No gain of observing Salat by reciting distorted al-Faatihah


God has given us specific words – the words of al-Faatihah in order to establish contact with Him at 5 times a day through Salat to redeem our sins as well as to grow our souls. But it is unfortunate that Satan has succeeded in altering the Salat prayers for millions of Muslims, thus depriving them of making contact with their Creator by canceling the first verse known as “Bismillah” as well as by adding an extra word “Aaaameen” (in pronunciation) at the end of al-Faatihah.

Salat is a prime source to nourish our souls

God has commanded us to observe the Contact Prayer (al-salata) at specific times (4:103) to remember Him (20:14) as His remembrance through it is the greatest (29:45) being the good deeds (11:114), and to commemorate Him on Friday dropping all business (62:9). Thus, the Salat is the prime source of nourishing our souls and we should consistently observe Salat (70:34) being reverent to Him to achieve our goal (23:1-2) reciting all words as given in a moderate tone (17:110):

[4:103] And when you have completed the Contact Prayer (al-salata), you shall remember God while standing, sitting, or lying down. But when you have been secure, you shall observe the Contact Prayer (fa-aqeemoo al-salata). Indeed, the Contact Prayer has been for the believers a decree at specified times (inna al-salata kaanat `alaa al-mu’mineena kitaaban mawquutan).
[11:114] And you shall observe the Contact Prayer at both ends of the day and the early part of the night. Indeed, the good deeds remove the evil deeds (inna al-hasanaat yudh’hib’na al-sayiaati). That is a reminder for those who remember.
[20:14] (addressed Moses at the sacred valley of Tuwa) Indeed Me, I am God; there is no other god beside I. So, you (Moses) shall worship Me, and shall observe the Contact Prayer for My remembrance (wa-aqimi al-salata li’dhik’ri).
[29:45] You (Muhammad) shall recite what is revealed to you of the scripture, and shall observe the Contact Prayer (al-salata); indeed, the Contact Prayer (al-salata) prevents from the vice and the evil deeds, and certainly, remembering God is great (wa-la’dhik’ru allahi akbaru), and God knows what you (all) do.
[62:9] O you who believed, when a call has been made for the Contact Prayer (idhaa nuudiya lilsalati) on a day of the Friday (min yawmi al-Jumu`ati), then you shall hasten to the commemoration of God, and shall leave the business. This is better for you, if you have been knowing.

[70:34] And those who are guarding on their Contact prayers (alaa salatihim yuhaafizuuna).
[23:1-2] Certainly, have succeeded the believers of those who are humble in their Contact Prayers (alladheena hum fee salatihim khaashi`uuna).
[17:110] Say: “Whether you shall call on God or shall call on the Most Gracious. By whatever you call on, is to He belongs the best names.” And you should do not be loud in your Contact Prayers (bisalatika), nor should you be silent in it; and you shall use between that way.”

Specific words given to Adam and his wife

However, it is unfortunate for us that the Salat is the most corrupted and distorted rite among all the rites given to us by God as practiced today all over the world by the majority who claim them Muslims. Even they are proud of being the second largest religious group in the world while they are not aware that the headcounts do not play any role in developing their souls. It is a well-known story that when Adam and Eve were duped by the Satan, they transgressed God’s order. Afterwards, Adam and Eve deeply repented to God and earnestly asked His forgiveness for their sins (7:23). Then God gave them specific “words,” and sent them down to the earth to give them a chance to be redeemed for their sins. They used those words and God redeemed them (2:37). The relationship between these two verses is established fact based on two numeric properties: the order of revelation and the digits of the relevant sura and verse number. The sura 7 is an earlier revelation (revelation order 39) while sura 2 is a later revelation (revelation order 87) and the total of the digits of sura and number of both 7:23 and 2:37 is equal (12):

[7:23] They said, “Our Lord, we have wronged our souls (ourselves), and if You do not forgive for us and have mercy on us, certainly, we will be with the losers.”
[2:37] Then, Adam received words from his Lord, so He turned towards him. Indeed, He is the Redeemer, the Merciful.

Design of specific words given to us

However, we do not exactly know the words what were given to Adam and his wife but we do know the specific words given to us are 28 words in  the 7 verses of the sura al-Fatehah. These words are recited at standing position to redeem our sins as well as to nourish our souls accompanied 22 words in 6 other components at different positions to observe the Salat prayer 5 times a day altogether reciting 50 words. We recite al-Fatehah in Arabic to observe the contact prayer to worship God being reverent to Him to guide us to the straight path and our lips touch 19 times during its recitation where there are Baa and Meem in the words while God has given us a tongue and two lips (90:9), even the total of the gematrical values of these two letters is a multiple of 19 => 608 = 19x32 as shown below:

Fig: 19 times touching of our lips along with mathematical confirmation.

Fig: Gematrical value of the Arabic alphabet

Distortion of al-Fatehah

Sura al-Fatehah plays a vital role to observe the Salat as specific words as given being Children of Adam. It is unfortunate that it is distorted by dropping its first verse known as ‘Bismillah” from the recitation but adding an extra word “Aameen” to it at the end of its recitation. Thus, not only the different aspects of Salat are corrupted with man-made innovations over the period of time but also sura al-Fatehah. Satan has succeeded in altering the Salat prayers for millions of Muslims depriving them of making contact with their Creator. Thus, our Salat prayers neither help us to redeem our sins nor to grow our souls to have any weight. While we know from the corrupt jurisprudence that Bismillah is ‘Makrooh’ but the word “Makrooh” means “Hated!” is the reference from the classic book: “Jurisprudence According to the Four Sects,” (Dar AI-Fikr, Beirut), ’69, page 257. Can you imagine it how successful the Satan is to make us losers in the Hereafter?

Certain violations for its distortion

(1) We honor our God, who is very Kind and Most Merciful using the words which are the foundation of the Quran being the first verse known as Bismillah, and the words are repeated 114 (19x6) times in it being 2 of them are numbered (1:1, 27:30) and 112 of them are unnumbered while are missing in the sura 9: Bara’ah. By removing “Bismillah” the mathematical coding of the Quran is violated as shown below:

Note: This mathematical confirmation is another explicit proof that the Quran consists of total number of verses [6234 (numbered) + 112 (unnumbered)] = 6346 = 19x334) and sura al-Fatehah is divinely designed to be our specific words including Bismillah, the first verse of al-Fatehah as well as the first verse of the Quran.

(2) Our lips touch 19 times during the recitation of al-Fatehah where there are Baa and Meem in the words. By removing “Bismillah” the divinely designed al-Fatehah is distorted only touching 15 (19-4) times instead of 19 times, then how should we expect that our prayer would be responded by God?

(3) There is a mathematical confirmation of right recitation during the Salat prayer from the sum of numbers of components (7), words (50) and letters (228) => 7 + 50 + 228 = 285 (19x15). By removing “Bismillah” this mathematical coding of Salat is violated as the sum of them is not a multiple of 19 => 7 + 46 + 209 = 262 is a not a multiple of 19 when Bismillah consists of 4 words having 19 letters are subtracted from the equation.

(4) The gematrical value of “Bismillah“ consisting of 19 letters in 4 words is 786 [102 (Bism) + 66 (Allah) + 329 (Al-Rahman) + 289 (Al-Raheem)], and of “Aameen” consisting of 5 letters is 102 [1 + 1 + 40 + 10 + 50]. By removing “Bismillah” and adding “Aameen” the net result is 102786– 684, and 684 [383 (Al-Quraan) + 301 (Al-Kareem)] is the gematrical value of “Al-Quraan Al-Kareem”, which is the discarding of the Quran. It is noted that the gematrical value is the numeric value of each Arabic letter used as number at the time when the Quran was revealed.

The wicked have no access to Quran

The Quran informs that those who have been reminded with it but turns away from it have been placed coverings around their hearts not to understand it (17:45-46 and 18:57). Thus, we often listen from them the famous strange phenomenon saying that the Quran is “difficult to understand,” even though God has repeated four times in the Quran that He made it straightforward for the warning (54:17, 22, 32, 40), and a reminder for all people of the world repeated four times as well (12:104, 38:87, 68:52, 81:27):

[17:45] And when you recited the Quran, we have placed between you and those who do not believe in the Hereafter an invisible barrier.
[17:46] And we have placed coverings on their hearts lest they understand it, and a deafness in their ears. And when you have mentioned your Lord in the Quran alone, they turned on their backs in aversion.
[18:57] And who has more wrong than whoever has been reminded with his Lord’s revelations while he has turned away from them, and has forgotten what has sent forth his hands. Indeed, we have placed coverings on their hearts lest they understand it, and deafness in their ears, and if you invite them to the guidance, then they will never ever be guided.

[54:17] And certainly, we made the Quran straightforward for the warning. So, is there any who would have admonition?

[12:104] And you do not ask them any reward for it; it is not but a reminder for the worlds.
[38:87] It is not but a reminder for the worlds.
[68:52] And it is not but a reminder for the worlds.
[81:27] It is not but a reminder for the worlds.

Mathematical confirmation

There is also a mathematical confirmation from the above set of closely related 11 verses across 7 suras in the Quran, and if the relevant sura and verse numbers are added, the total is a multiple of 19 => 817 = 19x43 as detailed in the table below:

Note: This mathematical confirmation is an explicit proof of what God has made the reminder for all the people of the world being our guidance cannot be difficult while He has assured us that He has made it straightforward for the warning but the wicked have no access to it.


This study is about the distortion of al-Fatehah for removing the first verse from it and adding an extra word to its recitation in the Salat prayer while the words of al-Fatehah divinely designed with specific words given us in order to establish daily contact with God. It is unfortunate that Satan succeeded in convincing millions of Muslims to drop the first and the most important verse of it: “In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful” known as “Bismillah” from the beginning of al-Fatehah and add the word “Aameen” at the end of Al-Fatehah. Thus, the practice of Salat with the distorted Fatehah does not contribute to the growth of souls for not being responded by God resulting in: (1) failing to redeem sins and grow souls to have weight, (2) discarding the Quran, (3) making difficult to learn the Quran, (4) having no access to the Quran and (5) destroying the divinely designed Salat as well as the Quran.

Moreover, the distortion of al-Fatehah induces violations of the basic facts derived from the Quran based on the mathematical coding of Salat and Quran are: (1) there are 2 numbered and 112 unnumbered Bismillah in the Quran, (2) our lips touch 19 times during the recitation of al-Fatehah where there are Baa and Meem in the words, (3) right recitation during the Salat prayer from the sum of numbers of components, words and letters, (4) discarding the honorable Quran (56:77) and (5) confirming that the wicked have no access to it while the reminder given for all the people could not be made difficult but made it easy to learn to do things right way including practicing of Salat by reciting the right words given by God.

God is the Most Wise Almighty (3:18) who has precisely designed our prayers as found in the Quran for our forgiveness and development of soul and has also given us opportunity to accept it upon verification reflecting to sufficient proofs as given in it. Hence, if any words as given are removed or any extra words are added in the recitation of al-Fatehah, we would be deprived of making contact with our Creator resulting in failing to develop our souls having no weight on the Day of Judgment.

Salat is the prime source of nourishing our souls but there is no gain of observing it using the distorted al–Fatehah. Hence, those who are certain about the Hereafter and expect reward from God, which starts at the time of the death must make their sincere efforts to observe Salat with correct recitation to have weight of their souls responded by Him avoiding the teachings of it by the so called scholars and mullahs based on man-made sources and passing on their personal opinions.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (4/20/2018).