Revelation of the whole Quran and its math confirmation


It is well known to the Muslims that the whole Quran was placed into prophet Muhammad’s soul in the special night known as a Night of the Power (laylat al qadr) in 13 B.H (609 A.D.) when he, the soul not the body was taken to the ultimate point. Subsequently, the angel Gabriel helped the prophet release a few verses of the Quran at a time, from his soul to his memory over the time period of 23 years to place the whole Quran into his memory (2:97, 17:106). There had been some confusion around the Muslim arena for long about the blessed night but God has blessed us with the knowledge to confirm it on the night of 27th Ramadan from the very surah that has described the significance and the process of revealing the Quran. There is a 2-fold confirmation from the occurrences of the phrase “laylat al-qadr” (a Night of the Power) in the surah and the gematrical values of the Arabic letters that spell out the phrase. This confirmation would help us eliminate any misconceptions or rituals around the night introduced by traditions. However, the journey of the prophet to the ultimate point to receive the whole Quran and the process of revealing Quran are still not clear to many of us. Let us confirm the process of revealing the Quran from the relevant verses of Quran as God has taught us that Quran has answers of all our questions and concern (75:18-19) as well as being complete with truth and justice (6:115), perfect (11:1, 18:2) and explained in detail (6:114, 7:52, 10:37):

[2:97] Say, “Whoever has been enemy to Gabriel, then indeed, he has brought it down (Quran) into your heart by God’s permission, confirming that which was before itself, and a guidance and good news for the believers.”
[17:106] And the Quran we have divided it in pieces that you may recite it to the people over a period of time, and we have sent it down a revelation.

[75:18] And when we have recited it, then you (Muhammad) shall follow its recitation.
[75:19] Then indeed, upon us is its explanation.

[6:115] And your Lord’s Word has fulfilled truth and justice. None can change His words, and He is the Hearer, the Knower.
[11:1] Alif.Laam.Ra. A scripture has been perfected of its verses, then has been explained in detail from Wise, Cognizant.
[18:2] A straight (scripture) to warn a severe punishment from Him, and to give good news to the believers who do the righteous deeds that for them there is a good reward remaining in it forever.
[6:114] Then should I seek other than God as a judge, while He is the One who has revealed to you the scripture explained in detail? And those whom we have given them the scripture know that it is a sent down (munazzalun) from your Lord with the truth. So, do not be with the doubtful ones.
[7:52] And certainly, we had brought to them of a scripture we have explained it with knowledge of guidance and mercy for a people to believe.
[10:37] And it has not been this – the Quran that it could be produced by other than God, but confirming that which was before itself and explaining in detail the scripture – there is no doubt in it, is from Lord of the worlds.

  • However, the event of revealing the whole Quran is mentioned in a number of suras covering its different aspects. There is a short sura which has addressed the details of the process including its significance and completion while a part of some suras covers other important aspects of the event as described below:

Surah al Najm (The Star) : Revelation Order 23 (Sura # 53)

God has confirmed us about where the prophet was taken to, what was given to him and what he saw there in the following verses of the Quran (4-18). It was the divine inspiration by the Most Powerful who revealed what was to be revealed to him. The prophet was as close to God so He made it. The whole environment was awesome at the ultimate point, located near the eternal Paradise where he saw great signs of God:

[53:4] It was not but an inspiration (what) was inspired.
[53:5] The Most Powerful has taught him (Muhammad).
[53:6] Possessor of all power that He has established.
[53:7] And He has been in the Horizon of the High.
[53:8] Then He had approached that He has come down.
[53:9] So, He had been at a close distance or nearer.
[53:10] Then He has inspired into His servant (Muhammad) what He has inspired.

[53:11] The mind has not erred what it has seen.
[53:12] Would you then be differed from him (Muhammad) on what he sees?
[53:13] And certainly, he has seen him in another descent (of God).
[53:14] Near a Lote Tree of the ultimate point.
[53:15] Near of it is a Garden of the Refuge.
[53:16] When it covers the Lote Tree what it should cover.
[53:17] The vision has not deviated nor has it gone wrong.
[53:18] Certainly, he has seen of the great signs of his Lord.

Note: The verses 4-18 exclusively confirm that the divine inspiration took place at the ultimate point by God Himself. The distance between earth and the ultimate point is billions of Light Years but this event was made possible as the prophet was brought physically close to Him.

It is also noteworthy that the following verses at the beginning of this surah are often illogically associated with the process of revealing the whole Quran, while these verses clearly talk about the prophet who was neither astray nor was he misled nor does he speak out of his personal desire. In fact, it was an assurance from God for the contemporary people so that they can believe him and accept the message sent down to him as the very first verse is an oath of God referring to the shooting star being a visual fact for all generations of people though it is occasional like the dawn, night etc. The climbing of souls to the highest level accompanied by angels is not an unusual event as it occurs every moment when our life is terminated on earth by the angel of death and we say, “We belong to God and to Him we are returning” (2:156) when someone dies:
[53:1] By the falling star.
[53:2] Your friend (Muhammad) was neither astray, nor was he misled.
[53:3] Nor does he speak out of desire.

Surah al Qadr (The Power) : Revelation Order 25 (Sura # 97)

God has described the awesomeness of the night including the completion of process of revealing Quran within the night. Thus, He has made the night better than a thousand months. The angels and the Spirit descend with all commands to complete the process before the dawn. However, the journey was mediated by the angels traveling at the speed of million times faster than the speed of light to complete the event in one night according to God’s leave:

[97:1] Indeed, we revealed it (the Quran) in a Night of the Power.
[97:2] Do you know what a Night of the Power is?
[97:3] The Night of Power is better than a thousand months.
[97:4] The angels and the Spirit (the Gabriel) descend therein (the Night of Power), by their Lord’s leave, with every command.
[97:5] Peace it (the Night of Power) is until the advent of the dawn.

Note: The whole sura depicts the process of revealing the whole Quran indicating the significance of the night. However, we are confused about the event to be a recurrent one for long because of the use of present tense in subsequent statements followed by the perfect tense in the first statement as well as the misinterpretation of the statement in the verse (97:4). The completion of the process before the dawn indicates that the event took place between the night prayer and the dawn prayer so that the prophet did not miss any prayer, and we may also reflect on the importance of the Contact Prayer to establish it in a timely manner for developing anyone’s soul.

Surah Bani Israel (Children of Israel): Revelation Order 50 (Surah # 17)

The verse below confirms that the prophet was taken to the highest Heaven, billions of Light Years away from the earth to place the whole Quran into his soul:

[17:1] Glory to the One who took His servant (Muhammad) by night from the Sacred Masjid (of Mecca) to the farthest place of worship which we had blessed its surroundings that we may show him of our signs. Indeed, He is the Hearer, the Seer.
Note: This is the only verse that has direct mention of the prophet’s journey specifying origination and destination. However, Muhammad, the soul, not the body was taken to the farthest place, i.e., the ultimate point (sid’rat al-muntahaa) traveling at the speed of million times faster than the speed of light to take him to the ultimate point as well as to bring him back to earth. What he is to deliver had been taught as well as what he had learned from the surroundings strengthened his heart for successful delivery of the message given to him upon return to earth. However, this might be a good lesson for us either to learn from our surroundings reflecting upon all the advancements and scientific discoveries that happen within God’s knowledge can help us to accept the truth from Him. We also find the teaching of learning from our surrounding in the verse (5:31).

Surah al Dhukhan (Smoke) : Revelation Order 64 (Surah # 44)

The following verses not only confirm that the entire Quran was revealed in the blessed night but also every matter of wisdom is clarified in it what was released gradually over 23 years period to move it in pieces from the prophet’s heart to his memory to facilitate his memorization as well as to share it with the people around him:

[44:1] Ha. Meem.
[44:2] And the clarifying scripture.
[44:3] Indeed, we have sent it (the Quran) down in a blessed night; indeed, we are warners.
[44:4] In it (the blessed night), every matter of wisdom is clarified.

Note: This is a Ha. Meem initialed surah which has confirmed that the clarifying scripture having our clear teaching in it has been revealed in a blessed night. The masculine object pronoun (hu) in 44:3 refers to the Quran, while the female object pronoun (haa) in 44:4 refers to the blessed night. This gender difference helps us to eliminate any confusion from our heart to avoid any misinterpretation between the Quran and the blessed night. The above verses have confirmed the night to be a blessed one, while the night and the process have been detailed out in the surah 97.

Surah al Baqarah (The Heifer) : Revelation Order 87 (Surah # 2)

The Quran was revealed in the month of Ramadan as a guidance for the people, clear proofs of the guidance and the statute book, while fasting is decreed in the entire month to glorify God for guiding us that we may express our appreciation through fulfilling our obligations to Him:

[2:185] Ramadan which is a month, has been revealed in it the Quran as a guidance for the people, clear proofs of the guidance and the statute book. So whoever among you has witnessed the month, then he should fast in it, and whoever has been ill or on a journey then the prescribed number from other days. God wishes ease for you and He does not wish hardship for you, and that you may complete the prescribed number, and that you may glorify God through which He has guided you and that you may appreciate.
Note: Fasting during the entire month of Ramadan is the only rite decreed by God in the Quran in honor of the Night of Power to purify our souls in addition to follow the message revealed in the night.

However, to some, this night is so elusive that they try to stay up all nights during the last ten days of Ramadan so as not to “miss out” any chances of experiencing it claiming that there is a reference about it in the following verse of the Quran. The night may be unknown to us but known to God and He does not order us anywhere in the Quran to stay in the masjid during the last days of Ramadan to experience this night. In fact, its origin is tradition as well as the misinterpretation of the verses that talk about the night including this verse that talks about the prohibition of sexual relation if someone stays in the masjid.

[2:187] Permitted for you is the approach to your wives at nights of the fasting. They are garments for you and you are garments for them. God knows that you had done to deceive yourselves, so, He has turned to you and has pardoned from you. So, now you shall have relation with them and shall seek what God has prescribed for you. You shall eat and drink until the white thread becomes distinct to you from the black thread at the dawn. Then, you shall complete the fasting till the night. And do not have relation with them, while you are secluded ones in the masjids. That is of God’s limits, so, do not approach it. Thus that God makes clear His revelations for the people so that they may be righteous.
Note: It is assumed that there is a reference in the verse, 89:2 to stay in the masjid during the last ten days of Ramadan, is inappropriate. The ten nights as mentioned in the verse is a part of a profound oath (89:1-5) which could be a reference from the verse, (7:142) that completed Moses’s appointment with God by adding ten to the initial appointment of thirty nights being a significant historical event. However, we have the opportunity to earn extra credits considering Ramadan being a blessed month extending our time to study the Quran to know God’s teachings and laws being our guidance and the statute book to be righteous.

Mathematical confirmation

We are blessed with the knowledge to mathematically confirm many of our given rites as well as the crucial events to remove any traces of doubt from our hearts, and God willing we have the same opportunity to apply that to confirm this one-night event either. There are 26 verses across 5 suras in the Quran that cover this awesome event. The total of the sura and verse numbers associated with the event is a multiple of 19, is a Quran’s code and common denominator => 589 (19x31) as detailed in the table below:


Note: There is also another verse that tells us that he saw him at the high horizon in 81:23, is not included in the calculation to be a separate event, and an indirect proof that the messenger of covenant was taken to somewhere in the universe.


The Quran is honorable and so is the night in which it was revealed being a special just like a thousand months because of the completion of the process of revealing Quran that took place on the night of 27th Ramadan in 13 B.H. Muhammad participated in the process driven by God involving Gabriel, and the angels, while God Himself established in the Horizon of the High placed the whole Quran into his soul coming down to get close to him.

The different aspects of the event have been found across 5 surahs, and we are blessed to detect surahs and verses linked with the event. Thus, we have both logical and mathematical proofs to confirm the event being a great event that God has called “The Power”, while the night of the event that He has called “Night of the Power”.

Thus, what is directly related to the event is God has decreed fasting the entire month of Ramadan and this is the only rite decreed by God in the Quran in honor of “Night of the Power” to purify our souls and express our appreciation for the light He had sent us. However, to earn extra credits considering Ramadan a blessed month we may plan to intensify our remembrance of God and extend our time to study the Quran to understand God’s teachings and laws in it to follow. But evidences confirm that there is no extra salat nor is there anything like staying up nights during the last ten days of Ramadan to experience Night of the Power from God except introduced by tradition.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (3/11/2016)