except those who have been given it after what has come to them the clear proofs due to jealousy between themselves. Then God has guided those who have believed that which they have differed in it of the truth with His permission. And God guides whomever He wills to a straight path.

[5:48] And we have revealed to you (Muhammad) the scripture with the truth, is a confirming that which was its before of the scripture, and is a consolidating to it. So you shall judge between them of what God has revealed, and you do not follow their desires when has come to you of the truth. For each of you we have made law and rite; and if God had willed, surely, He would have made you one community, but that He can test you with what He has given you that you shall race the good. To God you will return all of you, then He will inform you of what you have done to differ in it.

  • God has revealed the Quran in Arabic, which is so detailed as a guidance and a healing that none should have any difficulties to understand and find right things for them except the deaf and the blind while whoever does righteous works does for himself and whoever does evil works does for himself as well.

[41:43] It is not said to you except what has been said to the messengers before yourself. Indeed, your Lord is Possessor of forgiveness as well as Possessor of a painful retribution.

[41:44] And if we had made it a non-Arabic Quran, they would have said, “Why not its verses are explained in detail?” Is it non-Arabic or Arabic? Say, “It is for those who believed, is a guidance and a healing but those who do not believe, there is a deafness in their ears and have a blindness for them to it. Those are being addressed from faraway.”

[41:45] And we have given Moses the scripture so was disputed therein. And if it had not been a predetermined promise from your Lord, it would certainly have been settled their matter. Indeed, they are in doubt about it having uneasiness.

[41:46] Whoever has done of a righteous, so it is for his soul and whoever has done evil, so it is against it, while there is no unjust of your Lord for the servants.

  • God has given us Arabic Quran to understand His commands and laws better confirming and consolidating the previous scripture. But it is unfortunate that many of its verses are not interpreted properly specially dealing with God’s covenants, prophecies and promises, which are the future events. Thus, when such commands come to us, we see disputes among the people of the present scripture as well as between the people of the present and the people of the previous scripture. A major covenant of God with the prophets to send a messenger after delivery of all the scripture, which has been placed in every scripture as confirmed in the Quran (3:81) as well as has been placed in the Quran (33:7), which can also be found in Taurat and Injeel. The covenant has been fulfilled in 1974 connected with divine promises to protect it from any distortion (15:9) and when the people have been with His revelations do not ascertain what to believe and practice (27:82)  supporting the messenger with a sign of number 19 found in (74:30), even supported with a factual evidence leaving room to have any doubt:

[3:81] And when God has taken a covenant of the prophets: “Certainly, whatever I have given you of scripture and wisdom, then has come to you a messenger confirming that which is with yourselves. You must believe in him and you must support him.” He said: “Have you affirmed and taken My covenant on that?” They said: “We have affirmed.” He said: “Then you shall bear witness, and I am with you among the witnesses.”

[33:7] And when we have taken their covenant from the prophets, and from you (Muhammad), and from Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, son of Mary. And we have taken a solemn covenant from them.

[15:9] Indeed, we have revealed the reminder (Quran), and indeed, we will certainly be protectors of it.

[27:82] And when has fulfilled the punishment upon them, we have brought forth for them a creature from the earth speaks to them that the people have been with our revelations do not ascertain.

[74:30] Over it is nineteen.

Note: Here is an explicit of the fulfillment of the covenant of sending a messenger from a set of connected verses including his sign and duties.

  • God has placed this major covenant in every scripture and is found in the Torah (Jewish Bible – Malachi 3:1-5) and also the same in the Gospel (Christian Bible – Matthew 11:7-19 and Luke 7:24-35) stating that I will send My messenger, the messenger of the covenant to prepare the way before Me that you have to wait for his coming. The mention of the covenant in the Bible can be reflected as an example while all the scripture sent down to humanity are not available now for verification but its confirmation in the Quran should be enough for those who believe in God and His final edition of the scripture:

[Malachi 3:1] “Behold, I will send My messenger, who will prepare the way before Me. Then the Lord whom you seek will suddenly come to His temple— the Messenger of the covenant, in whom you delight— see, He is coming,” says the LORD of Hosts.

[Malachi 3:2] But who can endure the day of His coming? And who can stand when He appears? For He will be like a refiner’s fire, like a launderer’s soap.

[Malachi 3:3]  And He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver; He will purify the sons of Levi and refine them like gold and silver. Then they will present offerings to the LORD in righteousness.

[Malachi 3:4]  Then the offerings of Judah and Jerusalem will please the LORD, as in days of old and years gone by.

[Malachi 3:5] “Then I will draw near to you for judgment. And I will be a swift witness against sorcerers and adulterers and perjurers, against oppressors of the widowed and fatherless, and against those who defraud laborers of their wages and deny justice to the foreigner but do not fear Me,” says the LORD of Hosts.

  • Quran is a reminder for the world, so is its mathematical coding when it has come to them (74:30-37). The name of the message being mathematical coding hints in 74:30and the core message as the reminder in (74:31). While 19 is a common denominator of the Quran’s mathematical system as well as a sign to support the messenger destined to unveil it coded in the message found in (74:30) being a great sign (74:35) have been confirmed by God taking an oath referring to the moon, the night and the morning (74:32-34) to warn the most advanced community of the world among them whoever wishes to advance or to stay behind (74:36-37):

[74:30] Over it is nineteen.

[74:31] And we have not made guardians of the Fire except angels, and we have not made their number except a warning for those who disbelieved, that it may ascertain those who have been given the scripture (Jews and Christians) and may increase faith of those who have believed (Muslims), and may not doubt those who have been given the scripture (Jews and Christians) and the believers (Muslims). And that may say those in their hearts there is a disease (hypocrites) and the disbelievers, “What has God meant by this allegory?” Thus, God misguides whomever He wills and He guides whomever He wills. And none knows your Lord’s soldiers except He. And it is not except a reminder for the human race.

[74:32-34] Nay, (I swear) by the moon. And the night when it departs. And the morning when it brightens.
[74:35] Indeed, it is undoubtedly one of the great (signs).

[74:36-37] A warning for the human race. For whoever has willed among you that he may advance or he may stay behind.

Note: Here is an explicit proof of the description of the message given to a messenger of the covenant.

  • In pursuant to God’s covenant with the prophets Dr. Rashad Khalifa has chosen as God’s messenger of the covenant who delivered the concept of mathematical coding of Quran in 1974 providing with the very basic facts derived from the Quran. And he has confirmed himself to be a messenger of the covenant providing with the proofs from the gematrical value of his name adding with the verses where the word, messenger is found in the Quran, even though the sign and the message are only way to identify a God’s messenger. He made efforts to spread the concept of mathematical coding of Quran among the Muslim community, even reaching out to the other communities as well. But he made many mistakes and some mistakes are so simple that it is very difficult to accept him as a messenger, specially for those who have preset programming in their minds that the messenger/prophet cannot make mistakes. God has confirmed that His messengers and prophets are human being who can make mistakes but He has blessed us giving a way to avoid their mistakes being the satanic tricks and in his case we do not see any exception:

[18:110] Say: “I (Muhammad) am only a human being like yourselves; it is inspired to me that your god is One god. So whoever has been hoping for meeting his Lord, then he should do deed as righteous and he does not associate anyone in worship of his Lord.”

[22:52] And we have not sent before yourself (Muhammad) any messenger nor a prophet except that when he has recited, the devil has cast in his recitation while God nullifies what the devil cast. Then God establishes His revelations, and God is Knower, Wise.


The messenger has delivered the concept of Quran’s mathematical coding per God’s will to bring people back to His revelations while he had made many mistakes that we may also reflect as His teachings to focus on the message instead of focusing on a person chosen to deliver a specific message. He has blessed us to have explicit proofs of the message given to the messenger and the fulfillment of the covenant derived from a reminder for the people of the world. The message is well defined being very effective to practice the God given religion in a right way for the people of scientifically and technologically advanced community surrounded by corruptions and misconceptions. He wants everyone of us to study His revelations to find the truth and derive the facts from it as we all are individually responsible for our own soul. Thus, if we can do what God wants us to do, we may see what we expect from Him when we meet Him being befitting for us to a generation we live now.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (10/2/2020).