What does Quran say if someone dies before the age of 40?


The age of 40 being crucial for the human being to take responsibility for himself, Dr. Rashad God’s messenger of the covenant proclaimed about 45 years ago as one of his duties that anyone who dies before the age of 40 goes to Heaven interpreting the message in the Quran (46:15). He has justified it stating that God knows who deserves to go to Heaven and who deserves to go to Hell. Therefore, this person will not die before the age of 40. He has supported his justification with an example of Theodore Robert Bundy, a serial killer who was executed at the age of 42 as he deserved to go to Hell while he was convicted of killing several women at the age of 37; and if he had executed at that time, he would have gone straight to Heaven. He has also cited examples with Martin Luther King, a famous leader of the US civil rights movement and Malcolm X, an African American leader and a prominent figure in the Nation of Islam, who were assassinated just a couple of months before their 40th birthdays as they deserved to go to Heaven.

He has also mentioned that Bundy was one of the signs God has given us to confirm that anyone who dies before age of 40 goes to Heaven. Bundy’s name, Theodore Robert Bundy, which consists of 19 English letters, and he confessed to killing 19 women just one day before his execution. There were many other signs from God. He has claimed that delivering this piece of information is one of the responsibilities given to him as a God’s messenger of the covenant, and it is not his personal opinion. He has also clarified that if the person who dies before the age of 40 believed in God and benefitted from belief by nourishing and developing the soul, he or she goes to the Higher Heaven, otherwise the person goes to the Lower Heaven. Here is a link to know from his writing about the crucial age of 40:

Validation from the Quran

God has given us the Quran in 609 and its mathematical coding in 1974 not only as our guidance but also being the only source to validate any disputes and critical matters when we come across. Thus, let us study the Quran critically to validate this critical matter before accepting or rejecting it to stay with Him, which is our topmost priority to complete our journey to receive our reward from Him when we will meet Him on a day of the Resurrection even our reward starts at the moment of our death.

40 is the crucial age for the human being

God teaches us in the Quran that the age of 40 for the human being is a landmark to be grateful to his parents as well as to his Lord being an opportunity to make him victor in the Hereafter. Thus, those who have reached 40, then if they have repented and turned to Him, He will accept from them best of what they do and will overlook their past evil deeds and admit them into the Paradise but there is no mention of what will happen if anyone dies or gets killed before the age of 40:

[46:15] And we have enjoined the human being goodness with his parents. His mother has carried him with hardship, and has given birth to him with hardship, and his carrying and his weaning until thirty months. When he has reached his maturity and has reached forty years, he said: “My Lord, grant me that I can appreciate Your favor which you have bestowed upon me and upon my parents, and that I can do as righteous You like it, and make righteous for me from my offspring; indeed, I have turned to You and indeed, I am among the submitters.
[46:16] Those are whom we accept from them best of what they have done, and we overlook of their evil deeds among dwellers of the Paradise. The true promise, which they have done, are promised.

Gathering before God for final reward

God has given us allegorical description of Heaven and Hell throughout the Quran and has specified the recompense for those who have deserved Heaven and Hell in accordance with what they have done to achieve (47:15). Some of them will be granted Higher Heaven and others will be granted Lower Heaven while many will be forced to enter Hell through any of its seven gates. Hence, on a day of the Resurrection people will come to Him as individual (19:95 and 3:185) but will line up with one of the 4 groups to receive their rewards from their Lord divided into 3 groups being around God (56:7) and the other group being far from Him (7:46): (1) some are the foremost of the foremost who are to be very close to God will be allowed to enter the Higher Heaven (56:10-11), (2) some are on His right will be allowed to enter the Lower Heaven (56:27) and (3) some are on His left will be forced to enter Hell (56:41) while (4) others who are on the elevated platform but farther from Him will eventually be allowed to enter the Lower Heaven (7:46-47 and 49):

[19:95] And all of them will come to Him on a Day of the Resurrection as individual.

[3:185] Every soul (person) is tasting the death, and you will be paid your exact compensation on a Day of the Resurrection. Then whoever is pulled away from the Fire and has been admitted into Paradise, then certainly, he has succeeded. And the life of the world is not but an enjoyment of the delusion.

[56:7] And you have made three groups.

[56:10] And the foremost are the foremost.

[56:11] Those are the nearest ones (to God).

[56:27] And those of the right side are on the right side.

[56:41] And those of the left are on the left.

[7:46] And between them there is a barrier; and people on the elevated platform (farther from God) who recognize all by their marks. And they have called out to dwellers of the Paradise that peace be upon you. They do not enter it, while they are hoping.

[7:47] And when has been turned their eyes towards the dwellers of Hell, they have said, “Our Lord, do not put us with the wicked people.”

[7:49] Are these – those whom you had sworn that God would not touch them with mercy? “Enter the Paradise, there is no fear for you nor will you grieve.”

Who are the believers according to the Quran

The believers are those who fear God when He is mentioned and increase their faith when His revelations are recited to enter into Paradise (8:2 and 8:4), the Quran being healing and mercy for them (17:82) whether anyone is a male or female (4:124):

[8:2] The believers are only those – when has been mentioned God, has feared their hearts; and when has been recited His revelations to them, has increased them of faith; and upon their Lord they put trust.

[8:4] Those – they are the true believers; for them there are higher ranks with their Lord, and forgiveness and an honorable provision.

[17:82] And we reveal in the Quran that it is a healing and a mercy for the believers, but it does not increase except loss to the wicked.

[4:124] And whoever does of the good deeds from male or female, and he is a believer, then those will enter the Paradise, and they will not be wronged even as much as a speck on date seed.

Arabic Quran is a guidance and guarantee from God

God has revealed the Quran with His best words (39:23) and in Arabic including every kind of example (39:27) having no crookedness in it (39:28), is so detailed as a guidance and a healing that none should have any issues to understand and find right things for them, which has been guaranteed in Arabic Quran except the deaf and the blind (41:44). Thus, we may learn Quran from its translations in any languages using as an aid like the Arabic dictionary but we must inquire into the Arabic Quran to confirm any discrepancies in any of its messages:

[39:23] God has revealed a best of the statement, a scripture parallel to two paths (guidance and misguidance). The skins of those who fear their Lord shiver from it (Quran), then their skins and their hearts soften up to God’s message. That is God’s guidance; He guides with it (Quran) whomever He wills, and whomever God sends astray, then there is no guide for him.

[39:27] And indeed, we have cited for the people in this – the Quran every kind of example that they may take heed.

[39:28] An Arabic Quran, without having crookedness that they may be righteous.

[41:44] And if we had made it a non-Arabic Quran, they would have said, “Why not its verses are explained in detail?” Is it non-Arabic or Arabic? Say, “It is for those who have believed, is a guidance and a healing but those who do not believe, there is a deafness in their ears and have a blindness for them to it. Those are being addressed from faraway.”

Duties of God’s messenger of the covenant

God has chosen His prophet/messenger and has assigned him his duties not leaving on the chosen one or his followers to assign him what to do. Thus, 2 sets of verses: one set of 5 verses (3:81, 33:7, 27:82, 15:9 and 74:30) across 5 suras closely connected to God’s covenant, promise and prophecies including the verse indicating the sign to support the messenger to bring people back to God’s revelations providing facts, and the other set of 6 verses in one sura (74:1-6) to purify garments removing what have been added to our guidance, beliefs and practices providing facts as well:

[3:81] And when God has taken a covenant of the prophets: “certainly whatever I have given you of the scripture and wisdom, then has come to you a messenger confirming that which is with yourselves. You must believe in him and must support him.” He said: “Have you affirmed and taken My covenant on that?” They said: “We have affirmed.” He said: “Then you shall bear witness, and I am with you among the witnesses.”
[33:7] And when we have taken their covenant from the prophets, and from you (Muhammad), and from Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, son of Mary, and we have taken a solemn covenant from them.
[27:82] And when has fulfilled the punishment upon them, we have brought forth for them a creature from the earth, speaks to them that the people have been with our revelations do not ascertain.
[15:9] Indeed, we have sent down the reminder (Quran), and indeed, we will certainly be protectors of it.
[74:30] Over it is nineteen.

[74:1] O you the hidden one.
[74:2] Appear that you shall warn.
[74:3] And your Lord that you shall glorify.
[74:4] And your garments that you shall purify.
[74:5] And the uncleanliness that you shall remove.
[74:6] And you do not expect to have more.

Prophet/messenger has made mistakes

God has sent prophet and messenger with messages to guide humanity and let us know that they have made mistakes (22:52) even though many of us cannot think of it. It has been confirmed from the Quran that the prophet (17:73-75, 69:44-47 and 75:16-19) and the God’s messenger of covenant (74:5-6, 74:15, and 74:26-29) had made mistakes that we may reflect to eliminate the concept around the prophet/messenger that they cannot make mistakes came down to us from the past:

[22:52] And we have not sent before yourself (Muhammad) any messenger nor a prophet except that when he has recited, the devil has cast in his recitation while God nullifies what the devil cast. Then God establishes His revelations, and God is Knower, Wise.

[17:73] And they have almost done that they divert you (Muhammad) from which we have revealed to you that you fabricate about us other than it (Quran), and then certainly, they have taken you as a friend!
[17:74] And if not that we have strengthened you (Muhammad), certainly, you have almost done to lean towards them in something a little.
[17:75]Then certainly, we have made you taste (retribution) double in the life and double in the death. Then you can not find you any helper against us.

[69:44] And if he (Muhammad) had uttered about us any other utterances.
[69:45] Certainly, we would have caught him up by the right hand.
[69:46] Then we would have certainly cut off the main artery from him.
[69:47] Then no one from you would be protectors of him.

[75:16] You (prophet) should not move your tongue with it (Quran) that you may hasten with it.
[75:17] Indeed, upon us is its collection and its recitation.
[75:18] So when we recited it, then you shall follow its recitation.
[75:19] Then indeed, upon us is its explanation.

[74:5] And the uncleanliness that you shall remove.
[74:6] And you do not expect to have more.
[74:15] Then he expects that I should give him more.
[74:26] I will cast him into Saqar.
[74:27] Do you know what Saqar is!
[74:28] It does not let to stay nor does it let to leave.
[74:29] Obvious to all the people.

Quran has everything what we need

Quran is a treasure of knowledge having all the words of our Lord that we need as our guidance but whatever God has left out of it He has left out deliberately (18:109, 31:27) while He has reminded us not to follow that in which we have no knowledge of it and our given wisdom which should prevent us from doing that (17:36):

[18:109] Say, “If the ocean had been ink for my Lord’s words, certainly, the ocean had run out before that my Lord’s words ran out, even if we brought of like it as ink supplement.”
[31:27] And if that whatever in the earth of trees were pens, and the ocean were (ink), adding to it of its after were seven oceans, God’s words had not run out. Indeed, God is Almighty, Wise.

[17:36] And you do not follow that which has not for you any knowledge of it. Indeed, the hearing, and the vision, and the understanding – each of those has made accountable about it.


The age of 40 for the human being is a land mark, which is a mercy from God and hope for the people. Thus, those who have reached 40, then if they have repented and turned to Him, He will accept from them best of what they have done and will overlook their past evil deeds and admit them into Paradise. But there is no mention of what will happen if someone dies before this age nor will someone go to Heaven if he dies before the age of 40 in the context. While from the inquiry into other relevant areas of the Quran does not give any references about this matter. Even there is no mention around the group that eventually will be allowed to enter the Paradise with God’s mercy on a Day of the Judgment are the people who are included from those who have died before the age of 40.

Thus, the proclamation of God’s messenger of covenant that anyone who dies before the age of 40 goes to Heaven is not fact-based from the Quran. The logic and evidences he has provided are not from the Quran even he has misused the message given to him providing the proof from Bundy’s name consisting of 19 English letters and killing of 19 women from his confession before his execution. Is it not reciting of what the devil cast in his recitation? Here is another example in connection with the misuse of the message given to him is the printing of final draft of his English translation of the Quran on a night of the Power (laylatul qadr) =>9+26+1409 = 144 = 19x19x4. While this night is associated with the event that occurred in 609 AD or 13 BH not being an annual recurrent event except introduced by tradition. Moreover, this edition is not in circulation anymore, which has been made hidden from the people through a fatwa by his followers that God teaches the messenger by stages to cover up his mistakes and discrepancies even between 2 renditions of Dr. Rashad’s English translations of Quran.

God has given us all His words in the Quran and has given us intelligence we can use to verify before accepting any beliefs or practices to stay with Him even introduced by His messenger reflecting that a messenger himself or his followers cannot assign any duties to him nor God has privately informed His messenger of anything. Hence, it would be exceeding limits for any of us if we attempt to clear any matter God has not made it clear to us. So, should we not leave the judgment with Him of those who die before the age of 40 as He knows their past and future, and we do for ourselves to save us?
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (9/4/2020).