Review of a set of verses from Quran with transliteration-III


A night in the month of Ramadan, the entire Quran has been placed into prophet’s soul is the past event well known to many of us but what is not clear is a ritual what God has introduced for us on it even the Quran is around us for more than 1400 years. To some Muslims, this night is so significant that they try to stay up all nights during the last 10 days of Ramadan while others spend on the night of 27th Ramadan through different forms of prayers including reciting Quran, doing dhikr, imploring God to forgive their past sins and accept their acts, even making certain units of special salat prayer namely, salat al-Qadr. All these what they do, are based on hadiths or historical records dating back to early Islam but it is unfortunate that some Muslims observe the night claiming that the Quran supports the birthday of the Quran misinterpreting certain verses relevant to the inspiration event when God has blessed us with the message of Quran’s mathematical coding to get rid of such innovation.

However, God has confirmed through the message revealed through Prophet Muhammad that His established religion being monotheism and scripture being knowledge to practice are the two handles to hold fast to Him and those who have believed but do not mix their faith with wrong that for them there is security being the guided ones, and has also let us know that He has not sent any messenger or a prophet without the Satan’s interference in his recitation, as reflected in the following verses that we may find and do the right things for us not mixing our faith with wrong:

[30:30] So, you shall establish yourself for the religion of Monotheism – an instinct of God, which He has created mankind on it. There is no change for God’s creation. That is the established religion, but most of the people do not know.

[4:125] And who has better religion than one who has submitted himself to God, and he is a good-doer and has followed a religion of Abraham, monotheism? And God has chosen Abraham as a friend.

[45:15] Whoever has done as righteous, so does for his soul, and whoever has done evil, so does against it. Then to your Lord you will be returned.

[4:124] And whoever does the righteous deeds of a male or a female, while he is a believer, then those – they will enter Paradise and will not be wronged as the speck on a date seed.

[17:9] Indeed this, the Quran guides to that which is straight and gives good news to the believers those who do the righteous deeds that for them, there is a great reward.

[6:126] And this (Quran) is a straight path to your Lord. Certainly, we have detailed the revelations for a people to take heed.

[6:127] For them is an abode of the peace (daaru al-salaam) at their Lord, and He is their Protector for what they have done to achieve.

[6:82] Those who have believed, and they do not mix their faith with wrong, those – for them is the security and they are the guided ones.

[22:52] And we have not sent before yourself (Muhammad) any messenger nor a prophet except that when he recited, the devil had cast in his recitation while God nullifies what the devil cast. Then God establishes His revelations, and God is Knower, Wise.

Now being aware of religion and scripture are the two handles to hold fast to God and He has not sent any messenger or prophet without interference in his recitation, let us review a set of verses directly connected with the inspiration of the entire Quran into prophet’s soul in a night God has called it a night of blessing (laylatin mubaarakatin) and a night of the Power (laylati al-qadr), even attributing to it better than a thousand month (khayrun min alfi shahr) with transliteration to examine and verify the message in the relevant verses with our wisdom as given not to mix the falsehood with the truth to have security from God and to be with the guided ones.

  • God being possessor of all power is so established has inspired the Quran all at once into prophet’s soul coming down from the Horizon of the High being closer to him.

[53:4] It is not but an inspiration what was inspired.
in huwa illaa wahyun yuuhaa.

[53:5] The Most Powerful has taught him.
`allamahu shadeedu al-quwaa.

[53:6] Possessor of all power that He has established.
dhuu mirratin fa-is’tawaa.

[53:7] And He is in the Horizon of the High.
wa-huwa bil-ufuqi al-a`laa.

[53:8] Then He had approached that He came down.
thumma danaa fa-tadallaa.

[53:9] Thus, He has been at two-bow (a closer) distance or nearer.
fa-kaana qaaba qawsayni aw adnaa.

[53:10] Then He has inspired into His servant what He has inspired.
fa-awhaa ilaa `ab’dihi maa awhaa.
Note: The above short and straightforward verses have clarified that God Himself has placed the Quran all at once into prophet‘s soul. The verbs, awhaa and `allama, and noun wah are used in the inspiration.

  • God has inspired His servant (Muhammad) at another descent near a Garden of the Refuge where he has also seen the great signs of God while his mind has not been made up nor has he erred.

[53:11] The mind has not erred what it has seen.
maa kadhaba al-fuaadu maa ra’aa.

[53:12] Will you then be differed from him on what he sees?
a-fa-tumaaruunahu `alaa maa yaraa.

[53:13] And certainly, he has seen him in another descent (of God).
wa-laqad ra’aahu nazlatan ukh’raa.

[53:14] Near a Lote Tree to the ultimate point.
`inda sid’rati al-muntahaa.

[53:15] Near it is a Garden of the Refuge.
`indahaa jannatu al-mawaa.

[53:16] When it covers the Lote Tree what it covers.
idh yaghshaa al-sid’rata maa yaghshaa.

[53:17] The vision has not deviated, nor has it done wrong.
maa zaagha al-basaru wa-maa taghaa.

[53:18] Certainly, he has seen the great signs of his Lord.
laqad ra-aa min aayaati rabbihi al-kub’raa.
Note: The above verses are also short and straightforward that talk about the place and the environment where the prophet has been taken and what he has seen there while his vision has not deviated nor has it gone wrong.

  • The inspiration of Quran that took place in the ultimate point but the night long process has been completed involving the angels and the Gabriel using the 1st person plural form describing the night being a night of the Power as well as attributing to it better than a thousand-month:

[97:1] Indeed, we have revealed it in a night of the Power.
innaa anzalnaahu fee laylati al-qadr.

[97:2] And what has made you know what a night of the Power is?
wa-maa adraaka maa laylatu al-qadr.

[97:3] A night of the Power is better than a thousand month.
laylatu al-qadri khayrun min alfi shahr(in).

[97:4] Descend the angels and the Gabriel in it, by God’s permission with every command.
tanazzalu al-malaaikatu wal-ruhu feehaa // bi-idhni rabbihim min kulli amr(in).

[97:5] Peace it is until advent of the dawn.
salaamun hiya hattaa mat’la`i al-fajr.
Note: What God has let us know in the surah is the night is honorable and special just like a thousand months because of the process of revealing Quran that had taken place and was completed in the past, and Muhammad participated in the process driven by God involving the angels and the Gabriel. But the concept of descending of the angels and the Gabriel every year in this night to fulfill our wishes being recurrent event is a misconception introduced by tradition or misinterpretation of the verse, 97:4 is not but a trick of the Satan to mix our faith with wrong.

  • God has taken the prophet by night to the farthest place of prostration from the Sacred Masjid of Mecca to show him His great signs.

[17:1] Glory to the One who has taken of His servant by night from the Sacred Masjid to the farthest sacred place, which we have blessed its surrounding that we can show him of our signs. Indeed, He is the Hearer, the Seer.
sub’haana alladhee asraa bi`abdihi laylan // mina al-masjidi al-haraami ilaa al-masjidi al-aqsaa // alladhee baaraknaa hawlahu linuriyahu min aayaatinaa // innahu huwa al-samee`u al-baseer(u).
Note: Here is the confirmation of the night travel of prophet mentioning the night in the masculine form, more specifically his soul to the farthest place of prostration where the actual inspiration of Quran took place in another dimension.

  • Even by taking an oath referring to 2 items – (1) a set of Quranic initials consisting of two Arabic letters: Ha and Meem, and (2) the clear scripture that He has sent the scripture in a night of blessing being a Warner clarifying in the night every wise matter:

[44:1] (By) Ha Meem.

[44:2] And the clarifying scripture.
wal-kitaabi wal-mubeen(i).

[44:3] Indeed, we have revealed it (scripture) in a night of blessing, and indeed, we have been the warners.
innaa anzalnaahu fee laylatin mubaarakatin // innaa kunnaa mundhireen(a).

[44:4] In it (night), every wise matter is made clear.
feehaa yuf’raqu kulli amrin hakeem(in).
Note: God has revealed the Quran in a night of blessing clarifying all matters that we can do the right things for us. The Arabic pronoun“ hu” used in 44:3 represents the scripture in the masculine gender while the pronoun “haa” used in 44:4 represents the night in the feminine gender.

  • God has given us the Quran in the month of Ramadan as our guidance, the clear guidance and the statute book, and has decreed fasting for the believers who have witnessed the month in the entire month as a ritual because of the event to appreciate Him while to make efforts to know the Quran should be our priority being a handle to hold fast to Him.

[2:185] Ramadan which is a month, has been revealed in it the Quran as a guidance for the people, clear proofs of the guidance, and the statute book. So whoever among you has witnessed the month, then he should fast in it, and whoever has been ill or on a journey, then the prescribed number from other days. God wishes for you the ease and He does not wish for you the hardship, and that you may complete the prescribed number, and that you may glorify God through which He has guided you and that you may appreciate.
shahru ramadana alladhi unzila feehi al-qur’aanu hudan lilnnasi wa-bayyanaatin mina al-huda wal-furqani // fa-man shahida minkumu al-shahra fal-ya’sumhu wa-man kaana mareedan aw `alaa safarin fa-`iddatun min ayyaamin ukhara // yureedu allahu bikumu al-yusra wa-laa-yureedu bikumu al-`usra wa-li-tukmiluu al-`iddata wa-li-tukabbaruu allaha `alaa maa hadaakum wa-la`allakum tashkuruun(a).
Note: God has given us the Quran in the month of Ramadan to know it as our guidance associating a ritual of fasting in the entire month through which we can appreciate Him for His giving, while the verb, anzala is used in suras 97, 44 and 2 indicating the Quran is down upon completion of the process.

  • Even the 26 verses across 5 surahs in the Quran covering different aspects of the event of revealing the entire Quran can be mathematically confirmed, if the relevant surah and verse numbers are added, being the total a multiple of 19 => 589 = 19x31 as shown below:


God has given us details about the inspiration of Quran into prophet’s soul in 26 participating verses across 5 suras detailing the actual event in 53:4-18 specially referencing the night in black and white in 97:1-5 and 44:3-4, and the month in 2:185 covering the journey in 17:1 are very specific. When we have such precise description from God then we should not have any confusion on our part about this night/event if we really believe in Him and His given guidance. Thus, there is no commandment from God to witness the anniversaries of this night believed to be on the 27th of Ramadan coming down to us from the past or what has been derived from Quran; but what is unfortunate when someone who has been blessed by God to unveil the concept of Quran’s mathematical coding has advocated it misinterpreting the verses, 44:3 and 97:4 even connecting 53:1-3 to the verses detailing actual event.

In fact, God has given an opportunity for all of us to confirm reviewing a set of short and straightforward verses that there is no commandment from Him to witness anniversaries of this night happened to be on the night of 27th Ramadan or to stay in masjids during the last 10 days of Ramadan to earn extra rewards but we can intensify our remembrance of God and study of Quran to know our guidance during the month to perfect our beliefs and practices to stay with God avoiding misguidance of Satan and its allies from humans and jinns as there is no special ritual except fasting while studying Quran each and every day is His commandment for us all to earn reward from Him (17:78-79, 73:1-8 & 20).
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (6/26/2020).