Review of instances of mu’min (مُؤْمِن) in the Quran – Part I


There are 812 instances, which are closely related in the verb (537), verbal noun (45) and active participle (230) forms as shown in the table below: 45 instances of īmān meaning “faith/belief” in the verbal noun form have been reviewed to understand the message in different context while 230 instances in the active participle form are being reviewed gradually that we be the true believers in God and His revelations.

Note: The above table is populated with data obtained from the

Instances of mu’min

Out of 250, 56 instances of mu’min meaning “believer(s)” found in 48 verses across 5 suras in the Quran are described below:

[2:8] And of the people those who say: “We have believed in God and in the last day,” while they are not with believers (wa-maa hum bi-mu’mineena).

[2:91] And when it has been said to them: “You shall believe in what God has revealed;” they say: “We believe in what was revealed to us,” and they disbelieve in what is after it, while it is the truth confirming what is with them. Say: “Then why did you kill God’s prophets if you had been believers (fa-lima taqtuquuna anbiyaa-a allahi min qablu in kuntum mu’mineena)?”

[2:93] And we took your covenant and we raised the mount above you, “You shall hold what we gave you with firmness, and shall listen.” They said, “We heard and we disobeyed.” They were made to sink the calf in their hearts because of their disbelief. Say, “Evil has been what enjoys you with it your faith, if you had been believers (bi’samaa yamurukum bihi īmānukum in kuntum mu’mineena).”

[2:97] Say: “Whoever has been enemy to Gabriel, then indeed, he has brought it down into your (Muhammad) heart by God’s permission, confirming what was it’s before, and a guidance and good news for the believers (wa-hudan wa-bush’ra lil’mu’mineena).”

[2:221] And you should not marry the idolatrous women until they believe, and a believing woman is better than an idolatrous woman (wa-la’amatun mu’minatun khayrun min mush’rikatin), even if she has pleased you, nor should you give marriage to the idolatrous men until they believe, and a believing man is better than an idolatrous man (wa-la’abdun mu’minun khayrun min mush’rikin), and even if he has pleased you. Those are they who invite to the Fire, while God invites to the Garden and the forgiveness according to His convention. And He makes clear His revelations for the people that they may take heed.

[2:223] Your women are a tilth for you. So, you shall approach to your tilth as you wish and shall send forth for yourselves. And you shall fear God and shall know that you will meet Him, and you shall give good news to the believers (wa-bashiri al-mu’mineena).

[2:248] And their prophet said to them: “Indeed, a sign of his kingship that he brings to you the ark in which there is a tranquility from your Lord and a legacy of what Moses’ family and Aaron’s family had left behind, the angels carry it. Indeed, in that there is certainly a sign for you if you have been believers (in kuntum mu’mineena).”

[2:278] O you who believed, you shall fear God and shall give up what left of the usury if you have been believers (in kuntum mu’mineena/).

[2:285] The messenger has believed in what was revealed to him from his Lord and the believers (aamana al-rasuulu bimaa unzila ilayhi min rabbihi wal-mu’minuuna). All believed in God, and His angles, and His scriptures, and His messengers; “we do not make distinction between any of His messengers.” And they said: “We heard and we obeyed. To us is Your forgiveness our Lord, and to You is the return.”

[3:28] No believers should take the disbelievers as allies other than the believers (laa-yattakhidhi al-mu’minuuna al-kaaafireena awliyaa-a min duuni al-mu’minuuna). And whoever does that then he has not from God in anything except that you fear from them as a precaution. And God warns you of Himself, and to God is the return.

[3:49] And a messenger to the Children of Israel: “Indeed, I (Jesus) have certainly come to you with a sign from your Lord that I can create for you from the clay like a form of the bird, as I blow into it so it becomes a bird by God’s leave, and I can heal the blind and the leper, and I can give life to the dead by God’s leave, and I can inform you of what you eat and what store in your homes. In that there is surely a sign for you if you have been believers (in kuntum mu’mineena).”

[3:68] Indeed, nearer of the people with Abraham are those who followed him and this prophet, and those who believed. And God is a Protector of the believers (wa-allahu waliyyu al-mu’mineena).

[3:110] You have been raised as a best nation of the people – you should enjoin with the right, and should forbid from the evil, and should believe in God. If people of the scripture believed, it would have been better for them; among them there are the believers, while most of them are the disobedient (minhumu al-mu’minuuna wa-aktharuhumu al-faasiquuna).

[3:121] And when you (Muhammad) left of your family, you station positions to the believers for the battle (tubawwi-u al-mu’mineena maqaa`ida lil’qitaali), and God is Hearer, Knower.

[3:122] When the two parties from you inclined that they lose courage while God was their Protector. And upon God is that the believers should put trust (wa-`alaa allahi fal’yatawakkali al-mu’minuuna).

[3:124] When you (Muhammad) said to the believers (idh taquulu lil’mu’mineena): “Is it not enough for you that you Lord supports you with three thousand of the angels are the sent down?”

[3:139] And you should not weaken, nor should you grieve, and you should have the upper hand, if you have been the believers (in kuntum mu’mineena).

[3:152] And certainly, God has fulfilled to you His promise that you were killing them by His leave, until when you lost courage, and fell in dispute in the matter and disobeyed from after He showed you what you love. Some of you desire the world, and some of you desire the Hereafter. Then He diverted you from them that He may test you. And certainly, He has pardoned you, and God is Possessor of blessing over the believers (wa-laqad `afaa `ankum wa-allahu dhuu fadlin `alaa al-mu’mineena).

[3:160] If God helps you then there is none overcoming for you, and if He abandons you, then is there anyone who can help you of after Him? And upon God who should put trust are the believers (wa-`alaa allahi fal’yatawakkali al-mu’minuuna).

[3:164] Certainly, God has bestowed favor upon the believers (laqad manna allahu `alaa al-mu’mineena) as He has raised in them a messenger from themselves, who recites His revelations to them, and purifies them and teaches them the scripture and the wisdom, even though, they have been before in far astray.

[3:166] And what struck you a day the two armies met was by God’s leave, and that He makes evident the believers (wa-li’ya’lama al-mu’mineena).

[3:171] They receive good news of favor from God and blessing, and that God does not let go waste reward of the believers (wa-anna allaha yudee`u ajra al-mu’mineena).

[3:175] It is that the Satan only frightens his allies, so you should not fear them, and you shall fear Me if you have been believers (wa-khaafuuni in kuntum mu’mineena).

[3:179] God has not done that He leaves the believers on what you are towards it (maa kaana allahu li’yadhara al-mu’mineena `alaa maa antum ilayhi) until He distinguishes the evil from the good. And God has not done that He informs you the unseen, but God chooses of His messengers whomever He wills. So, you shall believe in God and His messengers, and if you believe and fear, then for you there is a great reward.

[4:25] And whoever among you cannot afford that he can marry the free chaste believing women (an yankiha al-muh’sanaati al-muminaati), then from what your right hands had possessed of the believing slave young women (fa-min maa malakat aymaanukum fatayaatikumu al-mu’minaati). And God knows best of your faith. You are from another. So, you shall marry them with permission of their family and shall give them their bridal reward in a fair manner to be chaste, not having illicit sex nor taking secret lovers. As when they are married, then if they have committed adultery, then for them the punishment is half of what is for the free chaste women. That is for whoever fears committing sin among you and that you are patient, is better for you, and God is Forgiving, Merciful.

[4:84] So, you (Muhammad) shall fight in God’s path; you are not responsible except for yourself. And you shall encourage the believers (wa-harridi al-mu’mineena); it may have been that God will retrain might of those who disbelieved, and God is stronger in might and stronger in forcing punishment.

[4:92] And it has not been for a believer that he kills a believer except by mistake (wa-maa kaana li’mu’minin an yaqtula mu’minan illaa khata-an). And whoever has killed a believer by mistake (wa-man qatala mu’minan khata-an), then freeing of a believing slave (fa-tahreeru raqabatin mu’minatin) and paying of compensation to his family except that they remit as charity. But if he has been from a people of hostile to you and he was a believer (wa-huwa mu’minun), then freeing of a believing slave (fa-tahreeru raqabatin mu’minatin). And if he has been from a people of a treaty between you and between them, then paying of compensation to his family and freeing of a believing slave (wa-tahreeru raqabatin mu’minatin). And whoever does not find, then fasting of two consecutive months as a repentance from God; and God is Knower, Wise.

[4:93] And whoever kills a believer on intention (wa-man yaqtul mu’minan muta`ammidan), then his reward is Hell of abiding therein forever, and God’s wrath has fallen on him and He has cursed him and has prepared for him a great punishment.

[4:94] you who believed, when you moved forward in God’s path, then you shall make sure, and you should not say to the one who offers to you the peace: “You are not a believer,” (las’ta mu’minan) seeking gain of the life of the world, while with God there are many good things in plenty. Like that you have been from before, then God has conferred favor on you that you shall make sure. Indeed, God has been Cognizant of what you do.

[4:95] It cannot be equal those who stay behind among the believers (laa-yastawee al-qa`iduuna mina al-mu’mineena) other than those who are the disabled and those who strive in God’s path with their money and lives. God has preferred those who strive with their money and lives in rank over those who stay behind, while to all God has promised the good. And God has preferred those who strive over those who stay behind by a great reward.

[4:103] So when you have completed the contact prayer, then you shall remember God while standing, and sitting, and on your sides. And when you have been secure, then you shall observe the contact prayer. Indeed, the contact prayer has been on the believers a decree at fixed times (inna al-salata kaanat `alaa al-mu’mineena kitaaban mawquutan).

[4:115] And whoever opposes the messenger of after what has become clear to him of the guidance, and he follows other than path of the believers (wa-yattabi` ghayra sabeeli al-mu’mineena). We will turn him to what he has turned and will burn him in Hell, and is evil as destination.

[4:124] And whoever does of the good deeds from male or female, and he is a believer (wa-huwa mu’minun), then those will enter the Garden, and they will not be wronged even as much as a speck on date seed.

[4:139] Those who take the disbelievers as allies other than the believers (alladheena yattakhidhuuna awliyaa-a min duuni al-mu’mineena). Do they seek the honor with them? Then indeed, all the honor belongs to God.

[4:141] Those who wait with you: then if it has been a victory for you from God they say: “Do we not with yours?” And if it has been a chance for the disbelievers, they said: “Do we not have advantage over you and we protect you from the believers (wa-namna`kum mina al-mu’mineena)?” And God will judge between you on a day of the Resurrection, and God will not make a way for the disbelievers over the believers (wa-lan yaj`ala allahu lil’kafireena `alaa al-mu’mineena sabeelan).

[4:144] O you who believed, you should not take the disbelievers as allies other than the believers (laa-tattakhidhuu al-kaafireena awliyaa-a min dhuuni al-mu’mineena). Do you intend that God makes a clear evidence against you?

[4:146] Except those who have repented, and have reformed, and have held fast with God, and have been sincere in their religion for God; then those are with the believers (fa-ulaaika ma`a al-mu’mineena), and soon God will give the believers a great reward (wa-sawfa allahu yu’ti al-mu’mineena ajran azeeman).

[4:162] But those who are well founded in the knowledge among them and the believers believe in what has been revealed to you and what has been revealed of your before (wal-mu’minuuna yu’minuuna bimaa unzila ilayka wa-maa unzila min qablika), and the observers of the contact prayer and the givers of the obligatory charity, and the believers in God and the Last Day (wal-mu’minuuna bi-allahi wal-yawmi al-aakhiri), those – we will give them a great reward.

[5:5] This day, all good things are made lawful for you; and food of those who were the scripture is lawful for you and your food is lawful for them; and the chaste women from the believers (wal-muh’sanaatu mina al-mu’minaati) and the chaste women from those who were given the scripture of your before when you have given them their bridal due, to be chaste, not having illicit sex nor taking secret lovers. And whoever denies in the faith, has surely wasted his deeds, and in the Hereafter, he will be with the losers.

[5:11] O you who believed, you shall remember God’s favor upon you when a people decided that they stretch their hands towards you, while He restrained their hands from you. And you shall fear God, and upon God is that the believers should put trust (wa-`alaa allahi fal’yatawakkali al-mu’minuuna).

[5:23] Said two men from those who fear, God had favored upon both of them: “Enter upon them through the gate, then when you have entered it, then indeed, you are victorious; and put your trust in God if you have been believers (in kuntum mu’mineena).”

[5:43] And how can they make you judge while with them is the Torah, wherein is God’s judgment? Then they turn away from after that, and those are not with the believers (wa-maa ulaaika bil-mu’mineena).

[5:54] O you who believed, whoever turns back among you from his religion, then soon God will bring a people whom He loves and they love Him; humble on the believers (adhillatin `alaa al-mu’mineena), stern on the disbelievers; they strive in God’s path and do not fear blame of those who blame. That is God’s grace, He grants it whomever He wills. And God is Encompassing, Knower.

[5:57] O you who believed, you should not take as allies those who have taken your religion as mockery and fun of those who have been given the scripture of before yours and the disbelievers. And you shall fear God if you have been believers (in kuntum mu’mineena).

[5:88] And you shall eat of what He has provided you lawful of good; and you shall fear God, whom in Him you are believers (alladhee antum bihi mu’minuuna).

[5:112] When the disciples said: “O Jesus, son of Mary, does your Lord be able that He can send down for us a feast from the heaven?” He said: “You shall fear God if you have been believers (in kuntum mu’mineena).”

[6:27] And if you could see when they have been made standing over the Fire, they have said: “Oh! It would be that we could be sent back, we would not deny with our Lord’s revelations, and we would be with the believers! (wa-laa-nukadhiba biaayaati rabbinaa wa-nakuuna mina al-mu’mineena)”

[6:118] So, you shall eat from that on it God’s name has been mentioned, if you have been believers in His revelations (in kuntum bi-aayaatihi mu’mineena).


Here is the summary of 56 instances of mu’min found in 48 verses across 5 suras in the Quran:

  • The believers are not just a word of what most people say they are believers with their tongues.
  • There is no ours and theirs in God’s religion except to be sincere in it, and as the believers, they follow what is revealed to them as guidance, and have repented, reformed, and held fast with Him.
  • Those who were made to sink calf in their hearts were not believers as they heard but disobeyed.
  • Not Muhammad but what was given him from God is a guidance and good news for the believers.
  • A believing woman is better than an idolatrous woman who may please the believers.
  • The believers must fear God and should know that they will meet Him, is a warning for them.
  • The believers shall fear God and shall give up what is left of usury as it does not increase wealth.
  • The believers are those who believed as they should believe and will not make a distinction between any of God’s messengers, and have been sincere in their religion for God.
  • It is God’s law that the believers should not take the disbelievers as allies other than the believers.
  • Jesus came with certain signs that the believers could believe him and what was sent with him.
  • God is a Protector for the believers who followed prophet Abraham and prophet Muhammad.
  • The believers should put trust on God in all of their circumstances being criteria for true believers.
  • God had favored the people of Israel raising a messenger for among themselves to guide them.
  • Muhammad’s responsibility was to work for himself and to encourage the believers at his lifetime.
  • Whoever kills a person intentionally, his reward is Hell but can expiate for his unintentional killing.
  • God preferred among the believers who strive with their lives and wealth over the other believers.
  • The contact prayer is a decree in fixed times for the believers, and they should be observers of the contact prayer (salah) and givers of the obligatory charity (zakah).
  • The believers should not take religion as mockery and fun, and should fear God to be His believers.
  • Whoever cannot afford a free chaste believing woman may marry from the slave chaste believing women or what their hands had possessed.
  • All good things are made lawful for the believers while food of the people of the scripture is made lawful for us and our food is made lawful for them.
  • When the disbelievers will be on the Fire would say, if they could be sent back, they would not deny with Lord’s revelations and would be with the believers.
  • The believers should eat from the good made lawful for them upon mentioning God’s name on it.

In conclusion, God has revealed guidance and law that need to be followed to be the believers in Him.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (1/3/2020).