Idolizing prophet and messenger is a human tragedy


We live in the scientifically and technologically advanced community and are blessed with a messenger of God through fulfillment of the covenant revealed in every scripture (3:81) including the Quran (33:7) when the punishment has fulfilled upon humanity because of the corruption of God’s religion beyond imagination being away from His revelations (27:82). The message given to the messenger is the mathematical coding of Quran embedded in its Arabic text (74:30-37) supported by a great sign, the number 19 found within the message (74:30 and 35), and specific details of the messenger in (74:11-29). However, the number 19 is not just a proof of messengership but it is also the Quran’s code and a common denominator for numerical analysis of Quran to confirm the crucial commandments, important events and many other aspects related to our beliefs and practices including protection of Quran from any distortion (15:9 and 27:82). Thus, 19 serves as a tool to address many of our questions and concerns resolving many of our disputes to get out of the piles of corruptions occurred to our religion over the period of time due to misconception and misinterpretation of many verses of the Quran as well as upholding so called Hadith and Sunnah.

Brief description of accomplishments

In brief, what the messenger preached to people is to: (1) worship God alone, (2) follow Quran alone being our guidance which is perfect, complete and fully detailed (3) use logic, proofs, and even common senses before accepting any information from any source to avoid and eliminate all corruptions from our beliefs and practices, (4) study the Quran being sincere to understand it and follow each and every command as given in its each verse or group of verses, and (5) confirm the crucial commandments, practices, significant events and other facts through numerical analysis of the Quran using 19 being a common denominator to perfect our practices as well as to avoid and eliminate any misconceptions and misinterpretation of many verses in the Quran.

The messenger cannot make mistakes

The messenger is no more among us but he had made many efforts in his lifetime to accomplish the God given mission. He established Masjid at Tucson, Arizona, USA to perform Salat to avoid any corrupted practices of it, and hosted website and published newsletter to spread true Islam. He left many videos and write ups including translation of Quran which are mostly intellectual works. It is not unexpected to have errors or inconsistency in his works but we must understand that the messenger is also a human being with limited knowledge (20:114). Hence, we must completely get out of the traditional concept around prophets and messengers without any residues in our hearts that they cannot make mistakes, they can benefit us as they are close to God, they have some sort of authority over the people to whom they are sent for or they are heavenly persona. In fact, what we have learned from our God given guidance that we are supposed to make focus on the message that is sent with them and support them to spread the divine message among the people at their lifetime.

If we carefully and thoroughly review his works, we may find that he had made many mistakes, and unless we have firm belief in the Quran (should not be confused with his translation) and proper reflection to the verse, (7:75), Satan will convince us that he is a false messenger. However, the mistakes he had made or the errors that are found in his works may be warning for us not to idolize him or may be a test for us how we react when we encounter such mistakes of a person being a messenger of God or are opportunities for us to improve ourselves striving in the cause of God as well as to take our religion to the next level as Islam is a progressive religion from God.

May 2016 and June 2016 Submitters Perspective have been published. In May 2016 publication, the main article is “Protection” while in June 2016 publication, the main article is “Ramadan”. In the article Protection, there is a discussion about Satan who is our ardent enemy and we are continuously fighting with him and his allies to stay in the right path, and if we are not able to protect us from him we will be losers. in the article Ramadan, fasting is emphasized mentioning the relevant verses along with comments on the benefits from different reviewers. The verses that have been mentioned are 2:183-187 though we do not see any direct relation of the verse 2:186 with fasting as it does not participate in the mathematical confirmation of the commandment of fasting, which indicates that the use of 19 as a tool is not very effective in this case while the verse 2:186 teaches us that it is not just fasting but all our praise and prayers need to be answered by God.

Quran’s mathematical coding is an effective tool

The Quran is a reminder for the world so does its mathematical coding. The code is proven to be an effective tool to purify ourselves eliminating any doubts and misconceptions from our beliefs as well as any corruptions from our practices occurred over the period of time. Thus, the code of the Quran provides us with a means to protect the revealed Quran from any distortion as well as to dissect it to better understand and confirm the most significant events and crucial commandments followed by the logical isolation of the sets of verses found across the suras.

Among all the religious rites, the commandment of both obligatory (Ramadan) and optional fasting is very simple and its objective is so clear that there was little possibility of corrupting it with extra man-made rituals. But still we see that the Ramadan fasting has been corrupted with tarawih, to stay in the mosque for last ten days of Ramadan to experience the Night of Power (laylat al-qadr), Eid al-Fitre prayer at the morning of the next month followed by the Ramadan etc. are just a few. The numerical analysis of Quran and its code provides us with an ample opportunity to get rid of these corruptions and misconceptions that occurred around the commandment of Ramadan fasting including the one-night awesome event of revealing the whole Quran in 13 B.H (609 A.D).

Mathematical Confirmation of Fasting

Like Shahaadah, Salat and Zakat the commandment of fasting has also been mathematically confirmed. There are 11 occurrences of the word, “Siyam” or “Saum” in 10 verses of 5 suras in the Quran. The occurrences found in both Ramadan and optional fasting participate in the mathematical calculation while the basic rules of fasting are only covered in Ramadan fasting which indicate that Ramadan and optional fasting are closely related. If we add the digits of sura numbers and verse numbers of these occurrences, the total is 1387, which is divisible by the code 19 of the Quran (19x73). However, the mathematical confirmation of the precise commandment from God for both obligatory and optional fasting along with brief comments is given below:


However, the full text of the verse 2:187 including ‘during the last ten days of Ramadan’ within the parentheses and of the verse 97:4 including ‘to carry out’ are coded from Rashad’s English translation while there are no corresponding Arabic of these phrases in the verses assuming laylatul qadr being a ritual of annual observance. It is also mention-worthy that he made mistake by inserting ‘the scripture’ within parentheses instead of ‘the blessed night’ in the translation of the verse, 44:4 because of the same concept. But we know for a while that the annual observance of laylatul qadr (The Night of Power) is a tradition like tarawih, rather than an order from God. However, Rashad, the messenger of God used to believe this tradition to be from God and its reflection is found in his English translations of the relevant verses of the Quran. In addition, it seems that his understanding was not precisely clear on the process of revealing the whole Quran to be a single night awesome event in the past as well. Thus, any references that we find about it in his English Translated Quran are mistakes or misinterpretation. This is not the only case, there are also other cases where mistakes are found, which are not subject of discussion here. However, we expected that those who are attached with Masjid Tucson and the newsletter, Submitters Perspective and have taken the responsibility after him to spread the true Islam worldwide based on the Quran would recognize and accept those mistakes. But it is a regret that they could not overcome the human tragedy of idolizing prophets and messengers, and in their case is Rashad, the messenger of covenant or his English translated Quran or other works or even beliefs and practices while in the case of traditional Muslims is Prophet Muhammad having a messenger of God and seal of the prophets or his so called Hadith and Sunnah.

Mathematical Confirmation of Laylatul Qadr on the night of 27th Ramadan

Indeed, we revealed it (the Quran because of masculine singular pronoun) in a Night of the Power (97:1). Did you know what a Night of the Power is? (97:2). A Night of the Power is better than a thousand months (97:3). The angels and the Spirit descend therein, by their Lord’s leave, with every command (97:4). Peace it (a Night of the Power because of feminine singular pronoun) is until the advent of the dawn. (97:5).

The sura mentioned above has dealt with the significance of the night of revealing the whole Quran involving the angels and Gabriel. There is a clear indication that the process had completed before the advent of the dawn but there is no hint or commandment in the sura for the recurrent observance of the night at every Ramadan unless the verse 97:4 is misinterpreted. Since this unique night was not hidden from God, we do not see any such order from Him while He has confirmed that He has clarified every matter in that night (44:4). On the other hand, there is no way for us to believe that God has clarified all matters in that night but He forgot to tell us to stay up all nights during the last ten days of Ramadan to honor the night, then it is obviously a man-made ritual. However, the exact date of it has been a long-standing bone of contention within the Muslim communities while this night is so elusive to some of them that they try to stay up all nights during the last ten days of Ramadan so as not to “miss out” any chances of experiencing it to earn more than 1000-month rewards with God. Although the date of this special night on the night of 27th Ramadan has been around the traditional circle but they were not sure about it, while we have 3-fold mathematical confirmations from the very sura that deals with this night, namely sura al-Qadr (sura 97) quoted above:

  • Sura 97 (Al-Qadr) contains three occurrences of the phrase “laylat al-qadr” (night of of the Power). The Arabic phrase “laylat al-qadr” itself consists of nine letters. Therefore, within this sura, there are 27 (3 X 9) letters that participate in the proper name of this very special night.
  • The nine Arabic letters that make up this phrase, “Laylat Al Qadr” have the following gematric or numeric values: Laam=30, Ya=10, Laam=30, Ta=5, Alef=1, Laam=30, Qaf=100, Dal=4, Rah=200, i. e., the gematric or numeric value of “Laylat Al Qadr” is 30 + 10 + 30 + 5 + 1 + 30 + 100 + 4 + 200 = 410. If we add the gematric value of “Laylat Al Qadr” (410), the Sura number (97) and the verse numbers where the instances of “Laylat Al Qadr” occur (1, 2, 3), the total is a multiple of 19 and the product is 27 => 410 + 97 + 1 + 2 + 3 = 513 (19 x 27).
  • “Peace IT is until the advent of the dawn” (Arabic: salamun HIYA hatta mathlail fajr of the 30 total words that comprise this sura. It is noteworthy that 30 is the universally accepted number of days in a month. The plural forms of the Arabic word “days” (“YAWMAYN” and “AYYAM“) mentioned in the Quran 30 times to give us an indication of the number of days in a month, while the day in singular form (YWM) is mentioned in the Quran 365 times for the number of days in a year.

Mathematical confirmation of the Event of Revealing the Whole Quran

The journey of the prophet to the Highest Heaven to receive the whole Quran is a very significant event in the history of mankind but the process of revealing the whole Quran is still not clear to many of us. Now God has blessed us to confirm it with the tool embedded in the Quran revealed through His messenger. The event of revealing the whole Quran is mentioned in a number of suras covering its different aspects. There is a short sura which has addressed the details of the process including its significance and completion while a part of some suras covers other important aspects of the event including prophet’s journey to the highest Heaven. We are blessed with the knowledge to mathematically confirm many of our given rites as well as the crucial events to remove any traces of doubt from our hearts, and God willing we have the same opportunity to apply that to confirm this one-night event either. There are 26 verses across 5 suras in the Quran that cover this awesome event. The total of the digits of sura numbers and verse numbers associated with the event is a multiple of 19, Quran’s code and common denominator (see details below).


Note: There is also another verse that tells us that he saw him at the high horizon in 81:23, is not included in the calculation to be a separate event, and an indirect proof that the messenger of covenant was taken to somewhere in the universe.


The above discussion and the physical evidences convince us that there is no order from God for the annual observance of laylatul qadr or to stay up all nights of the last ten days of Ramadan except fasting the whole month of Ramadan. However, Ramadan is the blessed month, we may plan to stay even the whole month in the Masjid to study the Quran to know our guidance and remember God through other practices participating with others to earn extra credits.

Now it seems that it may be a turn for those who advise others to avoid idol worshiping to advise themselves to do the same for their own protection from Satan not being arrogant like traditional Muslim scholars and their blind followers. They should also reevaluate the following statements found in the website and in the Rashad’s English Translated Quran to reflect the truth:

  • Dr. Khalifa’s translation is the only translation that contains the details of the Mathematical Miracle of the Quran. We provide the tool of WebQT to prove to those who seek to compare that Dr. Khalifa’s Authorized English Translation is the most guided and truthful translation of the Quran.
  • We do want to advise the reader that the Quran, The Final Testament, (Authorized English Version) by Dr Rashad Khalifa is the only translation which portrays the truth in the Quran of absolute worship of God alone. Dr Khalifa’s translation is immune to any influence of the fabrications of hadith/sunnah.
  • The final draft of the first printing was completed in the Night of Destiny 1409. If we add the day , month and year of this date, we get 1444, or 19x19x4. [Ramadan 26,1409: 9 + 26 + 1409 = 1444].

However, there is no hierarchy or specialization in Islam except the right path is distinct from the wrong path. We should not worry about the source but the information as the religion/Islam is now on display and we should accept what is truth upon verification to purify ourselves avoiding any types of idolatry to see our success when we will be meeting to our Lord.
Peaceful Friday, salaam and God bless.
Tafazzal (5/27/2016)